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Hands of Hope (Massage for Infertility) by Angie Best-Boss

The Breath Within the Stone (Understanding the Healing Power of Rock) by Karyn Chabot, LMT

The Tui Na Touch (The Intensity of Chinese Medicine at Your Fingertips) by Vesna Vuynovich Kovach

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All Waters Are Not Created Equal (Healing Remedies of the Sea) by Monica Tuma Brown

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Chi Nei Tsang (Digesting Emotions for Better Health) by Jill Ruttenberg

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Sickle Cell Anemia (Alternative Treatments Promise to Ease the Pain) by Shirley Vanderbilt

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Are We Forcing a Square Peg into a Round Hole? (Clinically Speaking: Research Trials and Alternative Therapies) by Shirley Vanderbilt

How To Find a Massage Therapist (According to the Experts) by Ruthanne Johnson, CMT

Common Exercise Myths (Or The Excuses We Can’t Use Anymore) by Editorial Staff

Massage: The Cat’s Meow (Ask a Therapist) by Jonathan Rudinger

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Aroma-oxidant (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Massage Crumbles Headache (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Aussie Antibacterial (News Note ) by Darren Buford

Massage Machine Mishap (News Note) by Darren Buford

Orega-yes! (News Note) by Darren Buford

Easing the Symptoms of Menopause (News Note ) by Darren Buford

Food Awareness as You Age (News Note) by Darren Buford

Secondhand Smoke & Children (News Note ) by Darren Buford

Taking Tennis to Heart (News Note) by Darren Buford

Navigational Differences (News Note) by Darren Buford

Go On, Eat (News Note) by Darren Buford

Toxins in Cosmetics (News Note) by Darren Buford

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Surviving Trauma (Dealing with Loss) by David Sobel and Robert Ornstein

Staying Well While On the Road (Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling) by

The Road Taken (Airport Massage) by Darren Buford

Erasing Borders (Mexican and American Healers Share A Vision of the Millennium) by Stephanie Mines, Ph.D.

‘Inna’ New Direction (Demonstrating Interconnectedness on Stage) by Darren Buford

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Fitness Tips (10 Tricks for Sticking to It) by IDEA

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Idleness Breeds... an Ulcer? (News Note) by Darren Buford

Nothing Fishy (News Note) by Darren Buford

Sorting While You Sleep (News Note) by Darren Buford

Two to Tango (News Note) by Darren Buford

Maca Medicine (News Note) by Darren Buford

My Aching Back (News Note) by Darren Buford

Putting on the Pounds ... and Taking Them Off (News Note) by Darren Buford

Tempering Road Age (News Note) by Darren Buford

Time to Vacate (News Note) by Darren Buford

You Look Marvelous (News Note) by Darren Buford

Knee-jerk Reaction (News Note) by Darren Buford

Tackling Childhood Obesity (Six Simple Tips) by

A Better Bone (News Note) by Darren Buford

Age – Only a Number (News Note) by Darren Buford

Clinic Rebounds (News Note) by Darren Buford

Medicine Has Met Its Match (News Note) by Darren Buford

The Gift of Ginseng (News Note) by Darren Buford

Diarrhea Desistance (News Note ) by Darren Buford

Ergonomic Regulations Repealed (News Note) by Darren Buford

Retrain Your Brain (News Note) by Darren Buford

Serenity Now (News Note) by Darren Buford

Shady Ingredients (News Notes) by Darren Buford

Adults Need Recess, Too (News Note) by Darren Buford

French Paradox (News Note) by Darren Buford

Operation Stop Cough (News Note) by Darren Buford

Sedentary Death Syndrome (News Note) by Darren Buford

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Therapist to Therapist: CPS (Russian Sports Massage for Violinists’ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) by Zhenya Kurashova Wine

Running Injuries, Part 2 ( Russian Sports Massage and Neuro-Muscular Re-Education for Runners) by Zhenya Kurashova Wine

Running Injuries, Part 1 (Russian Sports Massage and the Feet) by Zhenya Kurashova Wine

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Take Charge of Your Life (Harnessing the Power of Personal Accountability) by Mark Samuel and Sophie Chiche

Back, Neck and Shoulders: Under Pressure (Quick Massage Pick-Me-Ups while Sitting at a Desk) by Dawn Groves

Ride the Rockies (Massage Strokes and Bicycle Spokes) by Chaz Hudd

Teeing up for Health (Therapist Drives Home Importance of Massage to Golf Community) by Chaz Hudd

The Sensations of Bali (Massage and Beyond) by Brooke Comer

Achieving Peak Performance (Massage Helps Women’s U.S. Soccer Team Score Big) by Chaz Hudd

Ticket to Ride (5 Tips for Cyclist) by Editorial Staff

Driving Home the Need for Balance (The Asymmetry of Golf) by Chaz Hudd

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Ancient Americas (Shamans Share Wisdom) by Shirley Vanderbilt

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Heady Consequences (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Tampering with the Cocoon (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Yoga for the Wrist (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Hearts & Flowers (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Short Steps to Health (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Sick Moms, Healthy Babies (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Bone Up on Leafy Greens (News Note) by Editorial Staff

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Let It Out (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Ergonomy Economy (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Help From the Sea (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Losing Sleep (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Women More Susceptible (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Dying to Work (News Note) by Editorial Staff

The Point (News Note) by Editorial Staff

No More Excuses (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Pleasure Prescription (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Spa Awareness (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Too Clean? (News Note) by Editorial Staff

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Fat Lightens the Load (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

MT Eases Transplant Process (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

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Getting To Know a Spa (The Healing Centers of Tomorrow) by Karrie (Mowen) Osborn

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War and the Body (Serving the Survivors) by Stephanie Mines

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Water Works (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Turning the Tables on Stress (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

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Kids CAM, Too (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Hook, Line and Sinker (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

After the Fact (When the Massage is Over) by Darren Buford

Making the Most of Your Massage (How To Achieve Lasting Effects) by Nina McIntosh

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Medical Spas (A Journey Full-Circle) by Shirley Vanderbilt

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On the Front Line (A Massage Therapist and Former Firefighter Tells His 9/11 Story) by Karrie (Mowen) Osborn

Touching the Littlest Clients (Massage Study Ventures into Ecuador’s Orphanages) by Karrie Osborn

Insight Bodywork (Massage, Movement and Meditation) by Barry Kapke

Integrating Therapeutic Touch Into Senior Massage (Making the Connection) by Jody Falconer

Sea of Calm (Watsu Water Therapy Touches Young Spirits) by Karrie Osborn

A Shiatsu Story (Tokujiro Namikoshi Remembered) by Kensen Saito

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Subtle Therapies With Big Impact (A Doctor’s Perspective) by Brian Dailey, M.D.

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Pregnancy Massage (Touch for the Mom-To-Be) by Shirley Vanderbilt

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Finding New Paths (Using Complementary Therapies to Combat Addiction) by Karrie Osborn

24 Hours of AromaTherapy (Easing Through Your Day) by Jeanne Rose

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Grief and Degrief, Part 4 (Releasing Grief with Somatic Techniques) by Lyn Prashant

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Green Tea (Discover What this Strange Brew Does for You) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Diabetes (Massage as an Adjunct Treatment) by Mary Kathleen Rose, CMT

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A New York State-of-Mind (In the Aftermath of 9/11) by Karrie Mowen (Osborn)

The Interconnectedness of Body and Mind (A conversation with energy worker Barry Kapke) by Editorial Staff

Living Anxiety-Free (How to Keep Your Nerves Intact) by Editorial Staff

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Feeding the Skin (Walking a Friend through Breast Cancer) by Jillian Alexander-Gregory

Lymph Drainage Therapy (An Effective Complement to Breast Care) by Bruno Chikly, M.D.

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Camp TLC for Terminally Ill Children (Tender, Loving Care) by Darren Buford

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Skin & Body Care (The Natural Way) by Sherina Jamal

Moderate Exercise OK in Pregnancy (News Note ) by Darren Buford

Exercise Regulates Blood Sugar (News Note) by Darren Buford

Hot Head (News Note) by Darren Buford

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Massage and the Cancer Patient (The Courage of Touch) by Kieran McConnellogue

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Stroke Rehab, Part 2 (Coming Back ) by Dietrich W. Miesler, MA, CMT

Try a Little Tenderness (Spinal Cord Injuries and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation) by Karrie Mowen (Osborn)

Moving With T’ai Chi (Regaining Strength, Self-Esteem Despite MS) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Ortho-Bionomy (Teaching the Body to Remember) by Barry Kapke

Centered in Chaos (The Lessons of T’ai Chi and Qigong) by Bill Douglas

Taking the Waters (A Historical Look at Water Therapy and Spa Culture Over the Ages) by Dr. Jonathan Paul de Vierville

Redesigning Movement (Can You Change?) by Jill Bielawski and Jerry Weinert

Research & Massage Therapy, Part 1 (The Science to Back It Up) by Ross Turchaninov, M.D., Ph.D.

Holiday Stress (Tips to Stay On Top) by Editorial Staff

Body Maps (Chakras, A Structural View) by Barry Kapke, ACST, CI

Laser Wars (Erasing Unwanted Hair) by David V. Poole, M.D.

Neglected Hands of Time (Anti-Aging Techniques for the Hands) by David V. Poole

Skin Brushing (Rejuvenation, Circulation and Vital Chi) by Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D., M.H., NCTMB

Who’s Going to the Spa? (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Watch the Moles (News Note) by Editorial Staff

Touching Kosovo (Reaching Out to Refugees) by Meleisa McDonell-Alwin

Syntropy (Restoring Balance in a Meaningful Way) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Made in the Shade (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Lose Weight With a Good Night's Sleep (Ten Tips for Sweet Slumber) by Kim Droze

Adventure Spas (Between a Rock and a Soft Place) by Darren Buford

Ease Holiday Hangovers (News Notes) by Lara Evans Bracciante

The Benefits of Taking the Waters (From Age-Old Practices to Today) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Working with Challenging Skin (Using Tender Touch in Geriatric Clients) by Sharon Puszko and Jane Keegan

Tales of a Rookie Massage Client (What to Expect Your First Time) by Kieran McConnellogue

Benefits of Massage (Good Medicine) by Editorial Staff

Children and Massage (A Powerful Combination) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Smooth Moves (Bodywork and Your Golf Game) by Michelle Schneider

Kill or Cure (The Martial Art/Healing Art Connection) by Gary Lescak, Kathy Lescak and Jeff Todd

Energy Work (A Primer for Plugging Into Your Own Energy) by Barry Kapke

Saving Face (Yoga to Tone the Lips and Cheeks) by Sabrina Stevens

Choosing a Yoga Class (Finding the Best One for You) by IDEA

The Homestretch (Easing into Delivery with Perineal Massage) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Sports Massage & Recovery Time (Re-examining the Role of Lactic Acid) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Trauma Touch Therapy (An Interdisciplinary Approach to Trauma) by Karrie Mowen (Osborn)

Touch Therapy With Infants and Their Mothers (The Effects of Massage in Neonatal Patients) by Carolyn Guenther Molloy

Dharma Medicine (Insight Bodywork) by Barry Kapke, ACST, CI

Breast Wellness (Breast Massage Deserves Attention) by Debra Curties, R.M.T.

Self-Breast Massage (Guidelines for Health) by Dana Wyrick

Coming Back from Cancer Treatment (Water Fitness Therapies) by Mary Essert

Able Bodies (Massage Therapist’s Philanthropy Aids the Handi-Capable) by Darren Buford

Women Gathered at Birth (The Massage Birth Assistant) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Eating Disorders (Touch Can Ease the Symptoms ) by Shirley Vanderbilt

An Eclectic Recipe to Fight Fibromyalgia (Documenting A Journey Past Pain) by Valerie Whiting

Kicking Butts! (Alternative Adjunct Treatment for Smoking Cessation) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Controlling TMJ (Easy, Effective Methods) by

Face of Grace (Alleviate Facial Tension, Ease Aging and TMJ ) by Sabrina Stevens

News Notes (6 Conservation Tips; Natural Allergy Remedies; Easing IBS) by Lara Evans Bracciante

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Integrating Aroma (Cautions and Considerations) by Mary Kathleen Rose

An Interview with Thomas Myers (Discovered Human Potential) by Darren Buford

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Laboring Naturally (Lifespan) by Karrie Osborn

Scoliosis and Structural Integration (Getting it Straight) by Lana Lensman

Weekend Warriors (Enhancing Performance with Massage and Bodywork) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Stretching Facilitates Well-Being (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

A Healthier Junk Food? (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Battling Bad Breath (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Meditation Eases Kids’ Stress (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

The Great Pumpkin (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Creating Spirit Through Structure and Energy (Is It Part of Our Future?) by Karrie Osborn

The Power of Yes: Affirmation and Intention (Energy Medicine ) by Barry Kapke

Antioxidants (Achieving a Balance) by Anil Monocha

Microdermabrasion (Scratching the Surface) by Heather Grimshaw

Bioenergy Research: The Capacity to Heal (Somatic Research ) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Touching Heaven (Bodywork and the Realm of the Incredible: A Therapist's Viewpoint) by David Lauterstein

Changing Therapists Gracefully (Ask a Therapist) by Nina McIntosh

Raindrop Therapy 101 (Ask a Therapist) by Anne Wood

Choosing a Therapist (Ask a Therapist) by Charles W. Wiltsie III

Avoid Hibernation (Enjoy Winter’s Wonderland) by Leslie A. Young

Fibromyalgia (Getting Past the Pain) by Dan Rutz

Fresh Picks (Appreciate the Value of Fruits Year-Round) by Karrie Osborn

Journaling (Words from the Heart) by Shirley Vanderbilt

House of Blues (Beating Seasonal Affective Disorder) by Darren Buford

Winter Sanctuary (Bringing the Outside Inside) by Darren Buford

Getting the Most from Your Massage (And Making the Most of Your Time) by Diane M. Marty

Relax the Thai Way (Thai Massage Basics) by Rebecca Wilkowski

Etiquette for the Day Spa Guest (What to Expect) by Charles W. Wiltsie III

How to Avoid Lightning Strikes (Stay Safe During Thunderstorms) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Going Home (Zero Balancing Takes the Body Back) by Karrie Osborn

Pilates Q&A (An Introduction) by IDEA

Touching the Unborn (How Energy Therapy Can Be Applied In Utero) by Karrie Osborn

Polarity Therapy (Interfacing Subtle Energy with Massage) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Reiki in Hospice Care (Miranda's Story) by John Mramor

Researching Reiki (Moving Energy Forward in the Scientific Realm) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Teeth Chic (Dental Day Spas) by Darren Buford

Treating Fibromyalgia (Massage Therapy as a Beneficial Tool ) by Ross Turchaninov and Boris Prilutsky

Reducing Prostate Hypertrophy (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Forbidden Fruit? (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Chocolate Does a Heart Good (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Gene Control (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Lighting a Fire, Dousing a Flame (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

The Energy of Money (A Healer’s Guide) by Vivien Schapera

Energy Work for Children (From Colic To Calm) by Karrie Osborn

A Little Food Safety Goes a Long Way (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Stop the Presses, Ten Years Later (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Meditate, Lose Weight (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Massage For My Pet? (Ask a Therapist) by Heather Harrington-Danielson

Detracting From a Session (Ask a Therapist) by Nina McIntosh

Defining Microdermabrasion (Ask a Therapist) by Barry Eichner

Understanding Qigong (Ask a Therapist) by Anthony D. Statler

Avoiding Skin Care Gimmicks (Estheticians Can Tell You How) by Heather Grimshaw

Chair Massage (Excursion into Pleasure) by Sean Eads

Detox Days (Internal Spring Cleaning) by Diane M. Marty

Restoring the Simple Pleasures of Food (The Art of Slowing Down ) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Self-Massage for Head Pain (Easing Away the Aches) by

The Power of Pets (Facilitating Healing on All Levels) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Vegan Boys and Girls (News Note) by

The Travel Bug (News Note) by Darren Buford

Breast Health and Exercise (News Note) by Darren Buford

Massage for Low Back Pain (News Note) by Darren Buford

Iron (Wo)man (News Note) by Darren Buford

Senior Site (News Note) by Darren Buford

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Breathe In, Breathe Out (The Sensation of Breathing) by Barry Kapke

Wise Weight Loss () by IDEA

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Essential Oils (Tending the Garden of Research) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Hanna Somatic Education (Reawaken the Mind’s Ability to Control Movement, Flexibility, and Health) by Charlie Murdach

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Hypnosis Helps IBS Sufferers (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Piercings May Lead to Dentures (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

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Integrating the Breath (Shoulder Rolls to Release Tension) by Dennis Lewis

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Soma Brings Peace of Mind to Families) by Karrie Osborn

An Open Universe: Structural Integration (An In-depth Look at Ida Rolf’s Legacy) by David Davis

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Dual practices (A Union of Massage and Skin Care) by Karrie Osborn

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Soma (From Ida Rolf’s Legacy to a New Paradigm for Structural Integration) by Karrie Osborn

Weight Loss a Walk in the Park (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Mindfulness Meditation: A Silver Bullet? (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

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Using Massage to Ease the Elderly’s Loneliness (Lifespan: Hands to Hold) by Karrie Osborn

Alternative Therapies and Multiple Sclerosis (Searching for Comfort) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Redefining the Well-Groomed Man (Spa Treatments for Men) by Diane M. Marty

Relieving Postoperative Pain (Massage in Palliative Care) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Studying Thai Yoga Massage in Northern Thailand (To the Source) by Bob Haddad

The Star of Depth (Anatomist's Corner) by Thomas Meyers

To the Point: Working With Tsubo (Energy Medicine) by Kondañña (Barry) Kapke

Eastern Philosophy and Western Religion (Ask a Therapist) by David Lauterstein

Dealing with the Winter Blues (Ask a Therapist) by Mary Kathleen Rose

Defining Hanna Somatic Education (Ask a Therapist) by Charlie Murdach

Contraindications in Bodywork? (Ask a Therapist) by Ruth Werner

Awakening the Senses (Rediscovering Ourselves) by Sonia Osorio

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Driver’s Side Tan (News Note) by Darren Buford

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Candle Cautions (Healthy Alternatives to Paraffin) by Bill Strubbe

Asian Bodywork Therapy, Part 1 (Amma, Shiatsu & Jin Shin Jyutsu) by Kondañña (Barry) Kapke

Footprints for Health (Incorporating Reflexology into Your Life) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Liquid Therapy (Pouring Water on Your Routine) by Karrie Osborn

Laughter (The Best Medicine After All) by Bill Strubbe

What’s Your Healthcare IQ? (Researching Your Health Questions Online) by Sean Eads

Under the Microscope (A Meta-Analysis of Massage Therapy Studies) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Pilates (Companion to Peak Performance) by Diane M. Marty

Soothing the Season (Natural Remedies to Ease Holiday Stress) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Giving the Gift of Touch (The Perfect Present) by Sharron Leonard

A Softer, Lighter Mind-Body (Trager Approach and Breast Cancer) by Shirley Vanderbilt

The Love Movement (Working Through Immobility) by Meir Schneider

Water Wisdom (New Voices Throw Water on Intake Recommendations) by William R. Webb

Easing the Menopausal Journey (Life Span) by Karrie Osborn

Yoga Trials: Emerging News and Views in Research (Somatic Research) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Liposuction Lacks Health Benefits (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Antibacterial Soap Not Helpful (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

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The State of Esthetics (A Look At Where the Skin Care Industry Stands) by Diane M. Marty

Reclaiming Your Power (Lifestyle: How to live the life you imagined) by Carla J. Berg

Think Zinc (Nutrition: A Trace Mineral with a Substantial Role) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Ayurvedic Advice (Lifestyle: How to maximize digestion for optimal health) by Reenita Malhotra Hora

Complexion Killers (Nutrition: Are food allergies ruining your skin?) by Linda Knittel

The Alive Workplace (Restoring Vitality, Love, and Trust to the Organizational Environment) by Stephanie Mines

Asian Bodywork Therapy, Part II (Marma Therapy, Thai Massage, and Insight Bodywork) by Kondañña (Barry) Kapke

Sharing Common Ground (Bodywork and Psychotherapy) by David L. Ruettiger

Return to the Sea: The Caribbean Spa Experience (Spa Élan) by Cathy Ulrich

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10 Tips to Enrich Your Life (Easy Options to Enhance Well-Being) by Jacqueline Sidman

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Single and Cooking (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

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The World of Spa (Trends Driving Today’s Spa Market) by Mary Bemis

A Global Guide to Healthy Drinks (Spa Elan) by Iris Brooks

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Stretch (Your Body’s Well-Being) by Mary Ann Foster

Seeking Alternatives for Arthritis Sufferers (Life Span--Chasing the Pain Away) by Karrie Osborn

Radiesthesia: Medical Dowsing (Energy Medicine) by Kondañña (Barry) Kapke

Headache Remedy: Results of Trager Approach Research (Somatic Research) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Oncology: Bodywork for Cancer Patients (The Need for a Less-Demanding Approach) by Gayle MacDonald

Oncology: Cancer and Human Connection (The Making of an Oncology Massage Therapist) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Stress and Pain Age the Body and Brain (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Green Tea’s Anti-Cancer Agent Revealed (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Organic Diet Yields Healthier Results (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Downhill Exercise Has Merit (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Be Strong, Live Strong (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Holding Headaches at Bay (Bodywork Eases Chronic Migraines and Tension Headaches) by Cathy Ulrich

The Energy of Weight (Managing Obesity) by Vivien Schapera

Element Energy Tune-Up (Quick Tips to Balance the Body and Mind) by Jill Henry

Nuking Food Safely (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Healing Touch for Animals (Energy Work for Our Companions) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Energy Medicine: A Field of Potential (A Look at This Enigmatic Modality) by Karrie Osborn

Bodywork as Meditation (Using Structural Integration as a Pathway ) by Raymond J. Bishop, Jr.

Massage & the Olympics (A Champion Achievement) by Eugene (Geno) Ortiz

From Survivor to Healer (Burn Scar Massage Therapy) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Down the Rabbit Hole (A Look at Energy Work) by Karrie Osborn

Boosting Immunity Against HIV (Massage Therapy Offers Hope) by Shirley Vanderbilt

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State Massage Board Alliance (News Note) by Darren Buford

Older Americans Turn to CAM (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Yoga and Bodywork (Expressing Our True Nature) by Sonia Osorio

Brain Gym (Waking the Mind Through the Body) by Karrie Osborn

Mother Nature Vs. Man-Made (Which Approach is More Effective for Treating Skin?) by Tyler Wilcox

Keeping an Eye on Irritating Ingredients (Ask the Expert) by Lisa Frost

The Cult of Personality (Redefining Skin Types) by Barbara Close

Healing With Sound, Part II (The Power to Create, The Power to Heal) by Kondañña (Barry Kapke)

Our Internal Sea (Thalassotherapy and the Spa) by Edy Eliza

When Two Flow as One (Ai Chi Ne as Bodywork) by Ruth Sova

Scleroderma: The Slowly Contracting Skin of Steel (Pathology Perspectives) by Kalyani Premkumar

Synergy of Minds (Dolphin-Assisted Craniosacral Therapy) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Healing With Sound, Part I (Tuning the Human Instrument) by Kondañña (Barry) Kapke

Moderate vs. Light Pressure in Massage (New Studies from Touch Research Institute) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Supporting Survival (Massage Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Empowering Others (Become a Master of Human Interaction) by Brian Tracy

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Hurricane Katrina — Reaching Out (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

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Heart Health Through Tai Chi (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Free Massage Schooling for Veterans (News Note) by Darren Buford

Massaging Clients with Dementia (From the Practitioner's Perspective) by Cynthia Bologna

Essential Oils Simply Complex (What We Must Know) by Karrie Osborn

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CAM and Continuing Education (News Note) by Darren Buford

Feeding the Skin (Oils and More) by Kondañña (Barry Kapke)

The Many Faces of Skin Cancer (Know Your ABCD's!) by David V. Poole, M.D.

Thirsty Skin (Keys to Avoid Winter Dehydration ) by Sherina Jamal

A Peek into Peels () by Rebecca Jones

Soul Compliance (Learning From the Body’s Lessons) by Marc David

Medicinal Makeup (Micro-pulverized Minerals Offer Healthy Skin Options) by Linda Knittel

Vitamin E (The Essential Antiaging Nutrient) by Shelley Burns, N.D.

Remedies from the Earth (Medicinal Muds and Healing Clays) by Chrissy Spehar

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Me First (How to Respect and Honor Your Personal Needs) by

Making Friends with Menopause (Addressing Your Skin in Transition) by Linda Knittel

Sugar (Not Such a Sweet Story) by Shelley Burns, N.D.

The Power of Ritual (Ceremonial Elements can Enhance the Spa Experience) by Chrissy Spehar

A Gem of a Face (Euro-Stone Facial Relaxes and Rejuvenates) by Karrie Mowen (Osborn)

A Man's World (Males Bask in Bodywork and Skin Care Services) by Darren Buford

Sunscreen's Hidden Risk (News Note) by Editorial Staff

The Visible Effects of Stress (Get a Grip on Anxiety and Ease a Troubled Face — and Mind ) by Barbara Hey

Insight into Eye Care (Treatments for the delicate eye area) by Barbara Hey

Priorities: Spas From the Man’s Perspective (Spa Élan) by Iris Brooks

Spa Parties (Indulge in Well-being) by Darren Buford

Somatic Semantics (What Exactly is CAM?) by

Indulge (Chocolate Treats the Body and Soul) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Green Tea (Skin Care in a Cup ) by Shelley Burns, N.D.

Gaining Perspective (Humor Opens Windows to Self-Discovery ) by Dzigar Kongtrül

Why Americans Seek Massage (And What Keeps Them from Getting More) by Nora Brunner

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Slowing Down (Patience a Trait That Pays Off) by Hal Urban

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Heaven Scent (Incense Evokes A Deeper Connection) by Nora Brunner

Color Your Life (The Art Of Going In Circles) by Nora Brunner

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Why Do I Feel So Good After a Massage? (Ask a Therapist) by Mary Kathleen Rose

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Massage for Old Injuries? (Ask a Therapist) by Art Riggs

A Facial from Your Massage Therapist? (Ask a Therapist) by Carol Venclik

Dance Your Way to Fitness () by Cathy Ulrich

Embrace the Moment () by Jody Ellis-Knapp

Body Image (Learning to Love Who We Are) by Karrie Osborn

Nourishing Body and Soul (Healing Our Hunger) by Sonia Osorio

The Power of Touch (Understanding the Body-Brain Connection) by Cathy Ulrich

Clearing the Clutter (Inside and Out) by Shirley Vanderbilt

The Rossiter System (Stretching the Pain Away) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Rewarding Work: Massaging Clients with Dementia (Therapist to Therapist) by Cynthia Bologna

Dementia Care (Reducing Behavioral Symptoms with Therapeutic Touch) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Spa Styles (Pure, Smorgasbord, or Fusion) by Iris Brooks

The Hidden Patient (Polarity Therapy for Dementia Caregivers) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Touch & Reconciliation (The Hamsa Project — Hands-on Reconciliation in the Middle East) by Sam Cowan

Touching the Surface () by Thomas Myers

Fight Free Radicals (A Rainbow Guide to Antioxidants ) by Shelley Burns

Hydrogenated Fat (The-Not-So-Good Fat) by Shelley Burns

Living Lighter (Clearing Away Our Clutter) by Nora Brunner

A Precious Leaf () by Gloria Chadwick

Heat or Ice for Injury (Ask A Therapist) by Art Riggs

Are Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy Complementary? (Ask a Therapist) by Eileen D. Cristina

Can lit candles be toxic? (Ask a Therapist) by Glynnis Osher

Can Massage Ease a "Frozen Shoulder?" (Ask the Expert) by Erik Dalton ,

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Moving Through Life Toward Health () by Sonia Osorio

Resisting Peer Pressure (When Friends Aren’t Friends) by Nora Brunner

Teach Your Body Some New Moves () by Shirley Vanderbilt

Unfolding Ourselves (Becoming Who We Are Meant to Be) by Jalieh Milani and Alessandra Shepard

"Jangled" Adults (Touch and the Stress Response System) by Ruth Werner

Get Back in Balance with Hellerwork (Structural Issues Can Be at the Root of Imbalance and Back Pain) by Anita Boser

Quality Communication (The Masters and Disasters of Marriage) by John Gottman

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Thai Healing Alliance is Born (News Notes) by Staff

Seated Massage (A Time to Sit Up Straight and Relax) by Mary Kathleen Rose

Traumatized Bodies, Restorative Touch (Exploring CAM in Community Mental Health Practice) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Tables for Two (Couples Massage in the Spa Industry) by Cathy Ulrich

The Missing Piece (Bodywork for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Yin and Yang of Seated Massage (Tui Na in the Chair) by Shirley Vanderbilt

The Mystery of Low-Back Pain: Part II (Ligament Tears) by Ben E. Benjamin

Fibromyalgia…Fact or Fiction () by Erik Dalton

Body By Zake (Yamuna Body Rolling as Self-Therapy) by Darren Buford

Aromatic Solutions (Herbs & Aromatherapy) by Jeanne Rose

Creative Solutions for Your Business: Part 1 (Business Side) by Daryl Kulak

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Scrip Acquires Massage Warehouse and Day Spa Warehouse (News Notes) by Jenny Good

Fight Melanoma! (News Notes) by Jenny Good

Pain is an Opinion (Is Suffering a Mind-Over-Matter Issue?) by Thomas Myers

Reiki, Simple and Profound (A Balancing Practice for Client and Therapist) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Tennis Elbow () by Ben E. Benjamin

Sugi Yoga (Being Comfortable Through Movement) by Karrie Osborn

The Pain Game: Part 1 () by Erik Dalton

The Mystery of Low-Back Pain: Part III (Treatment Choices) by Ben E. Benjamin

Getting Maximum Value from a Spa (Fingertips for the Client) by Anne Dimon

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Energy Medicine Overview (News Notes) by Jenny Good

Yoga and Back Pain (News Notes) by Jenny Good

Ginseng for Health (News Notes) by Jenny Good

For Feet’s Sake (News Notes) by Jenny Good

Steiner Purchases UCMT (News Notes) by Jenny Good

Sole to Soul: Sweet Feet Treats (Spa Elan) by Iris Brooks

Log On for Spa Employment () by Preethi Burkholder

Massage Helping Move Golfers “Fore”ward () by Jennifer L. Warren

You’re Taking What? Massage and Common Medications () by Ruth Werner

Symptomatic Scoliosis (Straight Talk) by Erik Dalton

CAM Coverage (Body Talk) by Darren Buford

Shake, Shake, Shake (Body Talk) by Darren Buford

Labyrinthine Peace (Body Talk) by Darren Buford

Better Weight Assessment (Body Talk) by Darren Buford

Diagnosis Support (Body Talk) by Darren Buford

Pollutants Passed On (Body Talk) by Darren Buford

Essential Oils Safety Guide (Know Your Contraindications) by Anne Williams

The Mystery of Low-Back Pain: Part I (Essential Skills) by Ben E. Benjamin

Sounds of the Seashore () by Gloria Chadwick

Sleep: Have You Had Your Eight Hours? () by Ruth Werner

Revisiting Our Trauma () by Lyn Prashant

Loss of Innocence: Massage at Ground Zero () by

Creativity Tools: Part 2 () by Daryl Kulak

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage (Discover How To Boost Energy and Immunity ) by Cathy Ulrich

Dosha Questionnaire () by

Essential Skills: Massage in an Orthopedic Context (Correcting common misconceptions about pain and injury) by Ben E. Benjamin

Resonant Frequencies of the Spine () by June Leslie Wieder

Fountain of Youth (Increasingly Popular Facial Massage Provides Antiaging Effects) by Karrie Osborn

Acture! Posture in Action () by Thomas Myers

Osteoporosis and Hyperkyphosis: What Does Calcium Have to Do With It? (Pathology Perspectives) by Ruth Werner

Power Under Soft Hands (PUSH Muscle Therapy for Chronic Pain) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Frankincense to Calm a Harried Soul (News Note) by Lara Evans Bracciante

Syntax of Growth (The Language of Movement, Part Two) by Thomas Myers

The Ups and Downs of Blood Pressure: Effects of Varying Types of Massage Therapy (Somatic Research) by Shirley Vanderbilt

First-Line Defenses Against Chronic Inflammation (Pathology Perspectives) by Ruth Werner

Medical Massage: A Marriage or a Monster () by Deane Juhan

One Man's Massage Journey () by Bruce A. Hopkins

Building a Hospital-Based MT Practice (5 Key Factors) by Anna Kania

Informed Consent (Heart of Bodywork) by Nina McIntosh

Handle with Care (Massage Therapists Connecting with Hospitalized Children) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Saving Money (Business Side) by Daryl Kulak

Innate Health (A New Way to Look at Life and Avoid Burnout) by Melissa L. Baker

Miracle of Motherhood () by Erik Dalton

The Anatomy of Communication: How Understanding Can Transform Our Professional Interactions (Part One) by Anita Simon and Ben E. Benjamin

The Puzzle of Perfect Posture () by Erik Dalton

Kinese: The Language of Movement () by Thomas Myers

The Evolution of an MT (From Office to Birthing Room) by Caitlin Philips

Spiraling Babies () by Raymond J. Bishop, Jr.

Breath Therapy: A Mind–Body Awareness Approach for Chronic Low-Back Pain (Somatic Research) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Pregnancy and Autoimmune Diseases (Pathology Perspectives) by Ruth Werner

Nurturing the World's Orphans (Using Touch to Heal Wounded Children) by Karrie Osborn

New Possibilities (A revolutionary approach for transforming the lives of children with special needs) by Anat Baniel

Gentle Persuasion (Releasing Developmental Restrictions with Light Touch Craniosacral Therapy) by Rebecca Flowers

Centering Your Baby and You (Creating Calm and Silence) by Joyce Golden Seyburn

Beneficial Bonding (Attuning to Young People) by Stephanie Mines

Going into a Massage Session with Stinky Feet? (Ask A Therapist) by Bobbie Martin

Does Bodywork Need to Hurt to be Effective? (Ask a Therapist) by Cathy Ulrich

Can I get a massage while I’m in the hospital? (Ask a Therapist) by Eliz Ybarra

How long Should I Wait to Exercise After a Massage or Bodywork Session? (Ask a Therapist) by Ray Bishop

Pesticides in Produce (Body Talk) by Staff

Some Serious Baggage (Body Talk) by Staff

BlackBerry Thumb (Body Talk) by Staff

Relief for Teen Stress (Body Talk) by Staff

Nail Knowledge (Body Talk) by Staff

Reconsidering Salt (Body Talk) by Staff

Food (Your Body’s Natural Healer) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Rapid Fire Arms (Keeping Your Arms Taut) by Alycea Ungaro

Skin Care (Turning Back Time) by Christine Spehar

Smile (Natural Wisdom for a Healthy Smile) by Jimmy C. Wu

Haute Cuisine (With Edible Flowers) by Wilma Fernando

Intuition 101 (Polishing your Intuition) by Susan Apollon

Massage Medicine (For the Body and Mind) by Karrie Osborn

The Science of Massage (Soft-tissue Techniques) by Cathy Ulrich

The Ageless Mind (How to Stay Sharp No Matter What Your Age ) by Christopher Knippers

Pregnancy Precautions (Essential Knowledge When Caring For The Mother-To-Be ) by Phyllis Hanlon

2007 Survey Results (Massage Therapy Continues to Earn Consumer Respect) by Nora Brunner

Knee Deep in Pain (Promising Results for Treating Osteoarthritis) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Now, More Than Ever, You Need a Massage (Invest in Your Health, and Navigate Difficult Times with Grace) by

Posture, Perception, Breath () by Mary Bond

Trance Dance (Freedom in the Flow of Movement) by Nora Brunner

Gender in the Profession (Massage from Mars or Venus?) by Karrie Osborn

Man Power (Male Therapists Talk About Discrimination) by Robert Chute

The Dance of Love — Part One (The Unraveling Process in Bodywork) by Stephanie Mines

Bodywork Sampler (10 Ways to Help you Feel and Heal) by Nora Brunner

Maximize Your Massage () by Diane M. Marty

Tea Leaves (Flowing with the Seasons Reflects Wisdom ) by Victoria J. Mogilner

Journaling Journey (Prescription to Write becomes Surprising Gift) by Sheppard B. Kominars

Fangotherapy Fun (Why Smart Girls Play in the Mud) by Anne Williams

Ounce of Prevention (Managing your risk comes with the territory) by Nora Brunner

Deciphering Labels (ask an expert) by

Skin Care Heroine (Monique Raymond reaches into troubled lives ) by Christine Spehar

Balancing Act (Easing Between Doing and Being) by Jerry Ruhl

Survival Sense (Minimizing Financial Loss Should You Become Disabled) by Jeffrey Kent

Feng Shui Fun (Chi Challenges Can Sharpen Your Intuition) by Nora Brunner

Herbal Face & Scalp Massage () by Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa

Valentine Dream (Chocolate Can Sweeten Your Gift-Certificate Sales) by Meagan Bernabe

Crisis Choices (Taking Care Of Business) by Laura Day

Skin Care Inspiration (Dramatic Events In Iran Lead To New Life In Skin Care) by Rebecca Jones

Grape Escapes (Wine And Grape Treatments Have A Long Tradition) by Meagan Bernabe

Recession-Proofing Your Business (Securing Your Interests During Economic Downturns) by Monica Schuloff Smith

Free the Body of Sadness (Putting the Pieces Back Together After a Life-Changing Event) by Lyn Prashant

Bust Your Rut (Six Steps To Getting Unstuck) by Guerline Jasmin

Stylist Turned Daymaker (A Brief Interaction Changes A Life) by David Wagner

White Out (A Flour That’s Not So Pretty) by Shelley Burns

Do Your Homework On Home Work (Ask The Expert) by ASCP staff

Elimination Effect (Beauty From The Inside Out) by Shelley Burns

Your Massage Session (Dialing in the Details for a Great Experience) by Karrie Osborn

Card Smart (Shopping Your Options For Gift Certificates) by Heather Gallegos

Saying No To Noise (Turning Down The Volume In Our Lives) by Nora Brunner

Skin Care Inspiration (Peace Is A Beautiful Thing) by Rebecca Jones

6 Key Ingredients (For Healthy Skin) by Christine Spehar

A Holistic View (Posture and Breath) by Mary Bond

Blissful Body Treatments (Influenced by Ayurveda) by Anne Williams

Enhancing Health With Massage Research (Best Part Of A Massage) by Shirley Vanderbilt

Podcasts (Your Portable Trainer) by Sean Eads

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Six Unspoken Questions About Massage Therapy (Afraid to Ask? Get Your Answers Here) by Robert Chute

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The Truth About Stretching (fingertips for the client) by Diane M. Marty

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MT Straight Talk (ten for today) by Liz Prato

Thailand Reclaims Its Ancient Medicinal Roots (The Healing Tradition is Older Than Science) by Perry Garfinkel

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Devastation & Compassion (Massage Therapists React To The California Wildfires) by Camille Hoheb

Chakra Massage (fingertips for the client) by Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa

The Path of Least Resistance (practitioner parables) by Robert Chute

Bamboo Massage (A Meeting Of Past And Present) by Sonia Osorio

Understanding Scientific Results: Fundamental Building Blocks (somatic research) by Ravensara S. Travillian

Branding To Build Your Business (business side) by Yael Friedmann

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Structure Of A Research Article (somatic research) by Ravensara S. Travillian

Caring for Body and Soul (Reconsidering Spiritual Well-Being) by Sonia Osorio

Lavender—A Floral Medicine Chest (fingertips for the client) by Laurie Chance Smith

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High Road to the Olympics (Myoskeletal Alignment is the Therapy of Choice for the Olympians) by Geoffrey Bishop

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spa élan (The Lore Of Natural Products) by Anne Williams

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Potential For Recovery In Central Nervous System Injuries (pathology perspectives) by Ruth Werner

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Connections (An Integrated Approach to Treating Knee Injuries, Part 2) by Art Riggs

Dimensions of Alignment (An Aston-Patterning Perspective) by Laura Servid

essential skills (Human Touch In Our Lives) by Ben E. Benjamin, Ruth Werner, and Daphne Chellos

Massage: Your Key to Health (Improve Sleep, Immunity, Digestion, and Quality of Life) by Laurie Chance Smith

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Metabolic Syndrome: A Hidden Link (pathology perspectives) by Ruth Werner

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’round the table (Go Ahead, Speak Up) by

Charitable Hearts and Hands (Serving the Underserved) by Karrie Osborn

Massage and Body Image (Positive Impact of Touch Therapies) by Laurie Chance Smith

A Life of Music (A Profile of Peter Kater) by Karrie Osborn

Eat Your Way Happy: Body Respect, Distorted Self-Image, and Massage (Pathology Perspectives) by Ruth Werner

Your Massage Session: Vocalize Your Needs (fingertips for the client) by Laurie Chance Smith

Massage Etiquette (fingertips for the client) by Laurie Chance Smith

Ease Into Movement (fingertips for the client) by Karrie Osborn

Hydrotherapy At Home (fingertips for the client) by Marybetts Sinclair

Find The Sacred In Your Work (practitioner parables) by Robert Chute

The Power of Self-Healing (A Client’s Journey To Wellness) by Loolwa Khazzoom

5 Self-Massage Foot Rubs (fingertips for the client) by Laurie Chance Smith

Aveda’s Chakra Balancing Massage (A Blend of Bodywork, Reflexology, and Energy Work) by Marc Zollicoffer

Therapeutic Communication (Asking for What You Want is Key to a Great Massage) by Mary Kathleen Rose

Global Massage Outreach (Combining The Profession With Volunteerism) by Rebecca Jones

Fatty Liver Diseases: The Nonalcoholic Spectrum (pathology perspectives) by Ruth Werner

Free Your Shoulders (fingertips for the client) by Anita Boser

The Table and the Mat (The Union of Bodywork with Yoga) by Stephanie Mines

Sneezing? Wheezing? Itching? Blame Atopy (pathology perspectives) by Ruth Werner

Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method, Part 2 (essential skills) by Ben E. Benjamin with Jeffrey P. Haggquist

Massage: For the Body or Mind? (talk about touch) by Mary Kathleen Rose and Mary Ann Foster

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“Mommy, Draw Stars on My Tummy” (Child Massage for Kids and Parents) by Martine Groeneveld

Hurts So Good (In Search of the Perfect Massage) by Mari Gayatri Stein

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Baby Your Back (Tame The Pain With Massage) by Karrie Osborn

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The Many Faces of Botox () by Ruth Werner

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Quadriceps Injuries () by Ben E. Benjamin

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Masseuse, masseur, or massage therapist? () by Abram Herman

Scar Tissue (When a Solution Becomes a Problem) by Ruth Werner

Tiny Trigger Thumb (A Strategy for Young Clients) by Douglas Nelson

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Antidotes to Stress and Burnout () by Mary Beth Braun

Wall Angels () by Nicky Hilsen

MS: Easing Symptoms with Informed Massage () by Charlotte Michael Versagi

Rolfing a Legend (NHL Hall of Famer Gordie Howe Finds Relief with Bodywork) by Karrie Osborn

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Sometimes Pain is the Sum of Many Factors () by Douglas Nelson

Soothing Moms’ Aches and Pains (Soft-Tissue Strategies for New Mothers) by Whitney Lowe

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Is the Convenience of Mobile Devices Worth the Pain? (Addressing “Smartphone Thumb” and “Text Neck” Syndrome) by Jeffrey A. Simancek

Relaxation Exercise (The Benefits of Breathwork) by Anne Williams

9 Tips for the New Year (Live Authentically in 2013) by Kathleen McIntire and Erin Cote

Just Say “No” to Sick Days (Is It a Cold? Flu? Or Something Else?) by Leslie Roste

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Let’s Talk About … Um … Erections (Don’t Let Fear Keep You from the Benefits of Massage ) by Sarah A. Ryan-Knox

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Breath + Yoga = Calm (Hurried? Try these simple exercises before your session) by Mary Beth Braun

What Massage Can Do For You (Beyond Pain Relief, Massage is Valuable For Preventive Care) by Karrie Osborn

More Than Meets the Eye (Your vision could be causing muscle tension) by Mary Betts Sinclair

Try This Breathing Exercise () by Anne Williams

Give in to Stillness (Enhance Your Massage Experience by Completely Stopping) by Jennie Hastings Stancu

Comfort for All (An Introduction to Clothed Massage) by Faith Cornwall

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