Pollutants Passed On
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By Darren Buford

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Spring/Summer 2006. Copyright 2006. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved.

Pollutants Passed On
Just as mother and child share vital nutrients via the umbilical cord, they also share less than desirable pollutants. In a recent study performed by the Environmental Working Group, researchers found that a pregnant mother's exposure to industrial chemicals, pollutants, and pesticides extends to her fetus. Cord samples attained between August and September 2004 showed that newborns had on average 200 contaminants in their blood, including mercury, pesticides, and fire retardants. Previously scientists believed the placenta shielded cord blood and the developing baby.
Researchers are supporting stricter federal regulations to protect Americans, particularly infants, to pollutants. For the full report, visit

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