Massage Therapists in Kentucky
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Legislative Information for Kentucky Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy
PO Box 1360
Frankfort, KY 40602
Tel: 502-564-3296
Fax: 502-696-1922

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Title: Licensed Massage Therapist
Requirement: 600 hours & NCETMB or MBLEx
Renewal: 24hrs/2yrs
3 hrs ethics

Aaron N. Boyer :: Crestwood, KY Abby Reed :: Louisville, KY Abigail Curry :: Lexington, KY
Adam Stephens :: Louisville, KY Adele Sandra Ambler :: Calvert City, KY Aimee Potter :: Ft Mitchell, KY
Alicia Akridge :: Buffalo, KY Amanda Clark :: La Grange, KY Amanda Coolsaet :: Louisville, KY
Amanda Denise Davis :: Louisville, KY Amanda Mae Mattingly :: Lebanon Junction, KY Amanda Mae Snow :: Erlanger, KY
Amanda Marie Vowles :: Louisville, KY Amanda Nichols :: Louisville, KY Amber M Chasteen :: Louisville, KY
Amy Dunzweiler :: Manchester, KY Amy Elizabeth Campbell :: Mayfield, KY Amy Lack :: Florence, KY
Amy Lee Mounce :: Burlington, KY Andrea Darst :: Lawrenceburg, KY Angela G. Megibben :: Shelbyville, KY
Angela Hamilton :: Kevil, KY Angela Leann Babb :: Louisville, KY Angela Rae :: Lexington, KY
Angela Young :: Louisville, KY Angie Baker :: Chavies, KY Angie Wolf :: Coxs Creek, KY
Anita Pitts :: Mayfield, KY Anne Conkin :: Louisville, KY Anne Hagman :: Louisville, KY
Annie M. Leuty :: Union, KY Anthony Herbert Volpe, Jr. :: Louisville, KY Ashlee Sheets :: Paducah, KY
Ashley Judd :: Louisville, KY Ashley Shears :: Louisville, KY Barbara Conyer :: Paducah, KY
Barbara Handsbury :: Louisville, KY Barbara J. Arnold :: Lexington, KY Barbara Renfro :: Louisville, KY
Barbara Rutecki :: Hodgenville, KY Bedena Tapley :: Louisville, KY Bernita Wilson :: Fort Thomas, KY
Beth Geis :: Goshen, KY Beth Hollingsworth :: Campbellsville, KY Beti M. Turner :: Elizabethtown, KY
Beverly A. Byrum :: Louisville, KY Beverly Hartis :: Bowling Green, KY Beverly Nall :: Ashland, KY
Birgitta Jennings :: Lexington, KY Brandy Michelle McDowell :: Paducah, KY Brandy Paschall :: Hazel, KY
Brenda Milliner :: Elizabethtown, KY Brenda Rogers :: Powderly, KY Brenda Sizemore :: Lawrenceburg, KY
Brian Cathcart :: Mayfield, KY Brittany Dillion :: Florence, KY Canaan Turner :: Benton, KY
Candice Tipton :: Louisville, KY Cara Loraine Stewart :: Covington, KY Cara Whitehouse :: Louisville, KY
Carl R. Smith Jr. :: Louisville, KY Carole A. Mack :: Lexington, KY Carrie A Dahmer :: Georgetown, KY
Carrie Allison :: Ft Mitchell, KY Carrie Richardson :: Louisville, KY Cassandra Shepherd :: Louisville, KY
Cassie Jo Henry :: Bowling Green, KY Cathy Whitaker :: Somerset, KY Chelsea Martin Stone :: Louisville, KY
Cheryl A. Nesselroade :: Wilmore, KY Cheryl Lynn Kimbrell :: Winchester, KY Chisato Yamamoto :: Louisville, KY
Chris Bright :: Louisville, KY Christine Marret :: Lawrenceburg, KY Christine Nancy Gibson :: Hebron, KY
Corey Frary :: Shelbyville, KY Coy Randell Harris :: Russell Springs, KY Curtis Hamm :: Bowling Green, KY
Dan Carden :: Paducah, KY Danielle Lauster :: Louisville, KY Darla Lynn Moody :: Brownsville, KY
Debbie A. Roberts :: Campbellsville, KY Debbie Clemens :: Owensboro, KY Deniese Woolfolk :: Lexington, KY
Devon Iler :: Louisville, KY Dexter A. Keown :: Middletown, KY Dina Coster :: Shepherdsville, KY
Donald Scott Jacobs :: Ashland, KY Donna Bishop :: Pippa Passes, KY Donna Lynne Thomas :: Elizabethtown, KY
Dr. Robert G. Churchman, N.D. :: Louisville, KY Dusty Nicole May :: Crestwood, KY Elizabeth Ashley Van Meter :: Lexington, KY
Elizabeth Druin :: Louisville, KY Elizabeth Edgar :: Elizabethtown, KY Elizabeth Garcia :: Versailles, KY
Elizabeth Lotspeich :: Fort Thomas, KY Elizabeth Peden :: Louisville, KY Elizabeth Yocum :: Edgewood, KY
Eugenia A. Bonyun :: Louisville, KY Faith Eastwood Shore :: Lexington, KY Florence Maurine Terry :: Lexington, KY
Fonda Lee Priser :: Louisville, KY Francesca Sunkin :: Bowling Green, KY Gabriel Miller :: Louisville, KY
Gabriel Rene Vela :: Louisville, KY Genevieve First :: Prospect, KY Gina M. Gatti :: Louisville, KY
Ginger Curry :: Evarts, KY Glenna G. Ford :: Vine Grove, KY Grace Schwartz :: Lexington, KY
Hannah Thomas :: Louisville, KY Harakhchand Maru :: Owensboro, KY Harvey Wallmann :: Alvaton, KY
Heather M. Wibbels :: Louisville, KY Heather Marie Green :: Louisville, KY Heather Rosacker :: Georgetown, KY
Holly E Goodyear :: Louisville, KY Holly J. Williams :: Paducah, KY Holly Sowder :: Berea, KY
Honey L. Dozier :: Louisville, KY Ivey F Samake :: Louisville, KY Jackie Adams :: Covington, KY
Jacqualine Frazier :: Pineville, KY Jacqueline Saltsman :: Louisville, KY Jacqueline Vanriper :: Stamping Ground, KY
James Boston, III :: Louisville, KY Jamie Nicole Johns :: Park City, KY Jan C. Swope :: Elizabethtown, KY
Jared Veazey :: Mayfield, KY Jason Appling :: Auburn, KY Jennifer A. Johnathon :: Lexington, KY
Jennifer Bowman :: Pewee Valley, KY Jennifer Kvartek :: Bardstown, KY Jennifer Liggett :: Henderson, KY
Jennifer Murphy :: Elizabethtown, KY Jennifer Schlegel :: Louisville, KY Jennifer Smith :: Shelbyville, KY
Jennifer Stephenson McLamb :: Lexington, KY Jennifer Thomas :: Henderson, KY Jenny Caffrey :: Louisville, KY
Jesse Country :: Lexington, KY Jessica Jenkins :: Louisville, KY Jessica Marie Fletcher :: Louisville, KY
Jill Howe :: Lexington, KY Johanna Sims :: Louisville, KY Jolleen Ferguson :: Cynthiana, KY
Jordan Cash :: Lexington, KY Kammaleathahh Livingstone :: Louisville, KY Karen F. Scanlan :: Frankfort, KY
Karen Rae DiGirolamo :: Lexington, KY Kasey Leighann Cline :: Bowling Green, KY Katarina Charlotta Wood :: West Paducah, KY
Katherine Sims Buck :: Lexington, KY Kathleen Gardner :: Louisville, KY Kathleen M. Spalding :: Raywick, KY
Kathryn Kasten :: Danville, KY Kathryne S. Sisk :: Louisville, KY Katrina Morris :: Crestwood, KY
Kelly Cathcart :: Mayfield, KY Kelly Kohler :: Elizabethtown, KY Kelly McCarthy :: Louisville, KY
Ken Kleiber :: Louisville, KY Kim Alexander :: Lexington, KY kim bryant :: Berea, KY
Kimberly Dawn Tackett :: Midway, KY Kreig Cremeans :: Lexington, KY Krista Matheny :: Louisville, KY
Kristi J. Nevels Warren :: Lexington, KY Kristina Beaman :: Lancaster, KY L. Karen Ambuehl-Ellis :: Louisville, KY
Lacey Hutchison :: Bowling Green, KY Laine Hughes :: Louisville, KY Lane Alexander :: Louisville, KY
Lara Ballard :: Mount Washington, KY Larena Mitchell :: Hopkinsville, KY Laura M Nagle :: Berea, KY
Lauren Marie Jerbich :: Louisville, KY Lauren Ward :: Lexington, KY Leah Swift :: Frankfort, KY
Leslee Renee Mulberry :: Louisville, KY Leslie Shaw :: Florence, KY Linda G. Wardle :: Ashland, KY
Linda Lewis-Weissinger :: Franklin, KY Lisa D. Bozarth :: Paducah, KY Lisa L. Sutton :: Williamsburg, KY
Lisamarie Reedman-Crutchfield :: Alvaton, KY Lonnie Winters :: Ashland, KY Lori Mueller :: Fort Thomas, KY
Lori Price :: Cecilia, KY Lorraine Scott :: Owenton, KY Louise Rikard :: Middlesboro, KY
Lucy Lowrey Jackson :: Danville, KY M. Colleen O'Connor :: Louisville, KY M. Susan Blanchett :: Lexington, KY
Mackenzie Cox :: Louisville, KY Madison Grammer :: Benton, KY Maggie Noffke :: Louisville, KY
Maggie Rae Sprigler :: Louisville, KY Malinda Durbin :: Louisville, KY Margaret M. Kleier :: Louisville, KY
Maria Green :: Elizabethtown, KY Marie A. Garey :: Mount Washington, KY Marilyn Burke :: Georgetown, KY
Marissa Holden :: Louisville, KY Mark Balph :: Louisville, KY Marla J Smith :: Louisville, KY
Mary Delourdes Hillebrand :: Louisville, KY Mary E. Gearing :: Independence, KY Mary Elizabeth Kempf :: Louisville, KY
Mary Mallick :: Shepherdsville, KY Mary Rose Christensen :: Glasgow, KY Megan Osborn :: Louisville, KY
Melanie Jane Cobb :: Mount Sterling, KY Melanie Rzeszowski :: Bowling Green, KY Melissa Crites :: La Grange, KY
Micah Ashworth :: Fort Thomas, KY Michael Montgomery :: Bardstown, KY Michael Montgomery :: Louisville, KY
Michael Shelman :: Henderson, KY Micheala Toews :: Murray, KY Michelle Koenigsknecht :: Louisville, KY
Misti Beachy :: Russellville, KY Monica Ann Caporale :: Louisville, KY Morgan Robinson :: Louisville, KY
Nancy Barbara Endres :: Nazareth, KY Natasha Michelle Giese :: Lexington, KY Nicole Renfro :: Mt Washington, KY
Nina Colvin :: Louisville, KY Paisley Turner :: Verona, KY Pamela Laine Bilyeu :: Lewisburg, KY
Pamela Ward :: Paducah, KY Patricia Ann Barbour :: Mayslick, KY Patricia Lou Sazy :: Louisville, KY
Patricia Lynn Breen :: Louisville, KY Paul Haskell :: Florence, KY Paula Marie Duncan :: Independence, KY
Peg Fields :: Prospect, KY Penelope Smith :: Elkton, KY Phillip Derifield :: Lexington, KY
Rachel Atwood :: Stanford, KY Rachel D. Gee :: Goshen, KY Rachel Hall :: Bowling Green, KY
Rebecca E. Hankins :: Russellville, KY Rebecca Ford :: Kevil, KY Rebecca Isaacs :: Lexington, KY
Rebecca Knopf :: Florence, KY Rebecca Rein :: Covington, KY Renita Trumbo :: Louisville, KY
Robyn Lea Howard :: Lebanon, KY Ronald Hager :: Louisville, KY Rong Fan :: Louisville, KY
Rory Foster :: Louisville, KY Rosalind Toomey :: Louisville, KY Rosemary Marionneaux :: Berea, KY
Sadie Pauline Dunne :: Danville, KY SallyAnn Goebel :: Louisville, KY Sandra Kay Flaherty :: Louisville, KY
Sandra S. Wright :: Campbellsville, KY Sara Adrienne Elder :: Louisville, KY Sara Rae Albro :: Fairdale, KY
Sarah Conn :: Versailles, KY Sarah Culp :: Louisville, KY Sarah Varga :: Lexington, KY
Scott Derkson :: Union, KY Seong-Yi Baik :: Verona, KY Sharon Prather :: Lakeside Park, KY
Sharon Snyder :: Owensboro, KY Shay Carver :: Russellville, KY Sheila Felchner :: Scottsville, KY
Sheila L. Kelly :: Louisville, KY Sherie Bennett :: Shepherdsville, KY Sherri Lowe Hughes :: Louisville, KY
Shirlene V. Campbell :: Lexington, KY Shirley Brasel :: Bowling Green, KY Shona Rogers :: Murray, KY
Shuyi Wang :: Ashland, KY Sr. Emma Anne Munsterman :: Louisville, KY Stefanie Gordon :: Morgantown, KY
Steffanie Baader :: Louisville, KY Stephanie Booker :: Bowling Green, KY Stephanie Irish :: Paducah, KY
Stephanie Jo McMillin :: Louisville, KY Stephanie McClure :: Murray, KY Stephanie Sullivan :: Louisville, KY
Steve Arnett :: Salyersville, KY Summer Wilson :: Owensboro, KY Susan Boyd :: Mayfield, KY
Susan F. Wedding :: Lexington, KY Susan Kae Edwards :: Paducah, KY Susan Lassiter :: Paducah, KY
Tamara Stevenson :: La Grange, KY Tami R. Stoecker :: Louisville, KY Tamina Karem :: Louisville, KY
Tammy Ruth McHale :: Louisville, KY Tanya Ebersohl :: Lexington, KY Tanya Nelson :: Louisville, KY
Tanya Robinson-Beauchamp :: Louisville, KY Taryn Chula :: Lexington, KY Teresa E Hightower :: Vine Grove, KY
Teri Holden :: Louisville, KY Terri Waldridge :: Paducah, KY Thomas Camargo :: Albany, KY
Timothy Hollon :: Danville, KY Timothy Joseph Kelty :: Louisville, KY Tina Waldner :: Louisville, KY
Todd Thomas :: Dayton, KY Toni McArdle :: Mayfield, KY Treva Rogers :: Beaver Dam, KY
Troy Harris :: Russell Springs, KY Valerie Meyers :: Louisville, KY Vanessa Salvato :: Bagdad, KY
Velana Barr :: Brandenburg, KY Vickie Ann Coffey :: Louisville, KY Victoria Stine :: Louisville, KY
Virginia Fitzhugh-Lee :: Berea, KY William Allen Chaney :: Lexington, KY Willow Riddlebarger :: Maysville, KY
Yuping Xing :: Ashland, KY Zella Monroe :: Bowling Green, KY  
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