Massage Therapists in Montana
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Title: Licensed Massage Therapist
Requirement: 500 hours and MBLEx or NCETMB
Renewal: CE: 12/2 yrs

A'lynn Melichar :: Moore, MT Amy Dunlap :: Missoula, MT Amy E. Angulo :: Manhattan, MT
Amy Mollman :: Billings, MT Ann L. Stanley :: Glasgow, MT Ann Loudan :: Billings, MT
Anne Sexton Bryan :: Bozeman, MT Annecia Marie Paulson :: Great Falls, MT Arisa LaFond :: Bozeman, MT
Audrey Romine :: Polson, MT Bailey Ruggles :: Billings, MT Barbara Holmes-Smith :: Missoula, MT
Barbara Walden :: Great Falls, MT Bethany Jeanne Kesler :: Butte, MT Beverly Adams :: Missoula, MT
Billie Pippert :: Sidney, MT Brooke Summerfield :: Missoula, MT Brynn Nicole Hoover :: Missoula, MT
Caitlin Differding :: Billings, MT Camarin Metcalf :: Missoula, MT Carol Flaherty :: Bozeman, MT
Carol Grom :: Belgrade, MT Carol Murray :: Missoula, MT Carol Van Dyken :: Bozeman, MT
Caroline L Krause :: Kalispell, MT Carolyn Dewey :: Whitefish, MT Carrie Jones :: Helena, MT
Carrie Wissenbach :: Billings, MT Cathleen A. Kuras :: Billings, MT Charles L. Holman :: Missoula, MT
Chelsea Jo Mitchell :: Missoula, MT Christina Harrell :: Darby, MT Christina Marie Porter :: Columbia Falls, MT
Cindy Walter :: Huntley, MT Claire Colburn :: Choteau, MT Clayton Shipley :: Helena, MT
Colleen MacDonald :: Missoula, MT Colleen Smith Barrett :: Billings, MT Crystal M. Zook :: Billings, MT
Cyndee Brown :: Sidney, MT Dana Leigh Koon :: Helena, MT Daniel Byron Plauche :: Missoula, MT
Daniel Kay :: Lolo, MT Darcy Buhmann :: Bozeman, MT Darlene O King :: Lakeside, MT
Darrea Martinson :: Whitehall, MT Dawn Ehret :: Baker, MT Deborah A. Kimmet :: Missoula, MT
Debra Shorrock :: Missoula, MT Denis Ouellette :: Livingston, MT Denise Berg :: Great Falls, MT
Deonna M. Laurie :: Anaconda, MT Diane Cottrell :: Hamilton, MT Diane Sitter :: Billings, MT
Dixie Barnard :: Helena, MT Dodi Smith :: Billings, MT Donna McDonald :: Bozeman, MT
Elaine Conder :: Missoula, MT Elaine M Fahrenbruch :: Livingston, MT Elisa Ann Barber :: Livingston, MT
Eliza Clayton :: Whitefish, MT Elizabeth Lorenz :: Billings, MT Ellen Carey :: Missoula, MT
Emily Hayes :: Ennis, MT Eric Mitchell :: Missoula, MT Erika Thompson :: Bozeman, MT
Erin Barnes :: Missoula, MT Gay L. Rossow :: Virginia City, MT George Derry :: Fairview, MT
Gina M. Wade :: Kalispell, MT Gwendolyn Kay Nelson :: Hamilton, MT Hannah Johansen :: Big Sky, MT
Heidi A. Soper :: Bozeman, MT Henry Cloud :: Missoula, MT Hollie L. Chapman :: Missoula, MT
Holly Hafner :: Florence, MT Ingrid Bardeen-Henschel :: Lavina, MT Ivonne Eiseman :: Lavina, MT
Jacob Cody Reep :: Missoula, MT Jacque Lea Hansen :: Billings, MT Jacqueline Rager :: Big Sky, MT
James V. Fix :: Missoula, MT James V. Fix :: Stevensville, MT Jan Mayernik :: Great Falls, MT
Jancy Brindle :: Judith Gap, MT Jane Viviano :: Billings, MT Janice M. Kusmierz :: Billings, MT
Janice Miller :: Helena, MT Jenifer Gabbert :: Glendive, MT Jennifer Dousset :: Missoula, MT
Jennifer Holloman :: Great Falls, MT Jennifer JoAnn Casey :: Columbia Falls, MT Jennifer Rebecca Sapp :: Plains, MT
Jennifer Sowers :: Great Falls, MT Jennifer Vasquez :: Billings, MT Jessica Lynn How :: Whitefish, MT
Jessie May Campbell :: Bozeman, MT Joann Rae Berens :: Missoula, MT Jodi Dodge :: Billings, MT
Jodi Gile :: Thompson Falls, MT Jodi Kindzerski :: Lewistown, MT Jodie T. Smith :: Billings, MT
Jolanta Cagle :: Billings, MT Jolie Anne Fitchett :: Heron, MT Jonathan Berens :: Great Falls, MT
Joy Johnson :: Bozeman, MT Joyce Munday :: Frenchtown, MT Justine Flynn :: Missoula, MT
Kacey Wingate :: Laurel, MT Karen Fisher :: Florence, MT Karen K. McElroy :: Ulm, MT
Karissa Patten :: Broadus, MT Karyn Roberts :: Stevensville, MT Kasey Hutchinson :: Bozeman, MT
Katharyn Elise Lowman :: Bozeman, MT Katherine Ann Griffis :: Whitefish, MT Kathey Rebish-Hupp :: Dillon, MT
Kathleen Nicolitz :: Kalispell, MT Kathleen Sinnott :: Big Timber, MT Kathy A. Arendt :: Whitefish, MT
Kay Louise Wharton :: Bozeman, MT Kay Lynn Rossow :: Virginia City, MT Kaye Cloud :: Whitefish, MT
Kelli Robinson :: Butte, MT Kelly Grace :: Kalispell, MT Kelly Ordway :: Whitefish, MT
Kelsey M Holmes :: Bozeman, MT Kevin Campbell :: Havre, MT Kim Holley :: Bozeman, MT
Kim Keller :: Pony, MT Kimberly Driscoll :: Bonner, MT Kimberly Hoenke :: Missoula, MT
Kris Le Crozier :: Bozeman, MT Kristi J. Gardner :: Billings, MT Kristin Gregoire :: Missoula, MT
Kyle Neary :: Billings, MT Kyle Trott :: Billings, MT Lacey Nichole Booke :: Billings, MT
Lacey Wilson :: Corvallis, MT Lacy Langager :: Roberts, MT Larissa Ann Fischer :: Kalispell, MT
Laura Gilhousen :: Missoula, MT Laura 'Lo' Elizabeth Opseth :: Bozeman, MT Laura Morledge :: Billings, MT
Laura Solem :: Missoula, MT Laureen Tutty :: Helena, MT Laurel McGee :: Whitefish, MT
Laurie Carrel :: Columbus, MT Lawrence Dowdin :: Bozeman, MT Lawrence Marquez :: Butte, MT
Leah Allen :: Billings, MT Leeann Garnas :: Belgrade, MT LiElla Kelly :: Helena, MT
Linda B. Brawner :: Bozeman, MT Linda Haile Fauhl :: Helena, MT Linda Murphy :: Kalispell, MT
Linda Oeters :: Hamilton, MT Lindsay Blomdahl :: Troy, MT Lindsey Caldwell :: Bozeman, MT
Linsey LaDonna Kucherry :: Missoula, MT Lisa Buford :: Emigrant, MT Lisa Chamberlain :: Missoula, MT
Lisa Fairman :: Helena, MT Lisa Souba :: Bozeman, MT Loralei Loucakis :: Kalispell, MT
Lori Lyn Strickler :: Billings, MT Lynn Anderson :: Whitefish, MT Lynn Cerise Mullen :: Kalispell, MT
Lynn Chase :: Belgrade, MT Lynn Tucker :: Billings, MT M. Katherine Kuharski :: Bozeman, MT
Madeline Mussman :: Billings, MT Marchelle L. McCall :: Corvallis, MT Maril BeVan :: Missoula, MT
Marina Gallo :: Billings, MT Marla Hasquet :: Shelby, MT Marshell Woodgates :: Stevensville, MT
Maryah Jackson :: Billings, MT Mayumi Allen :: Big Sky, MT Megan Kleiber :: Big Sky, MT
Melba F. Berg :: East Helena, MT Melissa Bertolino :: Roberts, MT Melissa Wardlow :: Missoula, MT
Melody McCamey :: Roundup, MT Melora Williams :: Kalispell, MT Meredith Killian :: Missoula, MT
Michael Louis Eayrs :: Kalispell, MT Michelle Corder :: Billings, MT Michelle Dunn :: Missoula, MT
Michelle Handegard :: Billings, MT Michelle Mehlman :: Bozeman, MT Mindy Wilber :: Livingston, MT
Myra Nidermaier :: Helena, MT Nikea Voegel :: Great Falls, MT Olav S. Nordemann :: Emigrant, MT
Pam S. Havig :: Billings, MT Paola Feher :: Bozeman, MT Patrice Promack :: Hamilton, MT
Patricia L. Murphy :: Butte, MT Patricia Winden :: Helena, MT Patti Ford :: Bozeman, MT
Patti S Yasbek :: Bozeman, MT Paula Pearson :: Billings, MT Peggy Byrde :: Belgrade, MT
Peggy Huestis :: Havre, MT Peter J. Warren :: Kalispell, MT Peter Reynolds :: Corvallis, MT
Philip Robison :: Helena, MT Priscilla Neff :: Red Lodge, MT Rachel Osen :: Bozeman, MT
Rachel Stark :: Missoula, MT Rachelle Claydon :: Stevensville, MT Rebecca Jo Dane :: Hamilton, MT
Rebecca Peck :: Belgrade, MT Regina Burman, LMT :: Kalispell, MT Rene Lyons :: Missoula, MT
Rene Mogan :: Missoula, MT Rita Bartelson :: Sidney, MT Rita D. Messmore :: Bozeman, MT
Robin Mochi :: Missoula, MT Robin Schwartz :: Alberton, MT Robyn Lund :: Helena, MT
Rory R. Rogina :: Billings, MT Roxie Lewis :: Great Falls, MT Rozi Pearson :: Deer Lodge, MT
S. J. Sheppard :: West Yellowstone, MT Sabrina Victoria Kraft :: Billings, MT Sadie Taylor :: Missoula, MT
Sandra L. Sulewski :: Kalispell, MT Sandra Ream :: Kalispell, MT Sandra Ream :: Lakeside, MT
Sara Dennehy :: Butte, MT Sarah Novotney :: Bozeman, MT Sarah Pardee :: Bozeman, MT
Sarah Terry :: Stevensville, MT Sarah Velin :: Missoula, MT Sheri Ann Newcombe :: Billings, MT
Shirley K. Michael :: Huntley, MT Shirley VanDermyden :: Bozeman, MT Shuddhabha Lannen :: Polson, MT
Skelly K. Adkins :: Billings, MT Sophia Heckman :: Belgrade, MT Stephanie Crouse :: Kalispell, MT
Stephanie Doyle :: Great Falls, MT Steven Everest Zediker :: Billings, MT Stine-Lise Decker :: Chester, MT
Sue Rudolf :: Billings, MT Susan Campbell :: Hot Springs, MT Susan Marks :: Helena, MT
Suzanne Richelle Lattin :: Lincoln, MT Taina Curry :: Missoula, MT Tamera Rackham :: Corvallis, MT
Tami McCallum :: Billings, MT Tana L. Kradolfer :: Belgrade, MT Tanya R. Stout :: Lolo, MT
Teresa Thormahlen :: Billings, MT Tessa Demartini :: Great Falls, MT Tessi Preston :: Butte, MT
Thomas Robinson :: Lewistown, MT Trisha Coburn :: Bozeman, MT Vanne Lynne Mocilac :: Whitehall, MT
Violet L. DeVries :: Columbus, MT Wendy Brown :: Missoula, MT William J. Andresen, II :: Hamilton, MT
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