Massage Therapists in Indiana
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Legislative Information for Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
Attn: State Board of Massage Therapy
402 W Washington St, Room W072
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel: 317-234-8800

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Title: Certified Massage Therapist
Requirement: 500 hours and MBLEx or NCETMB
Renewal: To be determined

A. Frank Sapper :: Warsaw, IN A.C. Nellis :: Evansville, IN Aaron Smith :: Nashville, IN
Abbie Parmele :: Rensselaer, IN Abigail Catherine Stege :: Indianapolis, IN Abigail E Wright :: Columbus, IN
Abigail Horner :: Griffith, IN Abigail Mast :: Indianapolis, IN Abigail Myers :: Carmel, IN
Abigail Neesen :: Indianapolis, IN Adam Trisler :: Osceola, IN Addie Marie Osborn :: Greenwood, IN
Aimee Therault :: Lafayette, IN Alan James :: Indianapolis, IN Alana Daugherty :: Anderson, IN
Alberta M Davis :: Indianapolis, IN Alena Bardey :: Fishers, IN Ali Francine McConville :: Brookston, IN
Alice Benson :: Indianapolis, IN Alice McCarty :: Guilford, IN Alice Schitter :: Jasper, IN
Alicia D Carpenter :: Newburgh, IN Alicia Jett :: Brownsburg, IN Alicia Oskay :: Indianapolis, IN
Alina Malone :: Rensselaer, IN Alisa Mae Hess :: Fort Wayne, IN Alisha A Blankenship :: Westfield, IN
Alison Himes :: Indianapolis, IN Alison Howard :: Lafayette, IN Aliza Delarosa :: Indianapolis, IN
Allen James Murphy :: Brownsburg, IN Allison Ballard :: Fortville, IN Allison Christine Hotka :: Indianapolis, IN
Allison Griswold :: Lebanon, IN Allison Haugh :: Schererville, IN Allison Haugh :: Schererville, IN
Allison Marie Masterson :: Brownsburg, IN Allison Nicole Distler :: Bloomington, IN Allison Pauken :: Avilla, IN
Allison Summerfield :: Columbus, IN Alyse Morris :: Indianapolis, IN Alyson Elizabeth Depp :: La Porte, IN
Amanda Armstrong :: Michigan City, IN Amanda Carbaugh :: Granger, IN Amanda Clem :: Austin, IN
Amanda Collins :: Osgood, IN Amanda Courtright :: Hudson, IN Amanda E. Jimison :: Greenfield, IN
Amanda Gray :: Plainfield, IN Amanda Homer :: Greenwood, IN Amanda Jane Sloan :: Indianapolis, IN
Amanda Jean Parker :: Princeton, IN Amanda Koers :: Indianapolis, IN Amanda Lindsey :: Indianapolis, IN
Amanda M Helt :: Seymour, IN Amanda Nash :: Indianapolis, IN Amanda Nicole Kritzman :: Goshen, IN
Amanda Ragan :: Bloomington, IN Amanda Rose Burton :: Michigan City, IN Amanda Saxer :: Terre Haute, IN
Amanda Simmons :: Columbus, IN Amanda Sturgeon :: Georgetown, IN Amanda Wochomurka :: Carmel, IN
Amanda York :: Indianapolis, IN Amaris Hemingway :: Valparaiso, IN Amber DeWitt :: Monticello, IN
Amber Graddy :: Bristol, IN Amber Hummel :: Bristol, IN Amber Musselman :: Indianapolis, IN
Amber Rae Mays :: Fort Wayne, IN Amelia Deines :: Elkhart, IN Amneris Cruz :: Hammond, IN
Amy Alison Hundley :: Columbus, IN Amy Barr :: Fishers, IN Amy Braida :: Greenwood, IN
Amy Burrell :: Bloomington, IN Amy Culver Farrell :: Indianapolis, IN Amy E. Bartlemay :: Zionsville, IN
Amy E. Roberts :: South Whitley, IN Amy George :: Goshen, IN Amy Gillen :: Plainfield, IN
Amy Hinshaw :: Anderson, IN Amy Marie Schneider :: Columbus, IN Amy Marocco :: Carmel, IN
Amy Mays :: Fortville, IN Amy Noel Walters :: Madison, IN Amy O'Dell :: Osceola, IN
Amy Prichard :: Grabill, IN Amy Senesac :: Indianapolis, IN Amy Tiare :: Batesville, IN
Ananaia R. O'Leary :: Indianapolis, IN Anastasia Snyder :: Michigan City, IN Andrea Nordhoff :: Loogootee, IN
Andrea Troyer :: Elkhart, IN Angel Knoll :: Indianapolis, IN Angel Traylor :: Mooresville, IN
Angela Cooper :: Bloomfield, IN Angela Davenport :: Mishawaka, IN Angela G. Hurley :: Batesville, IN
Angela Holstein :: Argos, IN Angela Keith :: Mooresville, IN Angela Monique Hussey :: Carmel, IN
Angela R. Van Hook :: Cicero, IN Angela Smith :: Columbus, IN Angela Vaseloff :: Indianapolis, IN
Ann Fouts :: Crown Point, IN ANN G BOTKA :: South Bend, IN Ann Gorski :: Rolling Prairie, IN
Ann Hockman :: Indianapolis, IN Ann Ryan :: Indianapolis, IN Ann Smith :: Bloomington, IN
Anna Baxter :: Lexington, IN Anna Houser :: Indianapolis, IN Anna Land :: Columbus, IN
Annaliese Oakes :: Columbus, IN Annamaria Shirey :: Indianapolis, IN Anne-Marie Stanley :: Plainfield, IN
Anne-Therese Peterson :: Fort Wayne, IN Annette Bear :: Columbia City, IN Annette Louise Illg :: Indianapolis, IN
Annie Nathan :: Noblesville, IN Anthony Leyden :: Indianapolis, IN April Antionette Kelly :: Greenfield, IN
April Brough :: Fort Wayne, IN April Emmons :: Indianapolis, IN April Tragesser :: Tipton, IN
Ariel Anastasia Arostegui :: Indianapolis, IN Ashley Austin :: South Bend, IN Ashley Kendall :: South Bend, IN
Ashley McGuin :: Monticello, IN Ashlie N. Atterson :: Terre Haute, IN Asli Fledderjohn :: Indianapolis, IN
Audrey Michele Wade :: Waldron, IN Audrey Stephens :: Indianapolis, IN Autumn M. Pierce :: Bloomington, IN
Avery Nicole Vorndran :: Fort Wayne, IN Barbara A. Humphrey :: Indianapolis, IN Barbara A. Johnson :: Carmel, IN
Barbara Ann O'Leary :: Morgantown, IN Barbara Gunder :: Fort Wayne, IN Barbara L. Price :: Indianapolis, IN
Barbara S. Jent :: Scottsburg, IN Becky Hunsinger :: Greencastle, IN Becky Nelson :: Spencerville, IN
Beth Ann Sorrell :: Frankfort, IN Beth Underdahl-Peirce :: Bloomington, IN Bethany Kim Brodersen :: Terre Haute, IN
Betty Brown :: Brownsburg, IN Betty Coveney :: Beech Grove, IN Betty S. Priest :: Indianapolis, IN
Beverly Huldeen :: Greenwood, IN Beverly Thompson :: Columbia City, IN Birgitt King :: Mount Vernon, IN
Blythe Elizabeth Potter :: Greenwood, IN Bobbi Varela :: Fort Wayne, IN Bobbie J. Baxter :: Fort Wayne, IN
Bonnie Carle :: Terre Haute, IN Bonnie L. Harmon :: Edinburgh, IN Bonnie Lane :: Seymour, IN
Bonnie May Barlow :: Fort Wayne, IN Bonnie S. Mark :: South Bend, IN Bonny F. Elifritz :: Indianapolis, IN
Brandi Parker :: Anderson, IN Brandi Wise :: Fremont, IN Brandie Davis :: Fort Wayne, IN
Brandon Corey Treber :: Plymouth, IN Brandon J. Payne :: Bloomington, IN Brenda Moyer :: Kendallville, IN
Brenda Sheehan :: Charlestown, IN Brenda Vulgan :: Greenwood, IN Brenda Wilson :: Beech Grove, IN
Brian Hamman :: Noblesville, IN Brian Phillips :: Rolling Prairie, IN Brian Robbins :: Fortville, IN
Brianna Mae Friend :: Angola, IN Brianna Wheeler :: Brownsburg, IN Britney McBurnett :: Nineveh, IN
Brittany Brister :: Indianapolis, IN Brittney Lynne Hilligoss :: Plainfield, IN Brooke N. Gossel :: Danville, IN
C. Michelle Jungjohan :: Rensselaer, IN Caitlin McKinney :: Linden, IN Cami Little :: Westport, IN
Candice Rene Walker :: Fishers, IN Cara Berkley :: Indianapolis, IN Cara Mehlon :: Carmel, IN
Carl A. Long :: Indianapolis, IN Carla Nichole Martin :: Fishers, IN Carly Rae Crum :: Indianapolis, IN
Carmen Owensby :: Evansville, IN Carol Ann Foreman :: Fort Wayne, IN Carol Ann Montgomery :: Vincennes, IN
Carol Foreman :: Danville, IN Carol Gott :: Evansville, IN Carol L. Simmons :: Indianapolis, IN
Carol Sue Richhart :: Indianapolis, IN Carol Wilson :: Bloomington, IN Carole Creech :: Carmel, IN
Caroline Lorraine Muller :: Bloomington, IN Carolyn Barnes :: Clinton, IN Carolyn S. Hovious :: Martinsville, IN
Carrie Furr :: Columbus, IN Casey Smith :: Linton, IN Cassandra Shook :: Indianapolis, IN
Cassity Gardner :: Indianapolis, IN Catherine Cicierko :: Indianapolis, IN Catherine Covell :: Orland, IN
Catherine E. Dezelan :: Indianapolis, IN Catherine Elliott :: Elkhart, IN Catherine Hall :: Brownsburg, IN
Cathy L Berk :: Michigan City, IN Chabaprai Hoffman :: Scipio, IN Chad Wright :: Indianapolis, IN
Chama Anderson :: Noblesville, IN Charica Bowen :: Indianapolis, IN Charity Miller :: Borden, IN
Charlene Ellis :: Fishers, IN Charlene Folz :: Columbus, IN Charlene L. Books :: South Bend, IN
Charles Edwin Pease :: Lafayette, IN Charles Wayne Acton :: Washington, IN Charles Woo :: Munster, IN
Chasity Coons :: Greensburg, IN Chele Heid :: Greenwood, IN Chelsea Lee England :: Newburgh, IN
Chelsea Mathews :: Carmel, IN Cheri Miller :: Greenwood, IN Cherie B. Woodring :: Indianapolis, IN
Cheron Evans :: Indianapolis, IN Cheryl Landis :: Carmel, IN Cheryl Lynn Baker :: Columbus, IN
Cheryl Miller :: Middlebury, IN Chris Gavranic :: Fort Wayne, IN Christen Damler :: Brownsburg, IN
Christin M. Heeter :: Goshen, IN Christina Acosta :: Elkhart, IN Christina Cooper :: Indianapolis, IN
Christina Diaz-Rigg :: Porter, IN Christina Dougherty :: Valparaiso, IN Christina Hogue :: Indianapolis, IN
Christina Howard :: Knox, IN Christina Kincaid :: Merrillville, IN Christina M. England :: Indianapolis, IN
Christina M. Marcolini :: Indianapolis, IN Christina Marie Fitch :: Indianapolis, IN Christina R. Watson :: Indianapolis, IN
Christina Ricard :: Crown Point, IN Christine Euker :: Georgetown, IN Christine Norris :: Terre Haute, IN
Christine Walker :: Plymouth, IN Christine Yoder :: Millersburg, IN Christopher Bellamy :: Indianapolis, IN
Christopher Huiras :: Westfield, IN Christopher McBurnett :: Nineveh, IN Christopher McCullough :: Lafayette, IN
Christopher Sheeren :: Carmel, IN Christy A. Durden-Brown :: Indianapolis, IN Cindy Kyle :: Warsaw, IN
Claire Dana :: Indianapolis, IN Claire E. Burkhart :: Huntington, IN Clara Mahoney :: Elkhart, IN
Clarissa Powell :: New Harmony, IN Claudith E. Fox :: Indianapolis, IN Clermelie Horton :: Indianapolis, IN
Cody Adkins :: Indianapolis, IN Cody R Gearhart :: Bloomington, IN Colin Robert Smith :: Lafayette, IN
Connie Morgan :: South Bend, IN Conra Kay Faor :: Fort Wayne, IN Corinne Blakemore :: South Bend, IN
Cory Joe Schwab :: Indianapolis, IN Courtney Brooke Lesh :: Fort Wayne, IN Craig Burns :: Winona Lake, IN
Craig Robert Cravens :: Greenwood, IN Crystal Renee Storm :: Roanoke, IN Cynthia A. Goller :: Fishers, IN
Cynthia A. Nelson-Schlarb :: Greensburg, IN Cynthia Aguirre :: Indianapolis, IN Cynthia Babrocky :: Schererville, IN
Cynthia Frank Burris :: Anderson, IN Cynthia K. Alford :: Indianapolis, IN Cynthia Mattingly :: Frankfort, IN
Cynthia Page :: Clarksville, IN Cynthia R. Bretheim :: Bloomington, IN Daisy Lynn Halderman :: La Porte, IN
Daisy Velez Collazo :: Indianapolis, IN Dakota Sloan :: Lafayette, IN Dakun Maschmeyer :: Carmel, IN
Dan Heylmann :: Indianapolis, IN Dan Maines :: Bargersville, IN Dana A. Pastor :: Floyds Knobs, IN
Dana Greathouse :: Columbus, IN Dana Willing :: Indianapolis, IN Danelle Nell Bryant :: Greenwood, IN
Danelle Nell Bryant :: Indianapolis, IN Daniel Edward Somers :: Indianapolis, IN Daniel Espinoza :: New Albany, IN
Daniel F. Selvaggi :: Bloomington, IN Daniel MacDonald :: Brownsburg, IN Danielle Lauster :: Warsaw, IN
Danielle Rae Clark :: Lake Village, IN Danielle Rettig :: Harlan, IN Danny A Smith :: Indianapolis, IN
Danny Youngman :: Indianapolis, IN Danyell Wiley :: Indianapolis, IN Dara Kubiak :: Hammond, IN
Darcie Webster :: Westfield, IN Darla M. Swickard :: Whiteland, IN Darya McNeal :: Michigan City, IN
David Bradford :: Indianapolis, IN David D. Graf :: Indianapolis, IN David Dale Little :: Clayton, IN
David E. Stevenson :: Merrillville, IN David Johnson :: Indianapolis, IN David Petrison :: Indianapolis, IN
David Ragon :: Indianapolis, IN David Recker :: Saint Anthony, IN David Runge :: Goshen, IN
Dawn Kean :: Indianapolis, IN Dawn Keown :: Beech Grove, IN Dawn M. Robertson :: Lebanon, IN
Dawn Michelle Kelley :: Fort Wayne, IN Dawn Michelle Remmel-Fields :: Greenfield, IN Dawn Picard :: La Porte, IN
Dawn Russell :: New Palestine, IN Dawn Sanderson :: Peru, IN Dawn Seligman-McKay :: Fishers, IN
Deanna Bergsma :: Indianapolis, IN DeAnna Messer :: Indianapolis, IN Deanna Waggy :: South Bend, IN
Debbie Ayers :: Zionsville, IN Debbie Elles :: Madison, IN Debie Hiner :: Markle, IN
Deborah A. Craig :: Zionsville, IN Deborah Ann Maxwell :: Greenfield, IN Deborah Anne Ellis :: Avon, IN
Deborah D. Wigren :: Middlebury, IN Deborah Grundmann :: Bloomington, IN Deborah Hoffman :: Crawfordsville, IN
Deborah Rutan :: Fortville, IN Debra Lou Iliff :: Lowell, IN Debra Vierling :: Batesville, IN
Debrah L. Roemisch :: Fort Wayne, IN Dena Woods :: South Bend, IN Deni Taylor :: Branchville, IN
Denise Glenn :: Indianapolis, IN Denise Kimla :: Sellersburg, IN Denise Wardle Funk :: Terre Haute, IN
Dennis James Wilding :: Lowell, IN Desiree Murray :: Yorktown, IN Devan Snitchler :: Evansville, IN
Devin Blake Lankford :: Salem, IN Devora Aurora Green :: Muncie, IN Diana Buijs :: Mishawaka, IN
Diana Ingemanson :: Carmel, IN Diana Ingemanson :: Indianapolis, IN Diana L. Govert :: Crown Point, IN
Diana Lude :: Ossian, IN Diana Settle :: Plainfield, IN Diane Brown :: New Albany, IN
Diane Brown :: New Salisbury, IN Diane Cooper :: Corydon, IN Diane Elaine Miller :: Fort Wayne, IN
Diane Micich :: Indianapolis, IN Dianna L Slone,LMT :: Fort Branch, IN Dinah Gibson :: Crown Point, IN
Domenica Matson :: Indianapolis, IN Dominika Stackowicz :: Granger, IN Donala Jenae Arnold :: Indianapolis, IN
Donald Kitch :: Bourbon, IN Donna Jo Payne :: Ramsey, IN Donna Quinn :: French Lick, IN
Dorian A. Elam :: Indianapolis, IN Dorian Yoder :: Elkhart, IN Douglas E. Thompson :: Greenwood, IN
Dru Presti-Stringfellow :: Bloomington, IN Edie Richards :: Brazil, IN Edward Michael Briganti :: Munster, IN
Eileen L. Huber :: Indianapolis, IN Eleanor Montague Hansen :: Indianapolis, IN Elijah Luis Castillo :: Fishers, IN
Elisa Jenkins :: Muncie, IN Elisabeth Rose Love :: New Albany, IN Elizabeth A Skelton :: Evansville, IN
Elizabeth A. Conover :: Crown Point, IN Elizabeth Ann Breeden :: Indianapolis, IN Elizabeth Bradshaw :: Fishers, IN
Elizabeth L. Droste :: Indianapolis, IN Elizabeth Lauren Thomas :: Fort Wayne, IN Elizabeth Miller :: Westfield, IN
Elizabeth Olsen :: Indianapolis, IN Elizabeth Salisbury :: Lagrange, IN Elizabeth Sperry :: Carmel, IN
Elizabeth Velasquez :: Fort Wayne, IN Elizabeth Walters :: Bloomington, IN Elizabeth Walters :: Bloomington, IN
Elizabeth Weaver :: Indianapolis, IN Elizabeth Williams :: Princeton, IN Elizabeth Wolford :: Greenwood, IN
Ellen Carter :: Martinsville, IN Ellen Marie Mosier :: Anderson, IN Elmira K. Bell :: Indianapolis, IN
Emad Shater :: Indianapolis, IN Emilee Denese Shake :: Loogootee, IN Emily Adams :: Evansville, IN
Emily Blackman :: Fort Wayne, IN Emily Bonham :: La Porte, IN Emily Denise Steffy :: Bruceville, IN
Emily Elaine Ottinger :: Noblesville, IN Emily Patrick :: Columbus, IN Emily Reynolds :: Fremont, IN
Emily Sandullo :: Evansville, IN Enmanuel Pagan :: Indianapolis, IN Eric Ruthig :: Indianapolis, IN
Eric Young :: Bloomington, IN Erica Menn :: Chesterton, IN Erica Nichols :: Fishers, IN
Erica Wallace :: Bringhurst, IN Erin Eoff :: Carmel, IN Erin Onyskow :: Elkhart, IN
Erin Peffley :: Franklin, IN Erin Wilson :: Batesville, IN Etta Phillips :: Elwood, IN
Eunsun Cho Wilson :: West Lafayette, IN Evgeni Milanov :: Highland, IN Fabia T. Pinheiro Quesada :: Indianapolis, IN
Felecia Renner :: Merrillville, IN Frances Candelaria :: Munster, IN Fred J. Freeman :: Greenwood, IN
Gabriel Woon :: Columbus, IN Gail Anne Bales Townsend :: Muncie, IN Gail Grieger :: Valparaiso, IN
Gail Lewis :: Bloomington, IN Gale Miller :: Crown Point, IN Gary Fike :: Fort Wayne, IN
Gary R. Chambers :: Greensburg, IN Gayle J. Zuber :: Fort Wayne, IN Genevieve Conley :: Hammond, IN
George Ann Betts :: Batesville, IN Georgiana Morris :: Indianapolis, IN Gerald Putman :: Mishawaka, IN
Germaine Woten :: West Lafayette, IN Gerry Schrock :: Lagrange, IN Gina M. Mercurio :: Carmel, IN
Ginger Thimlar :: Indianapolis, IN Glenna Kaiser :: Chrisney, IN Gloria Moody :: Huntington, IN
Gloria Ronquillo :: Hammond, IN Graham Montague :: Bloomington, IN Guang Yang :: Indianapolis, IN
H. Joyce Mitchell :: Richmond, IN Hailey Brinkley :: Hobart, IN Haiwa Ruby Muhammad-Davie :: Indianapolis, IN
Haiyan Li :: Indianapolis, IN Haley Leslie :: Boonville, IN Hanna Varrone :: Morristown, IN
Heather Arlinghaus :: Carmel, IN Heather Brown :: Fishers, IN Heather Christine Cook-Hoggatt :: Fishers, IN
Heather Davies :: Sellersburg, IN Heather Duncan :: Charlestown, IN Heather L. Horst :: Goshen, IN
Heather Lynn Ellis :: Noblesville, IN Heather Marie Moore :: Connersville, IN Heather Payton :: Elkhart, IN
Heather Ratliff :: Charlottesville, IN Heather Robbins :: Bloomington, IN Heide L. Honey :: Pittsboro, IN
Heidi Miller :: South Bend, IN Heidi Rene Werling :: Hoagland, IN Helge R. Oomkes :: Indianapolis, IN
Herscheila Donovan :: Brownsburg, IN Hildegard Maldonado :: Portage, IN Holly Brown :: Rolling Prairie, IN
Holly Lynn Donaldson :: Indianapolis, IN Holly Nicole Nitz :: Fort Wayne, IN Holly Wilson :: Danville, IN
HongYing Smith :: Wabash, IN Hope A. Coatsworth :: Columbus, IN Hope Frazier :: Bloomington, IN
Hope Lynn Schmidt :: Greenfield, IN Hozumi Kessler :: Kokomo, IN Huifang Luo :: Indianapolis, IN
Ian Miller :: Zionsville, IN Irina Leyvand :: Carmel, IN J. Elaine Kain :: Fort Wayne, IN
Jacinda Cox :: Bloomington, IN Jackie Himelick :: Nashville, IN Jackie Thurston :: Muncie, IN
Jacob Wolfe Schnur :: Bloomington, IN Jacqueline H. Fowler :: Gary, IN Jacqueline Macri :: South Bend, IN
Jacqueline May Stover :: French Lick, IN Jael Amie Sailor :: Indianapolis, IN Jaimene Garner :: New Paris, IN
Jaletha Howard :: Indianapolis, IN James Jafari :: Fishers, IN James Jeffers :: Indianapolis, IN
James Lasher :: Indianapolis, IN James P. Habegger :: Carmel, IN James Pauley, Jr. :: Granger, IN
James Starkweather :: Lafayette, IN Jamie Kidwell :: Indianapolis, IN Jamie Raber :: Ligonier, IN
Jana Hasty :: Bloomington, IN Jane A. Thomas :: Columbus, IN Jane Bradley :: Bloomington, IN
Jane Burwell :: Carmel, IN Jane Garr :: Greentown, IN Jane H. Maschmeyer :: Indianapolis, IN
Jane Kelle :: Evansville, IN Janet Feavel :: Westfield, IN Janet M. Herpel :: Greensburg, IN
Janet Pesti :: Gary, IN Jani Schiffmiller :: Carmel, IN Janice Marie Jones :: Evansville, IN
Janice Pemberton :: Fort Wayne, IN Janie Lou Marlow :: Evansville, IN Jannette M. Lentz :: Avon, IN
Japhia Leach :: Newburgh, IN Jasmati Aseshmi :: Highland, IN Jason Dailey :: Clarksville, IN
Jason Snell :: Fort Wayne, IN Javier Melendez :: Elkhart, IN Jeanne Jacobs :: Crown Point, IN
Jeanne Naue :: Nappanee, IN Jeannine Mecca :: Indianapolis, IN Jeffery Duensing :: Greenfield, IN
Jeffrey Berdine :: Cedar Lake, IN Jeffrey Bogusz :: Highland, IN Jeffrey Clampitt :: Bloomington, IN
Jenifer Hollon :: Anderson, IN Jenna Lynn Gilman :: Demotte, IN Jenna Marie Ramsay :: Indianapolis, IN
Jenna Sadler :: Indianapolis, IN Jennifer A. Church :: Terre Haute, IN Jennifer Ann Booth :: West Lafayette, IN
Jennifer Ann Krimmel :: Indianapolis, IN Jennifer Baron :: Indianapolis, IN Jennifer Dailey :: Vincennes, IN
Jennifer Fuller :: Chesterton, IN Jennifer Hachman :: Carmel, IN Jennifer Harris :: Vincennes, IN
Jennifer Howicz :: Griffith, IN Jennifer Ivezic :: Crown Point, IN Jennifer J. Jones :: Michigan City, IN
Jennifer Joy Eash :: Goshen, IN Jennifer K. Dominianni :: Fishers, IN Jennifer Lynn Stevenson :: Fort Wayne, IN
Jennifer Marie Hagner :: Greenwood, IN Jennifer Orsini :: Cedar Lake, IN Jennifer Osmon :: Goshen, IN
Jennifer Parker :: Franklin, IN Jennifer R. Falco :: Schererville, IN Jennifer Ruff :: Danville, IN
Jennifer Stormes :: Noblesville, IN Jennifer Van Til :: Mishawaka, IN Jennifer Vedadi :: Columbus, IN
Jenny Grove :: Yorktown, IN Jeren Touch-Werner :: Indianapolis, IN Jeri Jo Fifer :: Pleasant Lake, IN
Jermaine Marsaw :: Fort Wayne, IN Jerrice D. Arnold :: Osceola, IN Jessica Bryson :: Fort Wayne, IN
Jessica Dalton :: Fort Wayne, IN Jessica Dudlak :: Brownsburg, IN Jessica Gullett :: Fort Wayne, IN
Jessica J. Funcheon :: Noblesville, IN Jessica Julie Ann Mott :: Bloomington, IN Jessica Kern :: Greenwood, IN
Jessica Knickerbocker :: Fremont, IN Jessica Leigh Giuffre :: Corydon, IN Jessica Marie Fortney :: Fort Wayne, IN
Jessica Pleuss :: Evansville, IN Jessica Sliter :: Lapaz, IN Jessica Softic :: Fort Wayne, IN
Jessica Sullivan :: Fort Wayne, IN JianPing Li :: Terre Haute, IN Jill Estes :: Elkhart, IN
Jillian Harris :: Fort Wayne, IN Jing Yang :: Greenwood, IN Jitka Kristova :: Laporte, IN
Joan R Ellis :: Bloomington, IN Joann Adams :: Whiting, IN Jodee Waltz :: Indianapolis, IN
Jodi Coyle :: Columbia City, IN Jody Heeter :: Indianapolis, IN Jody Price :: Brownsburg, IN
Jody Turner :: Noblesville, IN John L. Loi :: Lanesville, IN John Preston :: Bloomington, IN
Joleen Sinn :: Berne, IN Jon Martinez :: Fort Wayne, IN Jory Frank :: Greenwood, IN
Jose J. Gamarra :: West Lafayette, IN Joseph E. Fuller :: Indianapolis, IN Joseph Ekpen-Edward Ero :: Crown Point, IN
Joseph Killebrew :: Evansville, IN Joshua Hause :: Martinsville, IN Joshua Poulin :: Fort Wayne, IN
Joy Lajean McDaniel :: Evansville, IN Joyce Ann Dials :: Huntington, IN Joyce Stoerman :: Wheatfield, IN
Jozette Lamb :: Bloomington, IN Judith Holicky :: Whiting, IN Judith Jackson Hatten :: Hagerstown, IN
Judith Lee Melton :: Fort Wayne, IN Judy A. Baker :: Greenwood, IN Judy Hillenburg :: Martinsville, IN
Judy Kosta :: Rensselaer, IN Julia A. Garner :: Warsaw, IN Julia Tibbets :: Mishawaka, IN
Julia W. Horn :: Indianapolis, IN Juliana Kay Stewart :: Greenfield, IN Julianna Parlock :: Hammond, IN
Julie Ann Korpilahti :: Warsaw, IN Julie Dryden :: Westfield, IN Julie Fike :: Fort Wayne, IN
Julie Lazaraton :: Indianapolis, IN Julie Lowerhouse :: Bloomington, IN Julie Lynn Green :: Indianapolis, IN
Julie Mirise :: Bloomington, IN Julie Renee Jones :: Crown Point, IN Julie Reynolds :: Fremont, IN
Julie Rushmore :: Clarks Hill, IN Julie S. Park :: Hobart, IN Julie Soddy-Gamblin :: Bloomington, IN
Julie VonGunten :: Fort Wayne, IN June Thomas :: Valparaiso, IN Justin Bartholomew Peters :: Evansville, IN
Justin McMath :: Westfield, IN Justin Rock :: Indianapolis, IN Kadisha Shaffer :: Paoli, IN
Kaitlin Nichols :: Lowell, IN Kaitlynn Knippenberg :: Indianapolis, IN Kama Erpelding :: Fort Wayne, IN
Kami Rheinlander-Wilson :: Floyds Knobs, IN Kammille Arin Dunn :: Kokomo, IN Kara Hackleman :: Greenfield, IN
Kara Lukens :: Knightstown, IN Kara Swalley :: Plainfield, IN Kara Veal :: Bloomington, IN
Kara Veal :: Bloomington, IN Karen Allard :: Crown Point, IN Karen Brainard :: Crawfordsville, IN
Karen Carpenter :: Indianapolis, IN Karen Elaine Billberry :: Terre Haute, IN Karen Harrison :: Indianapolis, IN
Karen Higgs :: Brownsburg, IN Karen Jayne Numbers :: Fort Wayne, IN Karen Lashure :: Cedar Lake, IN
Karen Messler :: Chesterton, IN Karen Portz :: Warsaw, IN Karen Shirley :: Zionsville, IN
Karen Sue Wilder :: Evansville, IN Karen Wiltrout :: Indianapolis, IN Karena Rae Halman :: Indianapolis, IN
Kari Jo Antunez :: Ligonier, IN Kari M. Nusterer :: Columbus, IN Kari Westerfield :: Bloomington, IN
Karina Suzette Rhode :: Noblesville, IN Karissa Davis :: Berne, IN Karla J. Litwiller :: Goshen, IN
Karmen Casey :: New Haven, IN Karol Hovis :: Ellettsville, IN Kasey Hoffman :: Crawfordsville, IN
Katherine Hren :: Hebron, IN Katherine Jamillah Alfarabi :: Indianapolis, IN Katherine Josway :: Indianapolis, IN
Kathleen Anne Carrigg :: Sheridan, IN Kathleen Conrad :: Crawfordsville, IN Kathleen Deuel :: Bristol, IN
Kathleen Mary Williams :: Indianapolis, IN Kathleen McGowan :: La Porte, IN Kathleen Michelle Atwater :: Indianapolis, IN
Kathleen Renee Shadrick :: Carmel, IN Kathleen Wabinga :: South Bend, IN Kathy Beachler :: Columbia City, IN
Kathy Burgoa :: Fishers, IN Kathy Fast :: Plainfield, IN Kathy H. Claire :: Indianapolis, IN
Kathy J. Craig :: Clarksville, IN Kathy L. Barr :: Greenfield, IN Kathy Seldomridge :: Indianapolis, IN
Katie Brown :: Indianapolis, IN Katie E. Gray :: Greenwood, IN Katlin McElroy :: Noblesville, IN
Katrina Gilmore :: Indianapolis, IN Katrina Wray :: Sharpsville, IN Kayla Dawn Northrup :: Pleasant Lake, IN
Kayla Malone :: Lafayette, IN Kayle Renae Hesson :: Rensselaer, IN Keenan King :: South Bend, IN
Keith Loman :: Bloomington, IN Kelley L. Haverfield-Millhoan :: Knightstown, IN Kelly Cavanaugh :: Dyer, IN
Kelly Curry :: Zionsville, IN Kelly D. Jones :: Evansville, IN Kelly Endsley :: Newburgh, IN
Kelly Hunt :: Columbus, IN Kelly J. Christy :: Munster, IN Kelly Johnson :: Indianapolis, IN
Kelly K. Shoemaker :: Elkhart, IN Kelly Lynn Elliott :: Lafayette, IN Kelly Meyer :: Indianapolis, IN
Kelly Nagy :: Lafayette, IN Kelly Spore :: Vincennes, IN Kelly Tanner :: Crown Point, IN
Kelsie Renee Moeschberger :: Monroe, IN Ken Schmidt :: South Bend, IN Kendra L. Moore :: Edinburgh, IN
Kent Harry Hanser :: Muncie, IN Keri Brown :: Indianapolis, IN Kerine L. Miller :: Warsaw, IN
Kerri Barton :: Carmel, IN Kerri Torzewski :: Fishers, IN Kerry Haymaker :: Mooresville, IN
Kevin Emmett Boivin :: Gary, IN Kevin Hicks :: Indianapolis, IN Kevin Kosovich :: Portage, IN
Kevin Ray Kendrick :: Indianapolis, IN Kimberly Elaine Mynhier :: Indianapolis, IN Kimberly Frietzsche :: Coatesville, IN
Kimberly Jane Dobson :: Demotte, IN Kimberly K. Fenstermacher :: Bristol, IN Kimberly K. Mishler :: Shipshewana, IN
Kimberly K. Smith :: La Porte, IN Kimberly L. Martin :: Poseyville, IN Kimberly McClintic :: North Webster, IN
Kimberly Wiseman :: Elizabeth, IN Kirn Rani Lall :: Carmel, IN Kirsten L. Meyers :: Lafayette, IN
Kobie A. Johnson :: Indianapolis, IN Kourtney Jo Brite :: Ossian, IN Krista Hauswald :: Brownsburg, IN
Krista Marie Barnes :: Muncie, IN Krista Opocensky :: Indianapolis, IN Kristen Cain :: Evansville, IN
Kristen Elaine Luckett-Ziesemer :: Madison, IN Kristen Lewis :: Bloomington, IN Kristen Wolf :: Fort Wayne, IN
Kristi Bender :: Goshen, IN Kristi Jo Shields :: Bloomington, IN Kristi Marie VanderWoude :: Highland, IN
Kristin Aitchison :: Chesterton, IN Kristin Lamm :: Auburn, IN Kristin Mast :: Wawaka, IN
Kristin Parks :: Fort Wayne, IN Kristin Young :: Noblesville, IN Kristina Buckner :: La Porte, IN
Kristina Hirsch :: Haubstadt, IN Kristine Kysel :: Michigan City, IN Kristine Sensenig Miller :: Goshen, IN
Kristonya Cooper :: Noblesville, IN Krystal Adams :: Indianapolis, IN Krystal Hoffman :: Unionville, IN
Kyle Feck :: Crown Point, IN Kymberly Hansen :: Bristol, IN Kyna Marie Dhom :: Newburgh, IN
Lana Hensley :: Indianapolis, IN Lanette Rajski :: Osceola, IN Lara L Kotys :: Valparaiso, IN
Larinda Hays :: Plainfield, IN Larry Cary :: Hobart, IN Laura Beth Shine :: Roanoke, IN
Laura Duggleby :: Wheatfield, IN Laura Dunbar :: Batesville, IN Laura Hillyard :: Fort Wayne, IN
Laura Madigan :: Chesterton, IN Laura Remeika :: Indianapolis, IN Lauren Anderson :: Crawfordsville, IN
Lauren Elizabeth Lockhart :: Indianapolis, IN Lauren Reese :: Fort Wayne, IN Laurie H. Hardin :: Noblesville, IN
Laurie Josephine Davis :: Mishawaka, IN Lawrence Simnick :: Lowell, IN Leah Martin :: Newburgh, IN
Leah Martin :: Indianapolis, IN Leanne M. Agostini :: Fort Wayne, IN Lee Anne Akers :: Pine Village, IN
Lee Black :: Fishers, IN Leighanna Shoemaker :: Noblesville, IN Leisa Parks :: Bloomington, IN
Leisa Parks :: Indianapolis, IN Lena Mays :: Lowell, IN Lesley Danielle Jordan :: Indianapolis, IN
Lesley Jean Neeley :: Brownsburg, IN Leslie Blakley :: Columbia City, IN Leslie Carpenter :: Indianapolis, IN
Leslie Gipe :: Columbia City, IN Letha Cupp :: Floyds Knobs, IN Li Yan Zhou :: Carmel, IN
Liana Vela :: Bloomington, IN Lijuan Wang :: Indianapolis, IN Lijuan Wang :: Indianapolis, IN
Lin Gong :: Fishers, IN Lin Watson :: New Albany, IN Linda Daly :: Osceola, IN
Linda Lee :: Fountaintown, IN Linda Paden :: Indianapolis, IN Linda S. Melick :: Westfield, IN
Lindsay C Brown :: Greenwood, IN Lindsay Negrelli :: Hobart, IN Lindsey Howe :: Mitchell, IN
Lindsey Lane-Pointer :: Fort Wayne, IN Linnea Emigh :: Bloomington, IN Linsey Crowley :: Crown Point, IN
LiQin Meng :: Indianapolis, IN Lisa B. Spencer :: Ellettsville, IN Lisa Borton :: Fort Wayne, IN
Lisa Carol Hattabaugh :: Palmyra, IN Lisa DeLeon :: Kokomo, IN Lisa J. Graves :: Georgetown, IN
Lisa Keplinger :: Bloomington, IN Lisa Langley :: North Webster, IN Lisa Marie Twist :: Zionsville, IN
Lisa Rasche :: Huntingburg, IN Lisa Reeves :: Pendleton, IN Lisa Rhoades :: Indianapolis, IN
Lisa Rogus :: Valparaiso, IN Lisa Tullus :: Madison, IN Lora Strong :: Fort Wayne, IN
Loren Braaten :: Pendleton, IN Loretta Baker :: Logansport, IN Lori A. McGriff :: Greenwood, IN
Lori Ann Bochert :: Newburgh, IN Lori Robinson :: Indianapolis, IN Lori Swanson :: Elizabethtown, IN
Lori Turpin :: Petersburg, IN Lorna K Lane :: Elkhart, IN Lorraine J. Baugher :: Nineveh, IN
Lorri J. Medaugh :: Fort Wayne, IN Lorrie Bergesen :: Arcadia, IN Luis Santellano :: Hammond, IN
Luke Hall :: Gary, IN Luke Rogers :: North Salem, IN Lyn Blume :: Huntingburg, IN
Lynda Brey :: Crown Point, IN Lyndsey Brack :: Lawrenceburg, IN Lynne M. Poppe :: Hebron, IN
Lynsey Saylor :: Hamilton, IN Lyudmila Panchelyuga :: Goshen, IN M. Kim St. Clair :: Georgetown, IN
Macel Kaufman :: Richmond, IN Mackenzie McIntosh :: Morgantown, IN Madalaine E. Halloran :: Columbus, IN
Madeleine White :: Muncie, IN Madilyn Haslar :: Indianapolis, IN Maisha Seebeck :: Elkhart, IN
Mal Ok U :: Munster, IN Mallory Reed :: Lowell, IN Marcia Perry :: Martinsville, IN
Marcia Smith-Wood :: Rensselaer, IN Marcy Craig :: Fort Wayne, IN Margaret Lang :: Lowell, IN
Margaret Pontius :: Beech Grove, IN Margaret Stuckey :: Middlebury, IN Marhia Ross :: Zionsville, IN
Maria Bromm :: Scottsburg, IN Maria Renner :: Indianapolis, IN Maribeth Essig :: Indianapolis, IN
Marie Hendry :: Farmersburg, IN Marilyn B. Enciso :: Shelbyville, IN Marina Tsinkin :: Indianapolis, IN
Mark E. Seng :: Fort Wayne, IN Mark Edward Parsons-Powell :: Lafayette, IN Mark Recker :: Dubois, IN
Mark Steven Eilers :: New Albany, IN Marlene Wood :: Woodburn, IN Marsha Worrell :: Ligonier, IN
Martha J. Hopf :: Jasper, IN Martha S. Shuck :: Indianapolis, IN Mary Abigale Pittman :: Crawfordsville, IN
Mary Ann Marchand :: Indianapolis, IN Mary Covert :: Indianapolis, IN Mary Elrod :: Salem, IN
Mary F. Deckard :: Columbus, IN Mary Galbreath :: Mooresville, IN Mary Jane Morris :: Evansville, IN
Mary K. Jenkins :: Danville, IN Mary Katherine Meyer :: Columbus, IN Mary Lokers :: Bloomington, IN
Mary Lumsdon :: Princeton, IN Mary Powelson :: Evansville, IN Mary Susan Dickes :: Ossian, IN
Marzena Tzolov :: Munster, IN Matt Winings :: Indianapolis, IN Matthew Havens :: Valparaiso, IN
Maureen Jane Gunn :: Fishers, IN Maureen S. Mavis :: Saint Joe, IN Megan Austin :: Tell City, IN
Megan Bateman :: Celestine, IN Megan Burcham :: Lebanon, IN Megan Darby Dunlap :: Berne, IN
Megan Garrison :: Carmel, IN Megan Jackson :: Evansville, IN Megan Lindsay Wilbert :: Valparaiso, IN
Megan Smith :: Huntington, IN Megan Throckmorton :: Indianapolis, IN Megan Tucker :: Rushville, IN
Megan Wright :: Indianapolis, IN Meghan McFarland :: Vincennes, IN Meghan Roell :: Indianapolis, IN
Meghan Stonier :: Bloomington, IN Melanie Ann Gall :: Thorntown, IN Melanie Harper :: Carmel, IN
Melena Stroup :: Howe, IN Melinda Taylor :: Fort Wayne, IN Melissa Berenda-Larimer :: Bloomington, IN
Melissa Biek :: Elkhart, IN Melissa Dawson :: Highland, IN Melissa Hayes :: Michigan City, IN
Melissa Hull :: Chesterton, IN Melissa Moenkhaus :: Paoli, IN Melissa R. Williams :: Akron, IN
Melissa Rachels :: Bloomington, IN Melissa Renee Amos :: Sharpsville, IN Melissa Sexton :: Plainfield, IN
Melody Sellers :: Haubstadt, IN Melvin Lee Wilcher Jr. :: Fort Wayne, IN Mettco Sabic :: Fort Wayne, IN
Micah Hillsman :: Indianapolis, IN Michael August Spretnjak :: Elkhart, IN Michael Beehler :: Elkhart, IN
Michael E. Westerfield :: Lebanon, IN Michael Hicks :: French Lick, IN Michael J. O'Rourke :: Sellersburg, IN
Michael Jania :: Hammond, IN Michael Kuhn :: Carmel, IN Michael Mahealani Gerard :: Indianapolis, IN
Michael Rebman :: Nashville, IN Michael Schimpf :: Westville, IN Michael Stepp :: Fort Wayne, IN
Michael Windsor :: Fort Wayne, IN Michal Annette Reed :: Avon, IN Michelle D. Zimmerman :: Indianapolis, IN
Michelle Duncan :: Fortville, IN Michelle Earle Marquis :: Goshen, IN Michelle Federman :: Indianapolis, IN
Michelle Hess :: Avon, IN Michelle L. Oehler :: Brazil, IN Michelle Lawson :: La Porte, IN
Michelle Smith :: Indianapolis, IN Michelle Tramm :: Plainfield, IN Michelle Valeriano :: Brownsburg, IN
Mickie Miller :: South Bend, IN Milan Edusei :: Indianapolis, IN Mirjana Kuzmanova :: Lake Station, IN
Misty Swiger :: Glenwood, IN Moises Lopez Sandoval :: Bloomington, IN Molly Bowlin :: Lafayette, IN
Molly McDonald :: Bloomington, IN Molly McKay :: Anderson, IN Molly Widmann :: Fort Wayne, IN
Mona N. Beesley :: Fort Wayne, IN Monica Hyde :: Elkhart, IN Monica James :: Solsberry, IN
Monique Streets :: Indianapolis, IN Morgan L. Sheets :: Carmel, IN Morgan Lindsay Patten :: Bloomington, IN
Mori Willhite :: Plainfield, IN Nancy Ellen Brock :: Bainbridge, IN Nancy Humphries :: Terre Haute, IN
Nancy J. Hayes :: Columbus, IN Nancy Kanitz :: Lafayette, IN Nancy L. Kintner :: Munster, IN
Nancy Lee D. Keefer :: Fort Wayne, IN Natalie Christine Washkow :: Beech Grove, IN Natalie D. Moore :: Bloomington, IN
Natalie Harling :: South Bend, IN Nataliya Van DenDriessche :: Elkhart, IN Natalya Shoror :: Lafayette, IN
Nathalie De Meyenburg :: Bloomington, IN Nathan M. Orr :: Indianapolis, IN Nicca Aikins George :: Indianapolis, IN
Nicholas Wawok :: Valparaiso, IN Nicholle Richie :: Columbus, IN Nicole Dawn Burnett :: Richmond, IN
Nicole DeLaCruz :: Harlan, IN Nicole Elaine Bower :: South Bend, IN Nicole Harris :: Fort Wayne, IN
Nicole I. Robinson :: Indianapolis, IN Nicole Nebbeling :: Crown Point, IN Nicole Randle :: Indianapolis, IN
Nicole Roe :: Valparaiso, IN Nicole Zollinger-Muench :: Carmel, IN Nikya R Lowry :: Fort Wayne, IN
Nina Goradia :: Indianapolis, IN Olivia Ortega :: Clarksville, IN Olivia Zamarron :: Michigan City, IN
Pam Weiss :: Crown Point, IN Pamela Davey :: Highland, IN Pamela H. Nilson :: Union Mills, IN
Pamela J. McCoy :: Lafayette, IN Pamela Jean Summers :: Fort Wayne, IN Pamela Kay Stow :: Indianapolis, IN
Pamela Sills :: Hobart, IN Patrice Hunsberger :: Fort Wayne, IN Patricia A. Click :: New Haven, IN
Patricia Ann Wheeler :: New Albany, IN Patricia Luckey :: Lowell, IN Patricia M. Murphy :: Jeffersonville, IN
Patricia Rhew :: Valparaiso, IN Patricia Titsworth :: Frankton, IN Patricia Towne :: Scottsburg, IN
Patricia Waddey Newton :: Noblesville, IN Patrick Ryan Jenkins :: Knox, IN Patty McLane :: Avon, IN
Paul Britt :: Indianapolis, IN Paul Clark :: Indianapolis, IN Paul Hilton :: Indianapolis, IN
Paula Downey :: South Bend, IN Paula E. Huston :: Indianapolis, IN Paula Marie Shaw :: Anderson, IN
Paula Page :: Monrovia, IN Paula Sue Hulse :: Georgetown, IN Pauline Delise Raffoul :: South Bend, IN
Peggy Behn :: Griffith, IN Peggy Brady :: Fort Wayne, IN Peggy Lou Foster :: South Bend, IN
Peggy Neer :: Mishawaka, IN Peggy Sebert :: Kendallville, IN Penelope A. Faulkner :: Dyer, IN
Penny Hunt :: Indianapolis, IN Penny M. Pysh :: Valparaiso, IN Perry E. Blackford, Jr. :: Evansville, IN
Peter Beretta :: Brownsburg, IN Philip T. Parmigiano :: Valparaiso, IN Ping Yan :: Westfield, IN
Priscilla Hataway :: Indianapolis, IN R. A. Bush :: Indianapolis, IN R. Colleen Steele :: Indianapolis, IN
R. Joy Campbell :: Indianapolis, IN Rachael Nicole Harrington :: Valparaiso, IN Rachel Bontrager :: Goshen, IN
Rachel Coolbaugh :: Indianapolis, IN Rachel Eban :: Bloomington, IN Rachel Knight :: Ellettsville, IN
Rachel L. Halcomb :: Versailles, IN Rachel Marie Bougher :: Fort Wayne, IN Rachel Monday :: Plainfield, IN
Rachel Solar :: Griffith, IN Raleigh Colton Barrett :: Lafayette, IN Ray P. Bigler :: Indianapolis, IN
Ray Scott Wilson :: Lafayette, IN Raymond D. Gleason :: Albion, IN Rebecca A. Phend :: South Whitley, IN
Rebecca Dishman :: Chesterton, IN Rebecca Gault :: Greensburg, IN Rebecca Marie Townsend :: Indianapolis, IN
Rebecca Springer :: Indianapolis, IN Rebecca Vitale :: Hammond, IN Rebecca Willig :: Bloomington, IN
Rebekah Taylor :: Mooresville, IN Regeania Brown :: Indianapolis, IN Regina Maier :: Mount Vernon, IN
Renee Irvin :: Vincennes, IN Renee W. Niederman :: Pekin, IN Rex Orcutt :: Warsaw, IN
Rhonda Holt :: Indianapolis, IN Rhonda Jo O'Rourke :: Angola, IN Rhonda Mitchell :: Fort Wayne, IN
Rhonda N. Cullen :: New Albany, IN Rhonda Vaughn :: Indianapolis, IN Richard Benson :: Indianapolis, IN
Richard E. Hill Jr. :: Valparaiso, IN Richard Girten :: Newburgh, IN Richard L. Niederman :: Pekin, IN
Richard Nagle :: Indianapolis, IN Richard Ross :: Fort Wayne, IN Rita Vinci :: Plainfield, IN
Robert Grasmick :: Warsaw, IN Robert Trevor Foote :: Indianapolis, IN Robert Wilson :: Angola, IN
Robin B. Mills :: Mooresville, IN Robin Lamb :: Geneva, IN Robin McIntosh :: South Bend, IN
Robyn Stapleton :: Indianapolis, IN Robyn Wright :: Angola, IN Rochelle Brooks :: Indianapolis, IN
Rocky Sites :: Fort Wayne, IN Ronald E. Hudgins :: Mooresville, IN Ronnie Michael Lainhart :: Salem, IN
Rosa Rocha :: Indianapolis, IN Rosalie Howard :: Indianapolis, IN Rosemary Overman :: Lafayette, IN
Rosemary Ruley :: Lowell, IN Roxanne Fealy :: Paoli, IN Ruby-Lena Shatto :: Anderson, IN
Ruth Christine Wagner :: Goshen, IN Ruth Scott :: Franklin, IN Ryan Dallas Wallin :: Indianapolis, IN
Ryan K. Eckerle :: Jasper, IN S Kathleen Latimer :: Indianapolis, IN Sabra Snider :: Fishers, IN
Sadee M. Arnold :: Milford, IN Sally Reagan :: Brownsburg, IN Samantha Ascolani :: Saint John, IN
Samantha Salyers-Blount :: Noblesville, IN Samantha Sanchez :: Columbus, IN Samuel Meko :: Avon, IN
Sandra Kaye Pisani :: Elkhart, IN Sandra L. Stearley :: Centerpoint, IN Sandra Panzer :: Indianapolis, IN
Sandra Rivera :: Fishers, IN Sandy Milks :: Indianapolis, IN Sara Allen :: Corydon, IN
Sara Caldwell :: Lafayette, IN Sara Finnigan :: South Bend, IN Sara Lewis :: Fort Wayne, IN
Sara Matteucci :: Fort Wayne, IN Sara W. Feldman :: Carmel, IN Sarah Elisabeth Lockman :: Seymour, IN
Sarah Goben :: South Bend, IN Sarah Henisa :: Indianapolis, IN Sarah Hutchison :: Bloomington, IN
Sarah Willis :: Evansville, IN Scott Gribbons :: New Castle, IN Scott Hansen :: Zionsville, IN
Scott M. Deford :: Camby, IN Sergiy Druganov :: Carmel, IN Shalene Slusser :: Hartford City, IN
Shana L. DuBois :: Indianapolis, IN Shane Tucker :: Mishawaka, IN Shanelle Norman :: Fort Wayne, IN
Shanna Lane :: Indianapolis, IN Shanna Rowe :: Fort Wayne, IN Shannon Anderson :: South Bend, IN
Shannon Carpenter :: Lawrenceburg, IN Shannon Frederick :: Indianapolis, IN Shannon Ulewicz :: Evansville, IN
Sharla Graves :: Carmel, IN Sharla K. Baburchak :: Jasper, IN Sharon A. Puszko :: Indianapolis, IN
Sharon Hargrave :: Indianapolis, IN Sharon Hataway :: Newburgh, IN Sharon Holloway :: Noblesville, IN
Sharon Morgan :: Arcadia, IN Sharon Seal :: South Bend, IN Sharon Small :: Sunman, IN
Sharrel L. Boike :: Bloomington, IN Shavonn Scott :: Indianapolis, IN Shawna Elizabeth Colson :: Lafayette, IN
Sheila Barron :: Madison, IN Sheila Cauldwell :: McCordsville, IN Sheila Dimof :: Indianapolis, IN
Sheila Dimof :: Indianapolis, IN Sheila Faye Wooten :: Franklin, IN Shelly Schimpf :: Westville, IN
Sheron Kay :: Elkhart, IN Sherri Dawn DeFord :: Fort Wayne, IN Sherri Friley :: Ellettsville, IN
Sherri Klotz Buckalew :: Kokomo, IN Sherri Lynn Sasser :: Fort Wayne, IN Sherry Zahn :: Indianapolis, IN
Shirley D. Pence :: Shelbyville, IN Shirley Gill :: New Paris, IN Shona Edwards :: Orleans, IN
Shuangshuang Maddox :: La Porte, IN Shyra Cobb :: Indianapolis, IN Sinthai Pintakaew :: Elkhart, IN
Snezana Trajanovska :: Crown Point, IN Sonja Isenhart :: Indianapolis, IN Sonja Stout :: Kokomo, IN
Sonya Mateer Rempel :: Goshen, IN Stacey Corbin :: Bloomfield, IN Stacey Yoder :: New Paris, IN
Stacy Fowler :: Indianapolis, IN Stacy Fugate :: Goshen, IN Stacy Whalen :: Bedford, IN
Stacy Williams :: Griffith, IN Stefanie Secor :: Elkhart, IN Stephanie A. Szuba :: Mishawaka, IN
Stephanie Anderson :: Indianapolis, IN Stephanie Bigler :: Indianapolis, IN Stephanie Florin :: Fort Wayne, IN
Stephanie Honderich :: Goshen, IN Stephanie J. Downing :: Terre Haute, IN Stephanie L. Beard :: Madison, IN
Stephanie L. Worthman :: Tipton, IN Stephanie Lynn Ripple :: Fort Wayne, IN Stephanie O'Neal :: Muncie, IN
Stephanie Rasener :: Columbus, IN Stephanie Smart :: Indianapolis, IN Stephen C. Gamblin :: Bloomington, IN
Steven C. Benham :: Indianapolis, IN Steven Edward Maschmeyer :: Carmel, IN Steven Eitel :: Indianapolis, IN
Stevie Lynn Brunsman :: Sunman, IN Sue Culley :: Evansville, IN Susan A. Thomas :: Indianapolis, IN
Susan Brewsaugh :: Batesville, IN Susan E. Merriman :: Carmel, IN Susan Falender :: Carmel, IN
Susan Fetsch :: Wheatfield, IN Susan Guyer :: Greensburg, IN Susan Hansen :: New Haven, IN
Susan Herner :: Indianapolis, IN Susan L. Jones :: Indianapolis, IN Susan L. Stevens :: Fishers, IN
Susan M. Andrzejak :: Griffith, IN Susan Marie Koehler :: Indianapolis, IN Susan Rickey :: Saint John, IN
Susan Shaver :: Springville, IN Susan Stafford :: Petersburg, IN Susan Zandstra-Beggs :: Culver, IN
Susanna Kihn :: Carmel, IN Susanne Letchos McConville :: Lafayette, IN Susette Pieper :: Bicknell, IN
Suzanne Schmelz :: Corydon, IN Suzanne Sueberkrop-Boyd :: Franklin, IN Suzanne Tormoehlen :: Indianapolis, IN
Suzanne Vail :: Mishawaka, IN Sylvia Gentry :: Indianapolis, IN Tabitha Nicole Morris :: Mooresville, IN
Tabitha Sprigler :: New Albany, IN Tamara S. Lasley :: North Salem, IN Tamela Meck :: Leesburg, IN
Tamera Pauli :: Columbus, IN Tammie Bender :: Goshen, IN Tammy Bunton :: Elkhart, IN
Tammy Craig :: Jeffersonville, IN Tammy Dilger :: Ferdinand, IN Tammy Goris :: Nashville, IN
Tammy Marie Shaffer :: Culver, IN Tanesha Richardson :: Indianapolis, IN Tanya Marie Gick :: Bloomington, IN
Tara Henderson :: Portage, IN Tara K. Buzzard :: Warren, IN Tashauna R Thomas :: Indianapolis, IN
Tausha Luttrell :: Fishers, IN Taylor Newcomb :: Charlestown, IN Taylor Spencer :: Indianapolis, IN
Teena Cook :: Paoli, IN Tekla Bedwell :: Indianapolis, IN Tera Tonkins :: Newburgh, IN
Teresa Bigley :: Culver, IN Teresa Bigley :: Warsaw, IN Teresa Herald-Ealy :: Indianapolis, IN
Teresa Hunt :: Fishers, IN Teresa Marie Parrett :: Huntington, IN Teresa Morrison :: Brownsburg, IN
Teresa Pabon :: Michigan City, IN Terese Sweeney :: Munster, IN Teri Shepherd :: Fort Wayne, IN
Terry C. Ritter :: Evansville, IN Terry J. Capuano :: Mooresville, IN Terry L. Fletcher :: Indianapolis, IN
Tess Burns :: Indianapolis, IN Tessa Thompson :: Bedford, IN Tetyana Rakhimkulova :: Bloomington, IN
Theresa Adams :: Shelbyville, IN Theresa Barnes :: Floyds Knobs, IN Theresa King :: Avon, IN
Theresa Waggoner :: Middlebury, IN Therese Lattanzio :: Westfield, IN Thomacine Haywood :: Greenfield, IN
Thomas A. Gordon :: Warsaw, IN Thomas Allan Schaedel :: Indianapolis, IN Thomas Barrow :: Indianapolis, IN
Thomas L. Shelt :: Elkhart, IN Thomas Youngman :: Franklin, IN Tiffany Hutchens :: Evansville, IN
Tiffany Rudziewicz :: Valparaiso, IN Tillie Shearer :: East Chicago, IN Timothy D. Hunter :: Indianapolis, IN
Timothy E. Mellott :: Indianapolis, IN Timothy Scott Miller :: McCordsville, IN Tina Hiett :: Greenwood, IN
Tina M. Stinnett :: Munster, IN Tina Silhavy :: Crown Point, IN Tina Skrundz :: Crown Point, IN
Tina Spiehler :: Bloomington, IN Tina Vickers :: Valparaiso, IN Tina Weisman :: Otwell, IN
Todd Carter :: Indianapolis, IN Tomoko Shimano :: Indianapolis, IN Tonghui Lu :: Indianapolis, IN
Toni Giannini :: Indianapolis, IN Tony Miller :: Warsaw, IN Tonya Marie Kerstiens :: Washington, IN
Traci Miller :: Granger, IN Traci Snider :: Indianapolis, IN Tracy Dawson :: Indianapolis, IN
Tracy Gough :: Indianapolis, IN Tracy Krueger :: Fishers, IN Tracy Wiley :: Ligonier, IN
Travis Chasteen :: Scottsburg, IN Tricia M. Banet :: Georgetown, IN Trina Torstrick Brown :: Salem, IN
Trudy Ann Trammel :: Arcola, IN Tuesday Dawson, c/o Joyce King :: Fort Wayne, IN Valarie Nevarez :: South Bend, IN
Valerie C. Johnson :: Indianapolis, IN Valerie Frazier :: Indianapolis, IN Vanessa Breese :: Portage, IN
Vanessa Dawn Callies :: Columbus, IN Vanessa Paige Mohr :: Shelbyville, IN Veena L. Devalal :: Indianapolis, IN
Vernon Arnold, Jr. :: Winslow, IN Veronica Chestang :: Fishers, IN Vicki Ann Morgan :: Columbia City, IN
Vicki Beaman :: Indianapolis, IN Vicki Himmel :: Jeffersonville, IN Vickie Hildreth :: Columbus, IN
Vickie Wood :: Noblesville, IN Vicky Galvan :: Fort Wayne, IN Victor Reyes Romero :: Indianapolis, IN
Victoria Carmena Lopez :: Bloomington, IN Victoria Marie Ritzert :: Evansville, IN Vincent W. Romans :: Cedar Lake, IN
Virgil Johnson :: Bristol, IN Virginia Diane Wendel :: Franklin, IN Virginia Dickerson :: New Castle, IN
Virginia Olson :: South Bend, IN Virginia Turner :: Kouts, IN Vivian Michaud :: Brookville, IN
Wanda L Heath :: Madison, IN Wayne Gaskin :: Jonesboro, IN Wendy Bohl :: Crown Point, IN
Wendy Hill :: Brownsburg, IN Wendy R. DeGroot :: Lowell, IN Wendy Stier :: Greensburg, IN
WenMei Rao :: Fort Wayne, IN Weslie Jansen :: Goshen, IN William Heitman :: Indianapolis, IN
William Patrick Mellan :: West Lafayette, IN William Small :: Connersville, IN Willie Hodges :: Indianapolis, IN
Xiaoqin Chu :: Kokomo, IN Xinyu Han :: Fishers, IN Ya Ping Dai :: Indianapolis, IN
Yan Wolfman :: Schererville, IN YanMin Schryba :: Indianapolis, IN Yi Yang :: Mishawaka, IN
Yoana Ramirez :: Elkhart, IN Yolanda Wallace :: Gary, IN YuChong Sanders-Holl :: Carmel, IN
Yvette Poland :: Batesville, IN Zoraya Barry :: Indianapolis, IN Zuleima Montes :: Indianapolis, IN
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