Massage Therapists in New Hampshire
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Legislative Information for New Hampshire New Hampshire Dept. of Health & Services
Licensing & Regulative Services
129 Pleasant Avenue
Concord, NH 03301
Tel: 603-271-5127

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Title: Licensed Massage Practitioner
Requirement: 750hrs, NCETMB or MBLEx
Renewal: 12hrs/2yrs

Abby M. French :: Gilford, NH Adrienne von Krebs :: Winchester, NH Agnieszka Kubkowska :: Littleton, NH
Aimee Hodgson :: Stratham, NH Ainslee Farrington :: Newington, NH Alec Destroismaisons :: Lisbon, NH
Alina Goodwin :: Derry, NH Allison Flanagan :: Plaistow, NH Alyra DeMarco :: Kensington, NH
Amanda Bryan :: Bedford, NH Amanda Chapman :: Hollis, NH Amanda Dyer :: West Chesterfield, NH
Amanda Holt :: Barrington, NH Amanda Legsdin :: Strafford, NH Amanda Marie Ferraina :: Nashua, NH
Amanda Parker :: Hampton, NH Amanda Posner :: Cornish Flat, NH Amara LaForce :: Hampton, NH
Amber Dodge :: Colebrook, NH Amber Fraga :: Manchester, NH Amber Louise Flanders :: Gilford, NH
Amelia Anne Comolli :: Amherst, NH Amy Goldberg :: Newmarket, NH Amy L Hamilton :: Pelham, NH
Amy Wells :: Kingston, NH Amylynn Walker :: Manchester, NH Andrea Batten :: Derry, NH
Andrea Montgomery :: Merrimack, NH Andrea Montgomery :: Nashua, NH Andrea Sutcliffe :: Rochester, NH
Andrew M. Shier :: Hancock, NH Angela F. Brown :: Randolph, NH Angela LaFave :: Concord, NH
Angela Van Sickle :: Holderness, NH Ann Coutermarsh :: Pelham, NH Ann Marie Johnstone :: Milford, NH
Anna Van Diermen :: Alton, NH Anne M. Perry :: New London, NH Annemarie E. Green :: Freedom, NH
Annette Mahoney :: Freedom, NH Annmarie Breault :: North Stratford, NH April Frazier :: Gilsum, NH
Ariana Bourassa :: North Hampton, NH Ashley Boardman-Butterfield :: Claremont, NH Ashley Martin-Robinson :: Hampton, NH
Ashley Sterpka :: Rochester, NH Audrey Seaman :: Meredith, NH Bailey Stewart :: Manchester, NH
Beth Clarke :: Rochester, NH Beth Harmon-Benham :: West Nottingham, NH Bethany Coderre Lebeau :: Newmarket, NH
Betty A. Gosselin :: Gorham, NH Boris Gallego :: New Hampton, NH Brenda Mento :: Hebron, NH
Bria Seay :: New Durham, NH Brian Lavoie :: Concord, NH Bridget Carver :: Somersworth, NH
Brigid McGee :: Concord, NH Bryon Seace :: Lebanon, NH Cailin Eloise O'Connor :: Hampton, NH
Caitlin M Proctor :: Manchester, NH Carl Bertolami :: Brookline, NH Carol Bates :: Hopkinton, NH
Caroline Hartranft :: Barrington, NH Casey M Soucie :: Dover, NH Catherine Chester :: Eaton Center, NH
Cathie Zoeller :: Croydon, NH Cathy Burrill :: New Ipswich, NH Charlotta Wales :: East Hampstead, NH
Cheryl A. Bogdanowicz :: Derry, NH Cheryl Hebert :: New London, NH Cheryl Jennings :: Nashua, NH
Cheryl Smith :: Nashua, NH Chitra Pandya Moutis :: Exeter, NH Christee J Shand :: Charlestown, NH
Christina Marie Barrows :: Barrington, NH Christine Ann Savage :: Rochester, NH Christine Fleming :: Stoddard, NH
Christine Lynn Wynne :: Fremont, NH Christine Sortwell :: North Conway, NH Christopher Blood :: Portsmouth, NH
Christopher Jackson :: Sullivan, NH Cindy Heath :: Plainfield, NH Connie L. Messer :: Hollis, NH
Coralie A. Thurston :: Sugar Hill, NH Corinne Douglas :: Dover, NH Corinne Moynihan :: Litchfield, NH
Corinne Potvin-Oriol :: Auburn, NH Cynthia Campbell :: Derry, NH Cynthia Foss :: Manchester, NH
Damian Carlson :: Mont Vernon, NH Dana Lincoln :: Rye, NH Danae Doane :: Newton, NH
Danielle DeBlois :: Hampstead, NH Darcie Lozeau :: Weare, NH Darlene Nadeau :: Plymouth, NH
David de Sousa :: Meredith, NH David M. Antaya :: Wilton, NH Dawn Elliott :: New Ipswich, NH
Dawn Lipinski :: Portsmouth, NH Dawn Rutledge :: Weare, NH Deborah Coggon :: Derry, NH
Deborah Freeman :: Nashua, NH Deborah Godin :: Concord, NH Deborah Hodiak-Knox :: Concord, NH
Deborah Jane Bernacchia :: Bradford, NH Deborah Jeanne Pickett :: North Swanzey, NH Deborah Kluge :: Canaan, NH
Deborah Maille :: Sunapee, NH Deborah Medic :: Amherst, NH Debra Calomo :: Nashua, NH
Debra Guimond :: Bedford, NH Debra R Gibbs :: Franklin, NH Denise McMahon :: Manchester, NH
Desiree Misco :: Londonderry, NH Diana Lynn Burnham :: Rochester, NH Diane Marie Veilleux :: Concord, NH
Dianne M. Wall :: Jaffrey, NH Dianne Nitzschke :: Manchester, NH Diona M. Roberg :: Atkinson, NH
Doal Bartlett :: Pelham, NH Donna Briggs :: Manchester, NH Donna Hollenbeck :: Bristol, NH
Donna J. Bois :: Concord, NH Dorothea Fong :: Wilton, NH Dorothy A. Cullinane :: Hancock, NH
Eileen Mary Mahoney :: Exeter, NH Ekaterina V. Ludlow :: Hudson, NH Eliza Bergeson :: Cornish Flat, NH
Elizabeth C. Kingsbury :: Piermont, NH Elizabeth Dooley :: Manchester, NH Elizabeth Eves :: North Hampton, NH
Elizabeth Inglis :: Exeter, NH Elizabeth Julia Gillis :: Londonderry, NH Elizabeth K. Audet :: Concord, NH
Elizabeth Merrill :: Barrington, NH Elizabeth Moll :: Portsmouth, NH Elizabeth Moylan :: Greenland, NH
Elizabeth Padgett Weld :: Newmarket, NH Elizabeth Platt :: Somersworth, NH Emily Lahut :: Portsmouth, NH
Eric G. Balas :: North Conway, NH Erin Messier :: Enfield, NH Erline Towner :: Milford, NH
Faith Willette :: Keene, NH Francesca N. Ciani :: Portsmouth, NH Frank Pinter :: Bethlehem, NH
Gale Lee Woods :: Milford, NH Galen Y. Beach :: Holderness, NH Gardner Murphy :: Washington, NH
Gary T. Beaudet :: Windham, NH Gayla A. Chevalier :: Litchfield, NH Genara Clay :: Concord, NH
Ginnette Groome :: N Swanzey, NH Gregory Guillemette :: Bedford, NH Guixian Lucey :: Salem, NH
Gunnar Mattson :: Concord, NH Hannah Byrne :: Epping, NH Heather Beth Smith :: Alstead, NH
Heather Horton :: Manchester, NH Heather Parker Jones :: Rochester, NH Hede Griem :: Nashua, NH
Heidi C. Scott :: Troy, NH Holly M Gordon :: Bethlehem, NH Irene M. Lambert :: Littleton, NH
Jacob Gerald Silver :: Salisbury, NH Jacqueline Clark :: Kingston, NH Jacqueline Lawton :: Weare, NH
Jacqueline May Russell :: Berlin, NH Jaime Dubreuil :: Campton, NH James Zahensky :: Manchester, NH
Jamie Gates :: Troy, NH Janelle M. Guyot :: Keene, NH Janet Elizabeth Durkee :: Center Conway, NH
Janet R. Dearborn :: Plymouth, NH Janet Richards :: Dover, NH Janice Callaghan :: Lee, NH
Janice Marie Long :: Nashua, NH Janine Contillo :: Portsmouth, NH Jean Dwyer-Smith :: Nashua, NH
Jean H. Green :: Wilton, NH Jeannette Hallerman :: Hollis, NH Jennifer Bennett :: Derry, NH
Jennifer Carlisle :: Hudson, NH Jennifer Carlisle :: Londonderry, NH Jennifer Ciechon :: Candia, NH
Jennifer Jubinville :: Kingston, NH Jennifer Knight :: Keene, NH Jennifer Marie Flanigan :: Weare, NH
Jennifer Nickerson :: Goffstown, NH Jennifer Pardee :: Manchester, NH Jennifer Parenteau :: Keene, NH
Jennifer Smith :: East Kingston, NH Jennifer Tuthill :: Somersworth, NH Jennifer Valcourt :: Salem, NH
Jessica Anne Martin :: Manchester, NH Jessica Crowell :: Lebanon, NH Jessica Day :: Keene, NH
Jessica Goldman :: Dover, NH Jessica Lauder :: Chatham, NH Jessica Morrison :: Plaistow, NH
Jessica Wilder :: Hooksett, NH Jill Hardcastle :: Durham, NH Jill Vranicar :: Portsmouth, NH
Joan F Pilch :: Salem, NH Joann Vollmer :: Thornton, NH Joanna Wheatley :: Milton, NH
Joanne Dufour :: Nashua, NH Joanne Spilios :: Manchester, NH Jocelyne Anderson :: Nashua, NH
Jodi Gerrish :: Lancaster, NH Joe Coleman :: Newton, NH John R. Ogden :: Greenville, NH
Joseph C. McCue :: Hampton, NH Joseph Chenevert :: Rochester, NH Joseph Frazer :: Merrimack, NH
Joseph P. Danna :: Amherst, NH Joyce Purington :: Antrim, NH Judi Scalley :: Whitefield, NH
Judie Porter :: Milford, NH Judith Paradis :: Merrimack, NH Julia Rose Howard :: Plaistow, NH
Julianne Dickerson :: Derry, NH Julie Podgorni :: Nashua, NH Kaitlin Jo Warneke :: Windham, NH
Karen Bush :: Concord, NH Karen DeGrandpre :: Epping, NH Karen E. McNeil :: Newport, NH
Karen F. Drelick :: Exeter, NH Karen Joan MacDonald :: Manchester, NH Karen McWhorter :: Hancock, NH
Karen Miller :: New Ipswich, NH Karen Tyne :: Peterborough, NH Karie Elaine Bennett :: Whitefield, NH
Karin Goyette :: Hooksett, NH Karin M. Mallory :: Walpole, NH Karl Dean :: Salem, NH
Katherine Bentley :: Manchester, NH Katherine Elizabeth Stevens :: Manchester, NH Katherine Leigh :: Portsmouth, NH
Katherine Magoon :: Northwood, NH Kathi Sheer :: Ashland, NH Kathi Sheer :: Tilton, NH
Kathi Waite :: Brookline, NH Kathleen Arenstam :: Gilford, NH Kathleen Arenstam :: Meredith, NH
Kathleen Brustin-MacPhee :: North Conway, NH Kathleen Casey :: Laconia, NH Kathleen Koser :: Nashua, NH
Kathleen Wilder :: Danville, NH Kathy Morrissette :: Dover, NH Kellie Thinnes :: Littleton, NH
Kelly Anne Sheehan :: Concord, NH Kelly Armento :: Nashua, NH Kelly Chace :: Center Barnstead, NH
Kelly Diamond :: Concord, NH Kelly J. Erunski :: Keene, NH Kelly J. Erunski :: Keene, NH
Kendra Davis :: Hudson, NH Keri Harrington :: Nashua, NH Kim Hoffman :: Nashua, NH
Kim Locke :: Alton, NH Kimberly A. Habib :: Salem, NH Kimberly Fish :: Nottingham, NH
Kimberly Gagnon :: Bedford, NH Kimberly Riendeau :: Wilton, NH Kimberly S. Cook :: Hudson, NH
Kirsten Clermont :: Meredith, NH Kris Jeglinski :: Nashua, NH Krista Capra :: Pelham, NH
Krista Steeves :: Amherst, NH Kristen Mahoney :: Salem, NH Kristin Anne Ingold :: Warner, NH
Kristina Mellen :: Nashua, NH Kristina Marie Paradis :: Fremont, NH Lannette Madden :: Twin Mountain, NH
Laura Briggs :: Candia, NH Laura Driver :: Newton, NH Laura J. Schmalzl :: Rochester, NH
Laureen Marie August :: Nashua, NH Laurie Eldridge :: Nashua, NH Laurie Freeman :: Boscawen, NH
Leslie Hinspeter :: Amherst, NH Liane Niven :: Salem, NH Liliane Daves :: Auburn, NH
Linda Bell :: Contoocook, NH Linda Davison :: Antrim, NH Linda Demaine :: Weare, NH
Linda Loughlin :: Hampton, NH Linda M. Carley :: Newport, NH Linda M. Stasio Reppucci :: Hampstead, NH
Linda Murphy Luck :: Newport, NH Linda Poire :: Gilford, NH Linda Poire :: Laconia, NH
Lindsey Hin :: Nashua, NH Ling Ling Horton :: Claremont, NH Linnea Micciulla :: Nashua, NH
Lisa A. Babcock :: Gorham, NH Lisa Dame-Moser :: Jackson, NH Lisa M. Peters :: Concord, NH
Lisa Simone Poole :: Bedford, NH Lise Grondin-Danault :: Berlin, NH Lori Beth Bryant :: Nashua, NH
Lori Nason :: Dover, NH Lorraine LaJoie :: Gorham, NH Louisa Murray :: Alstead, NH
Luke Rivais :: Rochester, NH Lynn Chabot :: Manchester, NH Lynn Tatarczuk :: Exeter, NH
Lynne Murphy :: Northwood, NH Lynne Ward :: Somersworth, NH Lyrae Bowser :: Derry, NH
Madeline Kinnear-Hebert :: Manchester, NH Marianne Bashista :: Amherst, NH Marie Charland Olmstead :: Swanzey, NH
Marie E. Portner :: Windham, NH Marijoan Morena :: Newbury, NH Mariko Huette :: Amherst, NH
Marilyn Nylen :: Webster, NH Marilynn M. Carter :: Dover, NH Mary Candis Cosgrove :: Windham, NH
Mary Elizabeth Given :: Keene, NH Mary Jo Costello :: Washington, NH Maryanne O'Mara :: Eaton Center, NH
Maryjean Kimball :: Auburn, NH Matthew Edward Harrington :: Plainfield, NH Maureen Whitney :: Hillsborough, NH
Meg Poor :: Amherst, NH Meg Poor :: Mont Vernon, NH Megan L. Billingham :: Portsmouth, NH
Melanie Green Ward :: Danville, NH Melissa Benik :: Keene, NH Melissa Caruso :: Nashua, NH
Melissa Cushman :: Concord, NH Melissa Marie Sadusky :: Seabrook, NH Melissa Meyreles :: Newmarket, NH
Melissa Phillips :: Derry, NH Melissa Ritter :: Derry, NH Melissa Warner :: Canaan, NH
Melissa Warner :: Canaan, NH Meredith Stephens :: Brookline, NH Michael Jacovina :: Hancock, NH
Michael Noonan :: Portsmouth, NH Michelle Annelise Conner :: Concord, NH Michelle Dunn :: Newfields, NH
Michelle Howe :: Keene, NH Michelle Jeglinski :: Bedford, NH Mildred Carla Barkwell-Lydon :: Antrim, NH
Moira Blais :: Manchester, NH Molly M. P. Notkin :: Gilford, NH Monique Cilley :: Rochester, NH
Nancy Graham Lynch :: Westmoreland, NH Nancy Lee :: Nashua, NH Nancy R. McCarthy :: Litchfield, NH
NASR MAHER RIAD ABDELMALEK :: Nashua, NH Nathalie Snyder :: Center Barnstead, NH Nelly Mercedes Flores Paiz :: Claremont, NH
Nicholas Marx :: Francestown, NH Nicole Bronson :: Hudson, NH Nicole J. Nigro :: Nashua, NH
Nicole Marshall :: Merrimack, NH Nicole Richards :: Warner, NH Nicole Weldon :: Goffstown, NH
Nina Glendinning :: Warner, NH Nina Grenfell :: Conway, NH Nissa Henry :: Nashua, NH
Noreen L. McDonald :: Wolfeboro, NH Noreen Owens :: Stratham, NH Pamela Davis :: Contoocook, NH
Pamela Jean Alberts :: Lisbon, NH Pamela Monaghan :: Salisbury, NH Pamela Veiga :: Hollis, NH
Patricia Lovenstein :: Nashua, NH Patricia Meier :: Concord, NH Patsy Violette :: Manchester, NH
Paul Blackford :: Franklin, NH Paula Couturier :: Manchester, NH Peg Leighton :: Henniker, NH
Phillip A. Bordonaro :: Derry, NH Phillip Malone :: Peterborough, NH Phoebe de Larrabeiti :: Newfields, NH
Rachel Willerer :: Newmarket, NH Randy Leo Vaillancourt :: Nashua, NH Randy Poisson :: Rindge, NH
Rebecca Allione :: Contoocook, NH Rebecca Duggan :: Farmington, NH Rebecca Goodson :: Bethlehem, NH
Rebecca Hirschey :: Hanover, NH Reed Madden :: Twin Mountain, NH Richard Scott George :: Manchester, NH
Robert Bouthillette :: Plaistow, NH Robert James Pinette :: Groveton, NH Robert Nitzschke :: Manchester, NH
Robin Elizabeth Williams :: Alexandria, NH Robin Towne :: Manchester, NH Rosalyn Wrobel :: Exeter, NH
Rosanne Chalson :: New Durham, NH Roxanne Roy :: Dover, NH Sabrina Wallace :: Kingston, NH
Sally C. Thursby :: Lyme, NH Sally Streitmatter :: Derry, NH Samantha Ballou :: Milford, NH
Samantha Graser :: Claremont, NH Samantha Jordan :: Keene, NH Samantha Nicole French :: Bath, NH
Sandolph Ayers :: Henniker, NH Sandra Broussard :: Manchester, NH Sandra Davis :: Colebrook, NH
Sandra Godbois :: Goffstown, NH Sandra Grace Sherman :: Loudon, NH Sandra Kolegue-Spalaris :: Hampstead, NH
Sandra Sullivan :: Piermont, NH Sandy Woodcock :: Barrington, NH Sara Dlubac :: Manchester, NH
Sarah Maclaughlin :: Windham, NH Sarah-Elizabeth Anderson :: Concord, NH Selene Dinh :: Concord, NH
Shannon Nickerson :: Hillsborough, NH Sharon Antara-Mae Durocher :: Manchester, NH Sharon L. Crowley :: Nashua, NH
Sheena Mastromarino :: Chester, NH Sherri Burchman :: Hanover, NH Sheryl A Nielsen :: Temple, NH
Shirley K Dion :: Concord, NH Stacy Harrington :: Hooksett, NH Stacy L. Paradis :: Ossipee, NH
Stacy L. Williams :: Derry, NH Stephanie Jefferson :: Concord, NH Stephanie Lane :: Portsmouth, NH
Stephanie Lee Bedaw :: North Swanzey, NH Stephanie MacPhail :: Swanzey, NH Stephanie Maria Simms :: Derry, NH
Steve Gordon :: Cornish Flat, NH Steve Gordon :: Hanover, NH Steven Joseph LaBranche :: Londonderry, NH
Susan A. Whitcomb :: Barrington, NH Susan L. Burdick :: Newmarket, NH Susan Leveille :: Exeter, NH
Susan Lillia Kennedy :: Canterbury, NH Susan Lizotte Frye :: Sandown, NH Susan Morgan-Barton :: Derry, NH
Suzanne A. McPhee :: Hillsborough, NH Tamara Gerossie :: Rochester, NH Tamara Wood :: Glen, NH
Tammy E. Podgis :: Warner, NH Tanji Samson :: Hooksett, NH Tao Raven Sardonicus :: Dover, NH
Teena Marie Canfield :: Langdon, NH Teia Cestrone :: Hudson, NH Thalia de Jesus Dain :: Rollinsford, NH
Tiffany M. Montgomery :: Pelham, NH Timothy M. Salisbury :: Nashua, NH Tonimarie Tassinari :: Lebanon, NH
Tracy Cavanaugh :: Nashua, NH Tracy Perry :: Orford, NH Trevor L Goodwin :: Whitefield, NH
Troy D. Spurgeon :: West Lebanon, NH Valerie Neill :: Candia, NH Victoria Lynne Lombardi :: Rollinsford, NH
Virginia Ann Lavallee :: Kingston, NH Virginia Hartnett :: Exeter, NH Weimei He :: Manchester, NH
Wendy Labrecque :: Manchester, NH Whitley Sara Wilkins :: Rochester, NH Whitney Samaha :: Concord, NH
Xuelan Zhou :: Newton, NH Zachary S. Mastrangelo :: Merrimack, NH  
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