Massage Therapists in Oregon
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Legislative Information for Oregon Oregon Board of Massage Therapists
748 Hawthorne Ave NE
Salem, OR 97301
Tel: 503-365-8657
Fax: 503-385-4465
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Title: Licensed Massage Therapist
Requirement: 500 hours and MBLEx or NCETMB, and practical exam
Renewal: 25hrs/2yrs
Max 13 hrs online
12 hrs hands-on required

Aarisa Smith :: Milwaukie, OR Aaron Allen :: Portland, OR Aaron Bates :: Beaverton, OR
Aaron Willett :: Hillsboro, OR Abbie Baltzer :: Ashland, OR Abbie Clayton :: Beaverton, OR
Abby Nartker :: Portland, OR Abigail Lien :: Eugene, OR Abigail Southgate :: Medford, OR
Ada Boje :: Beaverton, OR Ada Rivera :: Hillsboro, OR Adinah Barlow :: Portland, OR
Adrianna Lee-Hill :: Depoe Bay, OR Adrienne Tyler :: Huntington, OR Afton Kendell :: Portland, OR
Agnes J. Jones :: Redmond, OR Ai DeVore :: Ashland, OR Aileen E Harmon :: Portland, OR
Aimee Marie Vasquez :: Mapleton, OR Aimee Perkins :: Portland, OR Aimee Renteria :: Salem, OR
Aisha Gaut :: Bend, OR Akemi McKee :: Happy Valley, OR Alan Wells :: Beaverton, OR
Alana Brooke Gibbs :: Beaverton, OR Alanna J Nelson :: Astoria, OR Alberto Lizarraga :: Beaverton, OR
Aleta M. Goin :: Salem, OR Aletha L. Eastwood :: Portland, OR Aletta Wilson :: Hood River, OR
Alex Susbauer :: Portland, OR Alex Warner Lindsey :: Klamath Falls, OR Alexander Broder :: Portland, OR
Alexander Douglas Packham :: Tualatin, OR Alexandra Adams :: Bend, OR Alexandra Burton :: Portland, OR
Alexandra Fraga :: Eugene, OR Alexandra Northup :: Portland, OR Alexandra Nyman :: Portland, OR
Alexandra Poling :: Eugene, OR Alice Wallace :: Canby, OR Alicia Heiges :: Scappoose, OR
Alicia Marie Evans :: Portland, OR Alicia N. Keys :: Portland, OR Alicia Rodriguez :: Eugene, OR
Alicia Wells :: Grants Pass, OR Alina Christian :: Lincoln City, OR Alisa Kay Cloud :: Talent, OR
Alisha Kelsey :: Portland, OR Alisha Musicant :: Portland, OR Alison Miller :: Ashland, OR
Alison Ogle :: West Linn, OR Alison Stone :: Beaverton, OR Alissa Kipp :: Portland, OR
Alissa Renee Friedman :: Portland, OR Allison Kirley :: Portland, OR Allison Wetter :: Bend, OR
Allyson Lee :: Boring, OR Alta Ulrich :: Gresham, OR Alyce Navesky :: Bend, OR
Alycia Reeves :: Portland, OR Alyssa Kate Easter :: Klamath Falls, OR Amanda Barp :: Portland, OR
Amanda Carey :: Portland, OR Amanda Chaney :: Portland, OR Amanda Gangstead :: Hillsboro, OR
Amanda Hale :: Roseburg, OR Amanda J. Buttitta :: Portland, OR Amanda Leigh Ruley :: Milwaukie, OR
Amanda Mae Pace-Canul :: Oregon City, OR Amanda Miller :: Canby, OR Amanda Pharris :: Hermiston, OR
Amanda Rene Donofrio :: Eugene, OR Amanda Rhein :: White City, OR Amanda S Russell :: Portland, OR
Amanda Sue Lubinsky :: Saint Helens, OR Amanda Thoemke :: Langlois, OR Amanda Wiesner :: Salem, OR
Amanda Wood :: Medford, OR Amber Donahue :: Portland, OR Amber Greenwalt :: Bend, OR
Amber Lee Clark :: Bend, OR Amber Lippel :: Eugene, OR Amber Peterson :: Portland, OR
Amber Rohrer :: Eugene, OR Amber Van Winkle :: Hillsboro, OR Amelia Lee-Beeman :: Grants Pass, OR
Amelia Lenard :: Hillsboro, OR Amelia Schaaf :: Ashland, OR Amy A. Ehn :: Eugene, OR
Amy Bean :: Portland, OR Amy Beth Jacobsen :: Tualatin, OR Amy Elaine Scott :: Gladstone, OR
Amy J Peabody :: Cannon Beach, OR Amy Jo Harley :: The Dalles, OR Amy Michelle Ohren :: Aumsville, OR
Amy Michelle Rigney :: Eugene, OR Amy Peters :: Ashland, OR Amy Rose Shiffer :: Portland, OR
Amy Topham :: Milwaukie, OR Amy Wheeler :: Oregon City, OR Amy Yelk :: Florence, OR
Ana Helena DeCastro :: Portland, OR Anastashia Mills :: Prineville, OR Andrea Armstrong :: Eugene, OR
Andrea Bansen-Lopez :: Lebanon, OR Andrea Burnham :: Clackamas, OR Andrea McCullough :: Corvallis, OR
Andrea McDougall :: Gleneden Beach, OR Andrea O'Brien :: Troutdale, OR Andrea Thomas :: Portland, OR
Andrea Trautwein :: Portland, OR Andrea Urias :: Grants Pass, OR Andrew Baldwin :: Bend, OR
Andrew C. Justice :: Cloverdale, OR Andrew Del Carpio :: Eugene, OR Andrew Gordon Hopkins :: Springfield, OR
Andrew Hoffmann :: Gaston, OR Andrew Libert :: Bend, OR Andrew Ryan Ogle :: , OR
Andrew Taylor :: Ashland, OR Andrine L. De La Rocha :: Portland, OR Andy Whitman :: Medford, OR
Angela Dawn Garcia :: Brookings, OR Angela Hill :: Molalla, OR Angela Kathleen Ramseyer :: Salem, OR
Angela Lynn Stevenson :: Redmond, OR Angela Moss :: Bend, OR Angela Pisoni :: Jacksonville, OR
Angela Ward :: Sisters, OR Angeleet D. Betts :: Salem, OR Angelika Thusius :: Ashland, OR
Angelique Riley :: Portland, OR Angelique Y. Snell :: Eugene, OR Angie Ringwald :: Portland, OR
Anita C. Torres :: Portland, OR Anita Lyn Peterson :: Depoe Bay, OR Anita Wood :: Portland, OR
Anjuli Shah-Johnson :: Portland, OR Ann Cole :: Eugene, OR Ann Janelle Holland :: Dallas, OR
Ann Karene Bourinskie :: Hood River, OR Ann M. Jiles :: Bend, OR Ann Marie Mullen :: Portland, OR
Ann McIntyre :: Albany, OR Anna Duval :: Ashland, OR Anna Elizabeth Jackson :: Tillamook, OR
Anna Keppen :: Klamath Falls, OR Anna McNab :: Post, OR Anna Rose Herron :: Beaverton, OR
Anna Snegirev :: Molalla, OR Anna Spangler :: Portland, OR Annabeth Nelson :: Silverton, OR
Anne Marie Suran :: Portland, OR Anne Solseng :: Portland, OR Anne Tabert :: Bend, OR
Annemarie Crosier :: Sisters, OR Annette Boyajian :: Corvallis, OR Annette Marie Rotrock :: Oregon City, OR
Annie Hedlund :: Monmouth, OR Annie Metcalf :: Bonanza, OR Anniken Lise Moe :: Astoria, OR
Annique B. Lottin :: Hillsboro, OR Anthony I Tangalin :: Aloha, OR Anthony M Lopez :: Portland, OR
Anthony Natale :: Portland, OR Antoinette Fetherston :: Forest Grove, OR Antoinette Robertson :: Estacada, OR
Anya Williams :: Scappoose, OR April Busenbark :: Portland, OR April Dawn Thurman :: Bend, OR
Apryl Elizabeth Buchholz :: Sublimity, OR Ariann Henriksen :: Portland, OR Ariel OConnall :: Salem, OR
Arthur Peters :: Independence, OR Asha Jenny Ulrich :: Eugene, OR Ashley Anderson :: Deer Island, OR
Ashley Buckingham :: Hermiston, OR Ashley Candice Anderson :: Murphy, OR Ashley Doyle :: Portland, OR
Ashley Elizabeth Bulebar :: Central Point, OR Ashley Godfrey-O'Neal :: Gresham, OR Ashley Gomez :: Albany, OR
Ashley Higdon :: Medford, OR Ashley Lee :: Portland, OR Ashley Natalya Imboden :: Portland, OR
Ashley Williams :: Portland, OR Astoria Sojourner :: Grants Pass, OR Aumkara Newhouse :: Beaverton, OR
Aura Joy Bilton :: Portland, OR Aurora Purlee :: Molalla, OR Austin Cory :: Portland, OR
Autumn Lee Caudill :: Phoenix, OR Bailee Auxier :: Newberg, OR Barbara Caelene Magee Davis :: McMinnville, OR
Barbara Dieringer :: Tigard, OR Barbara Farley :: Portland, OR Barbara Hemens :: Pacific City, OR
Barbara Hicks :: Hood River, OR Barbara Loomis :: Portland, OR Barbara Perkins :: Medford, OR
Barbara Shields :: Eugene, OR Barbara Wood :: Portland, OR Barbara Zibrida :: Tigard, OR
Barrie Robbins :: Bend, OR Beckett Kael Rowan :: Eugene, OR Becky Jameson :: Medford, OR
Belinda Denny :: Hillsboro, OR Belinda Hart :: Coos Bay, OR Ben Hicks :: Medford, OR
Benjamin Eli Eichenauer :: Portland, OR Benjamin Keola Canterbury :: Hillsboro, OR Benjamin Parks :: Lafayette, OR
Benjamin Shepherd Cohn :: Hillsboro, OR Bertita Topaz Compere :: Portland, OR Beryl Greensea :: Beaverton, OR
Beth Anne Lyons :: Bend, OR Beth Mantis :: Madras, OR Beth Warren :: Grants Pass, OR
Bethany Carder :: Portland, OR Bethany Karen Pierce :: Central Point, OR Bethany Smith :: Portland, OR
Beverly Garms :: Hood River, OR Bianca Medina :: Salem, OR Bill Meckel :: Eugene, OR
Billy Wolf :: Keizer, OR Blake Knight :: Medford, OR Bonnie Diane Lee :: Albany, OR
Bonnie M. Plant :: Eugene, OR Bonnie Ross :: Corvallis, OR Brandon Albers :: Portland, OR
Brandon Axmaker :: La Pine, OR Brandon Benjamin :: Portland, OR Brandon Benoit :: Portland, OR
Brandon Martin :: Clackamas, OR Brandon Saggio :: Portland, OR Brandon Wolter :: Rogue River, OR
Breanna Thrasher :: Portland, OR Brenda Dick :: Keizer, OR Brenda Hanson :: Portland, OR
Brenda Haskett :: Astoria, OR Brenda Paulsen :: Ontario, OR Brenda Sherlock :: Portland, OR
Brent Babauta :: Beaverton, OR Brett Weber :: Newberg, OR Brian Finley :: Albany, OR
Brian Johnson :: Central Point, OR Brian Norman :: Portland, OR Brian Rickmann :: Beaverton, OR
Brian Romanelli :: Eugene, OR Brian Shasta Lee :: Ashland, OR Brian Shoen :: Talent, OR
Brian Skewes :: Eugene, OR Brian Soderholm :: Portland, OR Brianna Gordon :: Portland, OR
Brianna Tollenaar :: Tualatin, OR Britney Shaw :: Portland, OR Britney Wood :: Hermiston, OR
Britta Johannsen :: Eugene, OR Brittany Allison :: Ashland, OR Brittany Newcomb :: Beaverton, OR
Brittney Jane Michaud-Couch :: Portland, OR Brittney Quinn Boren :: Central Point, OR Broderick Cramer :: Eugene, OR
Bronwyn Horn :: Mulino, OR Brook Golling :: Ashland, OR Brooke Buzzi :: Portland, OR
Brosnan-Dale Spencer :: Cove, OR Bruce Schaefer :: Eugene, OR Bruce Warner :: Portland, OR
Bryn Michelle McCamley :: Talent, OR Bryn Reese :: West Linn, OR Bryon J. Catalano :: Central Point, OR
Camber Isaac Giberson :: Portland, OR Camilla Stewart :: Ashland, OR Camille Manger :: Grants Pass, OR
Camron Dunn :: McMinnville, OR Candace Hagenauer :: Woodburn, OR Candice May Doyle :: Hillsboro, OR
Candle Summers :: Portland, OR Cara Anne Brown :: Grants Pass, OR Cara Marie Vanella :: Albany, OR
Cara Wirt :: Medford, OR Carey Baudino :: Lake Oswego, OR Carin Cundey :: Bend, OR
Carina Kistler :: McMinnville, OR Carina Richter :: La Pine, OR Carla J. Rambel :: Chiloquin, OR
Carlee Kinnaman :: Portland, OR Carley Lane Bootes :: Sisters, OR Carly Linden Bento :: Portland, OR
Carmen Miller :: Albany, OR Carmi Drorziv :: Portland, OR Carol A. Ritzert :: Depoe Bay, OR
Carol Hansen :: Astoria, OR Carol Siegfried-Lewis :: Lincoln City, OR Carol Tocher :: Canby, OR
Carole Bassett :: Portland, OR Carole Cotten-Figueiredo :: Hillsboro, OR Caroline Champion :: Phoenix, OR
Caroline Clyburn :: Portland, OR Carolyn Fisher Burgess :: Terrebonne, OR Carolyn Fonyo Boggess :: Corvallis, OR
Carolyn Maria Cruz :: Florence, OR Carolyn V. Ritchey :: Sisters, OR Carolynn Coleman :: Newport, OR
Carrie Anderson :: Portland, OR Carrie Blackwell :: Eugene, OR Carrie McKereghan :: Beaverton, OR
Carrol Mae Page :: Medford, OR Casey Broome :: Clackamas, OR Casey Lee Cardoso :: Portland, OR
Casey Perry :: Albany, OR Casey Tyrone Gates :: Portland, OR Cassandra Rasmussen :: Medford, OR
Catherine Airoldi :: Ashland, OR Catherine Loeb :: Ashland, OR Catherine Lynn Eason :: Oregon City, OR
Catherine Manning :: Canby, OR Catherine Petersen :: Portland, OR Catherine Preskenis :: Ashland, OR
Catherine Weaver :: Wilsonville, OR Cathie Lea Apple :: Culver, OR Cathy Slaperud :: Bend, OR
Cathy Weik :: Tigard, OR Catreece Edmiston :: Umatilla, OR Cecelia M. Peters :: Albany, OR
Celeste Summer :: Sherwood, OR Chad Daley :: Eugene, OR Chad M. Anderson :: Portland, OR
Chaim Sil :: Portland, OR Chamneang Graham :: Corvallis, OR Chanah Hall :: Eugene, OR
Chance Fitzpatrick :: Eugene, OR Chance Henritzy :: Portland, OR Charity Keyes :: Portland, OR
Charlan Heid :: Jamieson, OR Charles Osgood :: Albany, OR Charles Roe :: Eugene, OR
Charles W. Booth :: Bend, OR Charlotte Faris :: Portland, OR Chelsea Biondo :: Medford, OR
Chelsea Danielle Arient :: Eugene, OR Chelsea Kate Heath :: Roseburg, OR Chelsea Marie Bronder :: Mount Hood Parkdale, OR
Chelsey Craft :: Portland, OR Chelssy Mae Allen :: The Dalles, OR Cheryl Couch :: Lake Oswego, OR
Cheryl D. McKenzie :: Keizer, OR Cheryl Higgins :: Gresham, OR Cheryl J. Donnell :: Portland, OR
Cheryl Owens :: Oakland, OR Cheryl R. Andersen :: Grants Pass, OR Chloe Noelle Frydenlund :: Oregon City, OR
Chris Farwell :: Tigard, OR Chris Mulder :: Eugene, OR Chris Watson :: Portland, OR
Chris Wheeler :: Portland, OR Christa Czajka :: Ashland, OR Christa Rodriguez :: Medford, OR
Christian Chaparro :: Oregon City, OR Christie Bernklau Halvor :: Canby, OR Christie Jespersen :: Bend, OR
Christina Cameli :: Portland, OR Christina Gadzala :: Sandy, OR Christina L. Wilson :: Klamath Falls, OR
Christina Lorene Crawford :: Salem, OR Christina Marie Whittle-Gentle :: Gresham, OR Christina Pyktel :: Portland, OR
Christina Rosales :: Portland, OR Christina Sesser :: Portland, OR Christine Andrade :: Sandy, OR
Christine Coleman :: Redmond, OR Christine Eidson :: Baker City, OR Christine James-Stern :: Happy Valley, OR
Christine M. Flaherty :: Eugene, OR Christine M. Hennessey :: Yachats, OR Christine McClarnan :: Lebanon, OR
Christine Walls :: Hood River, OR Christy McDermeit :: Salem, OR Christy Mikle :: Portland, OR
Chrystal Shaw :: Portland, OR Cindy Bloom :: Eugene, OR Cindy Duron :: White City, OR
Claire Valla :: Portland, OR Clairen Stone :: Portland, OR Clayton Tyler Stuhr :: Portland, OR
Cloe Becher :: Salem, OR Coleen Pearson :: Portland, OR Colette Chavez Walker :: Portland, OR
Colette Constant :: Eugene, OR Colleen J. McCurdy :: Milwaukie, OR Colleen McClenahan :: Portland, OR
Colleen Nasreen :: Portland, OR Colleen Shea :: Portland, OR Concetta Antonelli :: Portland, OR
Connie Sellers :: Walterville, OR Connie Shields :: Medford, OR Constance Jo Ervin :: Dallas, OR
Constance Nemec :: Bandon, OR Corby Howell :: Medford, OR Corey Kolln :: Gladstone, OR
Corinna Kelleen Horst :: Central Point, OR Corrin Veronica Orrey :: Coos Bay, OR Cory Bradish :: Bend, OR
Cory Garguilo :: Portland, OR Cosmin Mihalcea :: Eugene, OR Courtney Swidler :: Portland, OR
Courtney Welch Aronson :: Portland, OR Craig Goldhagen :: Rogue River, OR Craig Ronshausen :: Portland, OR
Cristina Jones :: Brookings, OR Cristofer Rubini :: Springfield, OR Crystal Calanca :: Portland, OR
Crystal Dawn Olson :: Bend, OR Crystal Jensen :: Saint Helens, OR Crystal L. Threlkeld :: Bend, OR
Crystal Megetarian :: Beaverton, OR Crystal Walling :: Lebanon, OR Cyndee May Delarocha :: Portland, OR
Cyndel Frostick :: Aloha, OR Cynthia Altieri :: Astoria, OR Cynthia Ann Munyon :: Eugene, OR
Cynthia Chandler :: Klamath Falls, OR Cynthia Diane Kapaska :: Central Point, OR Cynthia Gellinger :: Lake Oswego, OR
Cynthia Gragert :: Ashland, OR Cynthia Walsh :: Newberg, OR Cyr Foote :: Portland, OR
Dael Parsons :: Eugene, OR Daisy Tabaldo :: Medford, OR Dakota J Gonzalez :: Lake Oswego, OR
Dale Favier :: Portland, OR Daleann Scofield :: Bend, OR Dan Packman :: Bend, OR
Dana Green :: Ashland, OR Dana Highfill :: Portland, OR Dana Lofstrom :: Lake Oswego, OR
Dana Yokum :: Sandy, OR Danella Patrice Durieux :: Bend, OR Danica Wolfkahn :: Brookings, OR
Danie Ceremony :: Medford, OR Daniel Byron Plauche :: Bend, OR Daniel Carson :: North Plains, OR
Daniel E Salisbury :: Ashland, OR Daniel Garris :: Sherwood, OR Daniel Joseph Harrop :: Portland, OR
Daniel K Larios :: Eugene, OR Daniel Leake :: Portland, OR Daniel Richard Bettencourt :: Portland, OR
Daniel Smith :: Talent, OR Daniela Rico :: Eagle Point, OR Danielle Ann Lueck :: Portland, OR
Danielle B Hove :: Bend, OR Danielle Bailey :: Portland, OR Danielle Brookshire :: West Linn, OR
Danielle Dahl :: Springfield, OR Danielle DeLizzio :: Portland, OR Danielle Hirsch :: Eugene, OR
Danielle L. Hurd :: Tillamook, OR Danielle Lorraine Bonney :: Central Point, OR Danielle Maxine Applegate :: Toledo, OR
Danielle Taylor :: Beaverton, OR D'ann Davis :: Brookings, OR Daphne Starling :: Alsea, OR
Dara Bryant :: Portland, OR Darby Andreason :: Portland, OR Daria Howell :: Portland, OR
Darian Elizabeth Nemec :: Forest Grove, OR Darryl Johnson :: Eugene, OR Dava Nimmo :: Medford, OR
David Corriell :: Hermiston, OR David Cummings :: Wilsonville, OR David Harries :: Springfield, OR
David Kaleta :: Beaverton, OR David Klem :: Newberg, OR David L. Fredrickson :: Ashland, OR
David Sullivan :: Ashland, OR David Thomas :: Portland, OR David Thomasson :: Hillsboro, OR
David Wichman :: Salem, OR David Wilkinson :: Salem, OR Dawn A. Brock :: Medford, OR
Dawn Ashley Marie Hathaway :: Bend, OR Dawn C. Killian-Davis :: Portland, OR Dawn Jenson :: Gladstone, OR
Debbie Graham :: Lake Oswego, OR Debbie S. Taylor :: Sherwood, OR Debby Russ :: Salem, OR
Debora R Masten :: Salem, OR Deborah Ann Goetz :: Hillsboro, OR Deborah Anne Taylor :: Portland, OR
Deborah Brink Woehrmann :: Portland, OR Deborah Burchfiel :: Albany, OR Deborah Freund :: Portland, OR
Deborah Hawkins :: Wilsonville, OR Deborah Jean Verret :: Bend, OR Deborah Padilla :: Independence, OR
Deborah Pasternak :: Florence, OR Deborah Rocha :: Eugene, OR Deborah Ruth Saxby :: Dallas, OR
Debra Cox :: Banks, OR Debra Lutje :: The Dalles, OR Debra Specht :: Florence, OR
Dee Marks :: Grants Pass, OR Deeanna Rodiger :: Salem, OR Delanie Mann :: Central Point, OR
Demi Stratman :: Sweet Home, OR Denell Fahy Graham :: Portland, OR Deni R Buss :: Portland, OR
Denice Drushella :: Portland, OR Denise Anson :: Bend, OR Denise Clopton :: Beaverton, OR
Denise Dunlavy :: Beaverton, OR Denise Olson :: Beaverton, OR Denisse Mendoza :: White City, OR
Dennis A. Boardman :: Hillsboro, OR Dennis Boehm :: Eugene, OR Dennis Zander :: Klamath Falls, OR
Derian Mericle :: Portland, OR Desirae C. E. Briskey :: Amity, OR Desiree Lefever :: Corvallis, OR
Desiree Rudder :: Stayton, OR Desiree Swearingen :: Beaverton, OR Devon Leigh Gilmore :: Klamath Falls, OR
Devon Stackhouse :: Willamina, OR Devora Archer :: Portland, OR Dewey Thomas :: Grants Pass, OR
Diana Burns :: Beaverton, OR Diana Durham :: Bend, OR Diana Kelley :: Central Point, OR
Diana McFarland :: Ashland, OR Diane Cooper :: Portland, OR Diane DeYulia :: Bend, OR
Diane F. Stanton :: Welches, OR Diane L Lewis :: Oregon City, OR Diane L. Simik :: Newport, OR
Diane Veilleux :: Creswell, OR Dianne Davis :: Eugene, OR Dianne L. Cassidy :: Corvallis, OR
Dina Rose :: Eugene, OR Doctor Shiva Dravier :: Portland, OR Donald Angus Vail :: Eugene, OR
Donald Gordon :: Bend, OR Donald R. Beatty :: Portland, OR Donalda R. Viens :: Salem, OR
Donine Youngquist :: Bend, OR Donna L. Perrin :: Halfway, OR Donna Strahm :: Oregon City, OR
Donna Traaen :: Canby, OR Donneta Grizzell :: Central Point, OR Dora Olsen :: Oregon City, OR
Dori White :: Portland, OR Dorian Russell :: Seaside, OR Dorothy Cundall :: Beaverton, OR
Douglas A Meacham :: Portland, OR Douglas Oldham :: Warrenton, OR Drew Mobley :: Lakeview, OR
Drew Patrick Nelson :: Portland, OR Dustin Talbott :: Jefferson, OR Dyan Elise Wittmann :: Eugene, OR
Dyana Casper :: Newport, OR Eduardo Velasco Valido :: Beaverton, OR Edward F Wickwire :: Portland, OR
Edward Moore :: Portland, OR Efrosinya Vshivkoff :: Woodburn, OR Eileen Wells :: Eugene, OR
Ekaterina Ewers :: Grants Pass, OR Elaine Jacobson :: Tualatin, OR Elaine Louise Gaetano :: Portland, OR
Eldonna M. Leis :: Portland, OR Eleanor Mills Ryburn :: Portland, OR Elena Boryskina :: Hillsboro, OR
Elena Cam :: Keizer, OR Elena Marie Rudy :: Eugene, OR Eliel Fionn :: Eugene, OR
Elisa Olalde :: Eugene, OR Elisabeth Grace Pietila :: Warrenton, OR Elisabeth J. Devalin :: Ashland, OR
Elisabeth Schock :: Terrebonne, OR Eliza Werth-Davis :: Lake Oswego, OR Elizabeth A. McGonigal :: Eugene, OR
Elizabeth A. O'Malley :: Portland, OR Elizabeth Ann Stanley :: Bend, OR Elizabeth Barbara Paxson :: Portland, OR
Elizabeth Borte :: Portland, OR Elizabeth Briana Paris :: Portland, OR Elizabeth Cooley :: Springfield, OR
Elizabeth Daniels :: Portland, OR Elizabeth Doty :: Portland, OR Elizabeth Hall :: Grants Pass, OR
Elizabeth Markell :: Ashland, OR Elizabeth McCormick :: Corvallis, OR Elizabeth Morris :: Redmond, OR
Elizabeth Preston :: Saint Helens, OR Elizabeth S. Baxter :: Portland, OR Elizabeth Schantz :: Bend, OR
Elizabeth Toole :: Portland, OR Elizabeth Wolf :: Aumsville, OR Ellyn Sue Vandenberg :: Bend, OR
Elsbeth Villa :: Portland, OR Ember Gren :: Portland, OR Ember Von Letkemann :: Portland, OR
Emi Jenine Claydon :: Albany, OR Emily Amen :: Portland, OR Emily Baltrus :: Forest Grove, OR
Emily Crowe :: Clackamas, OR Emily Flansburgh :: Portland, OR Emily Harwood :: Portland, OR
Emily Horowitz :: Portland, OR Emily Looman :: Eugene, OR Emily Simpson :: Portland, OR
Emily Smith :: Bend, OR Emma Cohen :: Portland, OR Emma Kim :: Eugene, OR
Eric Evaristo :: Ashland, OR Eric Hawkins :: Medford, OR Eric Jorgenson :: Beaverton, OR
Eric Schelin :: Cottage Grove, OR Erica Garfield :: Estacada, OR Erica Rolniak :: Bend, OR
Erich L.V. Steinmetz :: Salem, OR Erick Richards :: Bend, OR Erik Krippner :: Portland, OR
Erik Olson :: Portland, OR Erik Schultz :: Portland, OR Erika Baern :: Portland, OR
Erika King :: Springfield, OR Erika Knepper :: Wilsonville, OR Erika Ryn Dean :: Portland, OR
Erin Brown :: Portland, OR Erin DeSantis :: Florence, OR Erin Eichenberger-Newman :: Portland, OR
Erin Holroyd :: Portland, OR Erin Perez :: Portland, OR Erin Rose Turner :: Portland, OR
Erin Teresa Krewson :: Portland, OR Esther Edith Edison :: Portland, OR Eugene Moyers :: Beaverton, OR
Eugenia Ann Sabatini :: Portland, OR Eva Darrow :: Cove, OR Eva Ford :: Ashland, OR
Eva Rose Lutz :: Newberg, OR Evan Robinson :: Eugene, OR Evelyn Shannon :: Portland, OR
Faith Arebel Ann Bales :: Aloha, OR Faith Michaels :: Beaverton, OR Faith Morrell :: Tigard, OR
Fannie Phillips :: Gresham, OR Fawn Ford Guenther :: McMinnville, OR Fawna Crane :: Eugene, OR
Faye Krippner :: Portland, OR Fiona Wagner :: Portland, OR Floyce Phoenix :: Waldport, OR
Focus A. Burmester :: Eugene, OR Forrest Samuel Longanecker :: Portland, OR Frances Carter :: Portland, OR
Frances Lee :: Eugene, OR Frank Cripe :: Medford, OR Gabriel Springsnow :: Portland, OR
Gabriela Angulo Machuca :: Eugene, OR Gail Allison :: Newberg, OR Gail Coon :: Bend, OR
Gail Dawn :: Gold Beach, OR Gail Hunter :: Boring, OR Gail Ilene Veloni :: Portland, OR
Gail Jett :: Bend, OR Gail Karuna-Vetter :: Eugene, OR Galaxy Wolf :: Hillsboro, OR
Gary Johnson :: Hood River, OR Gary L. Wass :: Portland, OR Gary M. Hulett :: Salem, OR
Gary Neil Szolnoki :: Portland, OR Gary Neil Szolnoki :: Wilsonville, OR Gary W Viehdorfer :: Salem, OR
Gavril Muscalu :: Beaverton, OR Gavyne Stich-Hoffman :: Ashland, OR Gayle Corlett :: Portland, OR
Gem Taylor :: Lebanon, OR Genevieve Rhodes :: Gladstone, OR Genie Lee Powell :: Portland, OR
George Meredith :: Lake Oswego, OR Georgeanne Cauthorn :: Eugene, OR Georgia Fountas :: Portland, OR
Georgia Rebecca McNulty :: Bend, OR Gina Briana Meyer :: West Linn, OR Gina Crystal James :: Portland, OR
Gina Henry :: Powell Butte, OR Gina Hoffmann :: Lake Oswego, OR Gina Marie Martin :: Warrenton, OR
Gina Pancottine :: Eugene, OR Gloria Gonzalez :: Portland, OR Graeme Jessen Clark :: Grants Pass, OR
Greg Bollinger :: Oregon City, OR Gregory Reid :: Boring, OR Gretchen Ann Kloeppel :: Portland, OR
Gretchen Grooms :: Portland, OR Grover Hubbard :: Sweet Home, OR Guadalupe C Villarreal :: Estacada, OR
Gwen Manlove :: Portland, OR Gwendolyn Low :: Portland, OR Gwendolyn S. Shearer :: Estacada, OR
Haley Berry :: Grants Pass, OR Haley May :: Jacksonville, OR Hali Dorsey :: Roseburg, OR
Hallie Orr :: Portland, OR Hanna M. Thompson :: Portland, OR Hannah Cook :: North Bend, OR
Hannah Hulett :: Hood River, OR Hannah Johnson :: Portland, OR Hannah Lyons :: Milwaukie, OR
Hannah Peterson Hall :: Portland, OR Hannah Pysto :: Ashland, OR Hannah Reed :: Portland, OR
Hannah Torres :: Eugene, OR Haruki Dunlap :: Hillsboro, OR Harvey Singh :: Beaverton, OR
Hayley Simon :: Portland, OR Hazel E. Heller :: Ashland, OR Heather A. Linnemeyer :: Grants Pass, OR
Heather Clark :: Yamhill, OR Heather Daves :: Portland, OR Heather Grimm :: Gladstone, OR
Heather Kaplan :: Portland, OR Heather Michet :: Sandy, OR Heather Reddaway :: Gresham, OR
Heather Young :: Portland, OR Heather Zietz :: Portland, OR Heidi Brogdon :: Banks, OR
Heidi Creighton :: Portland, OR Heidi Guzek :: Eugene, OR Heidi Holcomb :: Eugene, OR
Heidi Johnson :: Portland, OR Heidi Jones :: Joseph, OR Heidi Niewendorp :: Newberg, OR
Heidi Schaefer :: Eugene, OR Helen Crozier :: Medford, OR Helene Shoen :: Talent, OR
Henrietta Laustsen :: North Plains, OR Heron Golfetto-Dorr :: Albany, OR Hilary Vanessa Bramley :: Newberg, OR
Holly Barnett :: Portland, OR Holly F. Blomquist :: Hillsboro, OR Holly Hudson Cobb :: Springfield, OR
Holly J. Ross :: Eugene, OR Holly Jean Smith :: Medford, OR Holly Newton :: Lebanon, OR
Hope Lockmin Birrell :: Eugene, OR Hope McKee :: Portland, OR Horacio Gomez :: Salem, OR
Huade Zeng :: Portland, OR Hucheng Li :: Mulino, OR Hugh Milne :: Ashland, OR
Hugh Pennock :: Monmouth, OR Ian Lamb :: Portland, OR Ilene Nessenson :: Hillsboro, OR
Ilona D. Ksiazak :: Central Point, OR Ingrid Schoeppler :: Bend, OR Irena Mitev :: Corvallis, OR
Irene Tetz :: Portland, OR Irisha Niles-Flamez :: Medford, OR Isa Haverlan :: Astoria, OR
Isabelle Mender :: Eugene, OR Isata K Sibley :: Redmond, OR Isis Garcia Lopez :: Roseburg, OR
Ivanova Newman :: Bend, OR J. Rachel Aviles :: Portland, OR Jaci Lavon Roe :: Gresham, OR
Jacinda Phillips :: Portland, OR Jacki Dickinson :: Portland, OR Jackie Callister :: Bend, OR
Jackie Robinson :: Lakeview, OR Jackieblu Loya :: McMinnville, OR Jackson Andrews :: Powell Butte, OR
Jaclyn Regis :: Hillsboro, OR Jacob Thomason :: Portland, OR Jacqueline Christine :: Oregon City, OR
Jacqueline Farless :: Selma, OR Jacqueline Gethner :: Portland, OR Jacqueline Pitt :: Salem, OR
Jacqueline Wolfe :: Waldport, OR Jacquelyn Starr :: Oregon City, OR Jae Marie Fairbanks :: Portland, OR
Jai Jamison :: Eugene, OR Jaime Michael :: Portland, OR James Cleaver :: Ashland, OR
James E. Parker :: Bend, OR James Ellyson :: Beaverton, OR James Jacoby :: Aloha, OR
James Liptan :: Portland, OR James M Axling :: Portland, OR James Sartors :: Beaverton, OR
James Wallace :: Canby, OR Jami Kidd :: Falls City, OR Jami Sherman :: Portland, OR
Jamie C Oller :: Portland, OR Jamie L. Harris :: Medford, OR Jamie Maneha :: Roseburg, OR
Jamie Noteboom :: Portland, OR Jamie Smith :: Portland, OR Jan Elizabeth Thorpe :: Portland, OR
Jan Marie Schroeder :: Corvallis, OR Jan Stephens :: Chiloquin, OR Jane GoldenSchmidt :: Silverton, OR
Jane Graybill :: Portland, OR Janelia Thurman :: Silverton, OR Janelle Cline :: Portland, OR
Janelle Oberle :: Medford, OR Janelle Skalla :: Salem, OR Janelle Tognazzini :: Eugene, OR
Janet Bishop Sinclair :: Gold Beach, OR Janet Kathleen Weiser :: Beaverton, OR Janet Maher :: Manzanita, OR
Janet McDonald :: Bend, OR Janet Shelton :: Eagle Point, OR Janet Warner :: Prineville, OR
Janice C. Modesitt :: Lake Oswego, OR Janice L. Locke :: Springfield, OR Janine Ragucci :: Portland, OR
Janna Huhn :: Eugene, OR Jared Duffy :: Portland, OR Jared L Jensen :: Portland, OR
Jared Oliver :: Beaverton, OR Jared Scott McElderry :: Newberg, OR Jasmine Blue :: Portland, OR
Jason Allen Rambo :: Grants Pass, OR Jason Belnap :: Eugene, OR Jason D Anders :: Portland, OR
Jason Hardy :: Beaverton, OR Jason Moore :: Portland, OR Jason W Knox :: Portland, OR
Jason Winkel :: Eugene, OR Jay Krokenberger :: Salem, OR Jay M. Nelson :: Hillsboro, OR
Jaya Conser Lapham :: Corvallis, OR Jaya Conser Lapham :: Newport, OR Jaya Conser Lapham :: Yachats, OR
Jaylene McClurg :: Springfield, OR Jazer McFarland :: Medford, OR Jazzy Young :: Ashland, OR
Jean Bell :: Albany, OR Jean Devros :: Portland, OR Jeana Kuziemski :: Estacada, OR
Jeanell Innerarity :: Portland, OR Jeanne Miller :: Salem, OR Jeannie Gross :: Bend, OR
Jeannine Bowman :: Springfield, OR Jeb S. Hendrix :: Portland, OR Jeevan Singh :: Portland, OR
Jeff Gienger :: West Linn, OR Jeffrey M. Herd :: Portland, OR Jeffrey M. Herd :: Tigard, OR
Jeffrey P. Burch :: Eugene, OR Jeffrey Wayne Greenup :: Damascus, OR Jen Obst :: Hood River, OR
Jena Botte :: Corvallis, OR Jenn Tuerk :: Portland, OR Jenna Marie Blackhurst :: Portland, OR
Jenna Pearce :: Junction City, OR Jennie Moore-Cronin :: Portland, OR Jennie Morrow-Lopez :: Salem, OR
Jennie Rummell :: Dallas, OR Jennifer Alexanderia Wellar :: The Dalles, OR Jennifer Beaudoin :: Salem, OR
Jennifer Bode :: Portland, OR Jennifer Boom :: Gresham, OR Jennifer Burkett :: Bend, OR
Jennifer Cameron Tellez :: Bend, OR Jennifer Carroll Kehoe :: Saint Helens, OR Jennifer Distrola :: Keizer, OR
Jennifer Falk :: Portland, OR Jennifer Fichter :: Portland, OR Jennifer G Griffin :: Keizer, OR
Jennifer Gardner :: Beaverton, OR Jennifer Gerig :: Silverton, OR Jennifer Goodwine :: Medford, OR
Jennifer Hammack :: Corvallis, OR Jennifer Hawks :: Roseburg, OR Jennifer Hemmeyer :: Portland, OR
Jennifer Hill :: Portland, OR Jennifer Hornaday :: Eugene, OR Jennifer House :: Keizer, OR
Jennifer Hudson :: Bend, OR Jennifer Jill Radtke :: Gaston, OR Jennifer Kaiser :: Redmond, OR
Jennifer L. Fox :: Bend, OR Jennifer Leigh Farrington :: Saint Helens, OR Jennifer Locke :: Eugene, OR
Jennifer Lovell :: Aloha, OR Jennifer Lynn Ashford :: Mulino, OR Jennifer M Rasmussen :: Florence, OR
Jennifer McCarthy :: Portland, OR Jennifer Moore :: Lake Oswego, OR Jennifer Mueller :: Portland, OR
Jennifer Nanie :: The Dalles, OR Jennifer Neal :: Albany, OR Jennifer Petersen :: Jacksonville, OR
Jennifer Somerscales :: Wilsonville, OR Jennifer Spears :: Ashland, OR Jennifer Stelzer :: Portland, OR
Jennifer Tyler :: Cove, OR Jennifer VanScoyk :: McMinnville, OR Jennifer Woljevach :: Portland, OR
Jennifer Worth :: Bend, OR Jennifer Wyant :: Estacada, OR Jennifer Wyant :: Portland, OR
Jenny Lafond :: Lebanon, OR Jenny Lynne Chapleau :: Carlton, OR Jenya Lemeshow :: Eugene, OR
Jerald B. Johnston :: Medford, OR Jered Alrick :: Silverton, OR Jeremiah Cook :: Carlton, OR
Jeremy Powers :: Eugene, OR Jeri A. Madsen :: Portland, OR Jerrie Lee Parpart :: Salem, OR
Jeserae Baisch :: Beaverton, OR Jessame Ireland :: Eugene, OR Jesse Maggie Mae Kayleen Rosa Janis Abraham :: Redmond, OR
Jesse Thomas Swim :: Portland, OR Jessica Aguilar Flores :: Cottage Grove, OR Jessica Bach :: Portland, OR
Jessica Barber :: Portland, OR Jessica Blaylock :: Portland, OR Jessica Byers Anderson :: Eugene, OR
Jessica Collins :: Portland, OR Jessica DuMond :: Beaverton, OR Jessica Fisher :: Hillsboro, OR
Jessica Joy Cleaver :: Portland, OR Jessica Joy Osborn :: Lowell, OR Jessica L Eggleston :: Portland, OR
Jessica LaRue :: Forest Grove, OR Jessica Lynn Hull :: Grants Pass, OR Jessica Marie Terrill :: Eugene, OR
Jessica Marie Wilks :: Portland, OR Jessica Martin :: Milwaukie, OR Jessica Masters :: Ashland, OR
Jessica Rainey :: Seaside, OR Jessica Roderick :: Ashland, OR Jessica Rosario :: Bend, OR
Jessica S. Soine :: Ashland, OR Jessica Schaffer :: Manzanita, OR Jessica Scofield :: Junction City, OR
Jessica Ulmer :: Fairview, OR Jessy L Brinlee :: Bend, OR Jessyka Vandernick :: Grants Pass, OR
Jesus A. Garcia :: Salem, OR Jill Jonas :: Milwaukie, OR Jill Miller :: Portland, OR
Jillian C. Tongren :: Oregon City, OR Jillian Eberhard :: Tualatin, OR Jillian Lee :: Bend, OR
Jillian Lucille Ingoglia :: Portland, OR Joa Johnson :: Salem, OR Joan E. Zurcher :: Lake Oswego, OR
Joan Merriman :: Eugene, OR Joan Morin :: Eugene, OR Joan Safran Hamilton :: Beaverton, OR
Joann Lewis :: Ashland, OR Joanna Butler :: Eugene, OR Joanna Cutler :: Portland, OR
Joanna DeRungs :: Canby, OR Joanna Flick :: Portland, OR Joanna Hodgkins Cowan :: Portland, OR
Joanne Goldsmith :: Sisters, OR Jocelyn Davidson :: Salem, OR Jocelyn Schmidt :: Grants Pass, OR
Jodi Eaton :: Lake Oswego, OR Jody Sage Hupp :: Ashland, OR Joel Hamer :: Elmira, OR
Joel Soto Rosario :: Portland, OR Johanna Wearsch :: Portland, OR John Alford :: Eugene, OR
John Hoffmann :: Portland, OR John P. Klym :: Mcminnville, OR John Scileppi :: Eagle Point, OR
John Thomas Dudzic :: Brookings, OR John Wise :: Portland, OR John-Brian Wyckoff White :: Forest Grove, OR
Johnny Morales :: Willamina, OR Joleen Smith :: Grants Pass, OR Jolene Renee Kelley :: Portland, OR
Jolene Wilson :: Portland, OR Jon Hart :: Portland, OR Jonathan David Pierce :: Beaverton, OR
Jonathan Grossart :: Portland, OR Jonathan Kershaw :: Springfield, OR Jonathan Lohnes :: Rhododendron, OR
Jonathan McLaughlin :: Talent, OR Jonathan P. Berg :: Portland, OR Jonathan Primack :: Portland, OR
Jonathan Prue :: Portland, OR Jonathan Scott :: Portland, OR Jonathon Manley :: Coburg, OR
Jonnie Whitcomb :: Bend, OR Jordan English :: Bend, OR Jordan Kennyson Crowl :: Portland, OR
Jorge Manuel Kuri Vasquez Tejeda :: West Linn, OR Joseph Egnot :: Redmond, OR Joseph Kairos :: Portland, OR
Joseph M Ockenfels :: Rockaway Beach, OR Joseph Shoemaker :: Portland, OR Josephine Munoz :: Portland, OR
Josh LaFevre :: Beaverton, OR Josh Pugh :: Walterville, OR Joshua Lohnes :: Portland, OR
Joshua Ward :: Portland, OR Joshua Young :: Springfield, OR Joy Ann Marie Lenhardt :: Newberg, OR
Joy Mentgen :: Union, OR Joy Pfister :: Bend, OR Joyce Ann McKinney :: Jacksonville, OR
Joyce Olson :: Oregon City, OR Juan David Velez :: Portland, OR Juanita Sofge :: Hillsboro, OR
Judith Anne Calpin :: Lake Oswego, OR Judith Castro :: Eugene, OR Judith L Richter-Wilcox :: Oregon City, OR
Judy Camp :: Portland, OR Judy Curnow :: Warrenton, OR Judy Gervais :: Prineville, OR
Judy Hathaway :: Manzanita, OR Judy McCaul :: Bend, OR Judy Powers :: Corvallis, OR
Jueria Cranfield :: Portland, OR Julia A. Bloom :: Grants Pass, OR Julia Chamberlain :: Oregon City, OR
Julia Martin :: Portland, OR Julia Meyer :: Portland, OR Julia Mitchell :: Bend, OR
Julia Spiry :: Eugene, OR Juliann A. Squires :: Portland, OR Juliann Bossert :: Ashland, OR
Julianna Marie Wood :: Dundee, OR Julie A. Figliulo :: King City, OR Julie Amador :: Medford, OR
Julie Anderson :: Redmond, OR Julie Anne Toston :: La Pine, OR Julie Beck :: Tigard, OR
Julie Belt :: Yamhill, OR Julie Christine Tonelli :: Portland, OR Julie Decker :: Portland, OR
Julie H. Pearce :: Waldport, OR Julie Hightman :: Sandy, OR Julie Kornilkin :: Molalla, OR
Julie L. Frost :: Portland, OR Julie Marie :: Eugene, OR Julie Marie Reyes :: North Plains, OR
Julie Meade :: Salem, OR Julie Robinson :: Portland, OR Julie Rossberg :: Eugene, OR
Julie Stockfleth :: Clatskanie, OR Julie Voetberg :: Gresham, OR Juliet Anne Thompson :: Eugene, OR
Justin Bosten :: Bend, OR Justin Canfield :: Portland, OR Justin Hodai :: Bend, OR
Justin Lawrence Wagoner :: North Plains, OR Justin Quam Egli :: Beaverton, OR Justine Gibb :: Redmond, OR
Justine Lucia :: Winchester, OR Kaila Autrey :: Canby, OR Kaitlin Devine :: Stayton, OR
Kaitlin Hayden :: Bend, OR Kaitlin Tydeman :: Bend, OR Kala Smith :: Wilsonville, OR
Kaley Patterson :: Heppner, OR Kali Hull :: Rogue River, OR Kambry Alise Berg :: Redmond, OR
Kami Manselle :: Portland, OR Kana Moll :: Eugene, OR Kanani Duarte :: Bend, OR
Kanchana Patrick :: Tualatin, OR Kandice Allen :: Eugene, OR Kaori Oya :: Portland, OR
Kara K. Dale :: Portland, OR Kara Nicole Larios :: Eugene, OR Karen Corbin :: Eugene, OR
Karen Dvornich :: Eugene, OR Karen E. Casciato :: Portland, OR Karen E. Weitz :: Beaverton, OR
Karen Gettmann :: Portland, OR Karen Houghton :: Roseburg, OR Karen Kay Karnes :: Bend, OR
Karen L. Davis :: Portland, OR Karen Lawrence :: Eugene, OR Karen Martin :: Portland, OR
Karen McAlpine :: Veneta, OR Karen O'Neill :: Portland, OR Karen Standley :: Beaverton, OR
Karen Suggs :: Grants Pass, OR Karen Suwinski :: Eugene, OR Karen Zotter :: Portland, OR
Kari Ann Wallace :: Newport, OR Kari Asher :: Portland, OR Kari Knight :: Dundee, OR
Karie James :: Gresham, OR Karl Jackson :: Bend, OR Karl Matthew Leon :: Portland, OR
Karley Davis :: Portland, OR Karri Laine Bailey :: Roseburg, OR Karrie Silva :: Portland, OR
Karyn Kelly :: Aloha, OR Karyn Verzwyvelt :: Bend, OR Kassy Daggett :: Marcola, OR
Kate Madden :: Portland, OR Kate Voss :: Grants Pass, OR Katelyn Freeman :: Portland, OR
Katelyn Loveless :: Portland, OR Katerina Olmsted :: Portland, OR Katharine Beyer :: Brookings, OR
Katharine G. Lawrence :: Portland, OR Katharine Salzmann :: Portland, OR Katherine Adams :: Eagle Creek, OR
Katherine Albuschat :: Corvallis, OR Katherine Barnhart :: Portland, OR Katherine Bragg :: Eugene, OR
Katherine Coope :: Portland, OR Katherine Goodenough :: Willamina, OR Katherine I.T. Kruse :: Portland, OR
Katherine Kaylegian :: Eugene, OR Katherine L. Knowles :: Eugene, OR Katherine Saunders :: Salem, OR
Katherynn Whitehead :: Happy Valley, OR Kathi A. Kolp :: Bend, OR Kathleen Cloud Andrews :: Bend, OR
Kathleen Deaton :: Ashland, OR Kathleen E. Strivens :: Oregon City, OR Kathleen Krasselt :: Gresham, OR
Kathleen Louise Jordan :: Lake Oswego, OR Kathleen M. Dugan :: Eugene, OR Kathleen Marie Hauptman :: Salem, OR
Kathleen Marie Labavitch :: Lake Oswego, OR Kathleen McDonald :: Portland, OR Kathleen McLaughlin :: Rainier, OR
Kathleen Mulvehill :: Redmond, OR Kathleen Petrauskas :: Portland, OR Kathleen Woodring :: Central Point, OR
Kathrina Bisceglia :: Milwaukie, OR Kathryn Cunnagin :: Bend, OR Kathryn Dennington :: Portland, OR
Kathryn Elizabeth Breunig :: Portland, OR Kathryn Giebenhain :: Newberg, OR Kathryn Jo Ruud :: Oregon City, OR
Kathryn Kahle :: Mcminnville, OR Kathryn Kurtz :: Portland, OR Kathryn Lee Fitzpatrick :: Banks, OR
Kathryn Paschelke Hensley :: Fall Creek, OR Kathryn Sugrue :: Siletz, OR Kathryn Weymouth :: Portland, OR
Kathy Chambers :: Portland, OR Kathy L. Kain :: Portland, OR Kathy S. Helfrich :: Eugene, OR
Kathy Shean-Jones :: Portland, OR Kathy Wilson :: Florence, OR Katie Brauns :: Florence, OR
Katie Deardorff :: Redmond, OR Katie Fleming :: Sublimity, OR Katie Sox :: Bend, OR
Katlyn Buxton :: Portland, OR Katrina Cooksley :: Corvallis, OR Katrina Hogan :: Newport, OR
Katrina Marshall :: Oakridge, OR Kattlin Owen :: Beaverton, OR Katy Caroline :: Portland, OR
Katy Taylor :: Bend, OR Katya Ashlyn Moghadam :: Sunriver, OR Kayla Ann Norwood :: Portland, OR
Kayla Folden :: Salem, OR Kayla Hall :: La Grande, OR Kayla Marie Shinneman :: McMinnville, OR
Kayla Mixer :: Saint Helens, OR Kayle Sandberg-Lewis :: Portland, OR Kaytlin T Lucas :: Portland, OR
KC Davidson :: Beaverton, OR Kelby Casale :: Portland, OR Kelcy Heerspink :: Portland, OR
Kelley Jean Schmautz :: Gresham, OR Kelley Rothenberger :: Saint Helens, OR Kelli Gray :: Central Point, OR
Kelly Anne Harrison :: Redmond, OR Kelly Ard :: Albany, OR Kelly Barrett :: Portland, OR
Kelly Barros :: McMinnville, OR Kelly Bates :: Grants Pass, OR Kelly Howard :: Portland, OR
Kelly Leis :: Gold Hill, OR Kelly McMullen :: Portland, OR Kelly Simons :: Creswell, OR
Kelly Vittoria :: Ashland, OR Kelsey Frank :: Eugene, OR Kelsey Khatter :: Eugene, OR
Kelsey Marie Kramer :: Tillamook, OR Kelsey Priest :: Oregon City, OR Kelsi Coulter :: Bend, OR
Kelsi Hart :: Happy Valley, OR Kelsi Hepler :: Sweet Home, OR Kelsi Tidball :: Elmira, OR
Kendra Lynne Bratherton :: Astoria, OR Kennedy Anoe :: Newberg, OR Keri Needles :: Beaverton, OR
Keri Sells :: Albany, OR Kerry Cadambi :: Portland, OR Kevin Kiggins :: Portland, OR
Kevin LaChapelle :: Portland, OR Kevin Maloney :: Eugene, OR Keyne Elia Webb :: Portland, OR
Kijrstin Minarsich :: Corvallis, OR Kiley Arleen Reynolds :: Cave Junction, OR Kim Bauer :: Mount Hood Parkdale, OR
Kim Ilene Grist :: Aurora, OR Kim Marie Hess :: Oregon City, OR Kim Schwartzenberger :: Portland, OR
Kimberley Cox :: Ontario, OR Kimberly A. Allen :: Winchester, OR Kimberly Ann Ziglinski :: Springfield, OR
Kimberly Gallagher :: Coquille, OR Kimberly Hall :: Ashland, OR Kimberly Kreutzer :: Medford, OR
Kimberly Lamborn :: Pleasant Hill, OR Kimberly Lively :: Salem, OR Kimberly Lovelace :: Portland, OR
Kimberly Metzler :: Pleasant Hill, OR Kimberly Morgan Quandt :: Hillsboro, OR Kimberly R. Beer :: Talent, OR
Kimberly Ray :: McMinnville, OR Kimberly Rogers :: Clackamas, OR Kimberly Seto :: Portland, OR
Kimberly Tambellini :: Rogue River, OR Kimberly Tews :: Seaside, OR Kipp Lachance :: Portland, OR
Kirsten McLellan :: Portland, OR Kirstin Davis :: Portland, OR Kirstin J. Schumaker :: Eugene, OR
Krissy Lindquist :: Portland, OR Krista Bisceglia :: Milwaukie, OR Krista Radetich :: Portland, OR
Kristel Eden Wonderly :: Salem, OR Kristen DeTienne :: Gresham, OR Kristen Humphrey :: Ashland, OR
Kristen Marie Chapin :: Portland, OR Kristen S. Anderson :: Eugene, OR Kristen S. Murphy :: Portland, OR
Kristen Seaton :: Sherwood, OR Kristi Kauffman :: Redmond, OR Kristi Reese :: Eugene, OR
Kristin Larson :: Ashland, OR Kristin Pote :: Corvallis, OR Kristin Suzan Tallmon-Murphy :: Beaverton, OR
Kristin Weber :: Corvallis, OR Kristina Morano :: Portland, OR Kristina Smith :: Portland, OR
Kristina Wendt :: Ontario, OR Kristine Alicia Okamoto :: Portland, OR Kristine Corrigan :: Grants Pass, OR
Kristine King :: Portland, OR Kristine V. Gosson :: Beaverton, OR Krizia Garcia :: Portland, OR
Krystina Thomas :: Milwaukie, OR Kyla Rachelle Coy :: Springfield, OR Kyle Pleasant :: Portland, OR
Kyle Rawlins :: Medford, OR Kyleen Brodie :: Jacksonville, OR L. Jean Lee :: Portland, OR
La Rissa Julia Hanson :: La Pine, OR Lacey Holland :: Portland, OR Lacey Jo Reiss :: Eugene, OR
Laila Ayyoub :: Corvallis, OR Landra K. Skovlin :: Enterprise, OR Lanea Welch :: Hillsboro, OR
Lanelle Piotrowski :: Medford, OR Lang Davison :: Portland, OR Laquita Carman :: Gresham, OR
Laura A. Phillips :: Portland, OR Laura Bowers :: Eugene, OR Laura Drayton :: Redmond, OR
Laura Eastmond :: Portland, OR Laura German-McCorkle :: West Linn, OR Laura Hill :: Portland, OR
Laura Mackie :: McMinnville, OR Laura Marie Taylor :: Portland, OR Laura Marinelli :: Ashland, OR
Laura Morris :: Portland, OR Laureen Sutton :: Talent, OR Laurel W. Wolfe Surles :: Beaverton, OR
Lauren Herskowitz :: Ashland, OR Lauren Katya Chattigre :: Beavercreek, OR Lauren Swick :: Portland, OR
Lauren Trzaskowski :: Eugene, OR Lauri Kisor :: Redmond, OR Laurie Ann Webber :: Portland, OR
Laurie Austin :: La Grande, OR Laurie E Volm :: Portland, OR Laurie M. Miller :: Florence, OR
Laurie Shepard :: Portland, OR Laurie Simpkins :: Cannon Beach, OR Lawrence Birch :: Corvallis, OR
Lawrence Kaufman :: Portland, OR Leah DeArmond :: Clackamas, OR Leah Kanach :: Portland, OR
Leah Waggerby :: Hubbard, OR Leann Johnston :: Bend, OR Lee Anthony Santa Ana :: Portland, OR
Lee Petmecky :: Redmond, OR Lee Schenkel :: Hillsboro, OR Leeann MacDonald :: North Bend, OR
Leila Ann Whitlock-Hauth :: Otis, OR Lenka Dresselhaus :: Portland, OR Lesley Moehle :: Ashland, OR
Lesli Hardy :: Bend, OR Leslie Madden :: Portland, OR Leslie S. Martinsen :: Lake Oswego, OR
Leslie Shawver :: Springfield, OR Leticia A. Grau :: Rhododendron, OR Leyla Menasche :: Portland, OR
Lia Rousset :: Florence, OR Liana Johnson :: Portland, OR Libby Kalkoske :: Redmond, OR
Liberty J Adams :: Gladstone, OR Lila Spiritwalker :: Rogue River, OR Lilliana Odilia Barrera :: Eugene, OR
Lily Lunnemann :: Eugene, OR Linda Dima :: Portland, OR Linda Hanson :: Portland, OR
Linda Hunt :: Portland, OR Linda Jutzi :: Milwaukie, OR Linda Lee Phelan :: Portland, OR
Linda Nyhus :: Corvallis, OR Lindsay Armstrong :: Portland, OR Lindsay Chapman :: Portland, OR
Lindsay Henny :: Silverton, OR Lindsay Johnson :: Portland, OR Lindsay Marie Leman :: Salem, OR
Lindsay Yemane :: Troutdale, OR Lindsey Elizabeth Smith :: Happy Valley, OR Lindsey Grund :: Portland, OR
Lindsey Kinna Reynolds :: Portland, OR Lindsey Lard :: Grants Pass, OR Lindsey Schacher :: Portland, OR
Ling Cai :: Portland, OR Lisa A. Fargo :: Tigard, OR Lisa Collins :: Portland, OR
Lisa D Bayer :: Boring, OR Lisa D Blake :: Portland, OR Lisa D Sullivan :: Portland, OR
Lisa D. Perry :: Hillsboro, OR Lisa Erb :: Dundee, OR Lisa Fulkerson :: Bend, OR
Lisa Hamilton :: Portland, OR Lisa Jo Matyasz Richards :: Portland, OR Lisa Johnston :: Central Point, OR
Lisa LaBounty :: Ashland, OR Lisa Lee :: Springfield, OR Lisa Legrand :: Grants Pass, OR
Lisa Lenard :: Grants Pass, OR Lisa Marie Payne :: Eugene, OR Lisa Middleton :: Sherwood, OR
Lisa Pacioretty :: Portland, OR Lisa R. Brunner, LMT :: Salem, OR Liza Walker :: Newport, OR
Lizette Blumes :: Portland, OR Lois Jones-Keller :: Portland, OR Lois Moody :: Scio, OR
Lonnie Gene Smith :: Central Point, OR Lora Edmiston :: Corvallis, OR Loretta Kay Orsborn :: Keizer, OR
Loretta M Grisaffi :: Portland, OR Lori A Alexander :: Portland, OR Lori Ann Ray :: Bend, OR
Lori Bettencourt :: Portland, OR Lori Burkey :: Monmouth, OR Lori Karreman :: Hillsboro, OR
Lori Nunes :: Bend, OR Lorraine Trump :: Banks, OR Lottie Lydia Arkham :: Cottage Grove, OR
Lucas Weiss :: Eugene, OR Lucritia Bartell :: Springfield, OR Luise Willson :: Portland, OR
Luna Pereira :: Portland, OR Lynn Dean :: Medford, OR Lynn Ellen Bischoff :: Brownsville, OR
Lynn Morrison :: Portland, OR Lynn Ryan :: Salem, OR Lynn Steckler :: Bend, OR
Lynn Van Allen :: Dallas, OR Lynn Van Norman :: Eugene, OR Lynne Schwartz :: Eugene, OR
Lynnea Aponte :: Springfield, OR Lyra Butler-Denman :: Portland, OR Lyssa McCready :: Ashland, OR
M. Eileen Hickey :: Portland, OR Mackenzie Maxine Sanderson :: Waldport, OR Mackenzie Whitley :: Ashland, OR
Madeline A. Beauvais :: Redmond, OR Madelyn L Vogt :: Beaverton, OR Maggi Hallock :: Lake Oswego, OR
Maggie Little-Reece :: Portland, OR Maggy A. Rose :: Eugene, OR Malena Freschi :: Portland, OR
Mallory Taylor :: Portland, OR Mandy Beeman :: Lake Oswego, OR Maranette Wilms :: Portland, OR
Marc Lyda :: Eugene, OR Marci Ann Martin :: Creswell, OR Marcie L. Howard :: Gleneden Beach, OR
Marcos Rodriguez :: Klamath Falls, OR Margaret Caro :: Corvallis, OR Margaret Donahue :: Eugene, OR
Margaret Kriz :: Corvallis, OR Margaret S. Eck Dykast :: Lebanon, OR Margarita Canizales :: Clatskanie, OR
Margie Stenson :: Blue River, OR Margot Mang :: Albany, OR Marguerite Doherty :: Portland, OR
Maria Apolinar Ancheita :: Hood River, OR Maria Hartrum :: Lebanon, OR Maria Loftin :: Eugene, OR
Maria Renner :: Portland, OR Maria Westerhoff :: Lowell, OR Mariah D. Borman :: Portland, OR
Mariah Nelson :: Toledo, OR Mariam Annette Doll :: Portland, OR Marian Wolfe Dixon :: Portland, OR
Mariana Orantes Blackstone :: Portland, OR Marie Skinner :: La Grande, OR Mariela Mendoza Gutierrez :: White City, OR
Mariette Ravet :: Ashland, OR Marijane Boyd :: Bend, OR Marilyn Froude :: Beaverton, OR
Marisa Kitchen :: Beaverton, OR Marissa Dorry :: Saint Helens, OR Mariya Zavyalova :: Portland, OR
Mark Beckwith :: Newport, OR Mark Davis :: Astoria, OR Mark Donahue :: Eugene, OR
Mark F Baker :: Portland, OR Mark Hemmerich :: Bend, OR Mark Lundy :: Springfield, OR
Marlena McNamara :: Ashland, OR Marley Kennedy :: Corvallis, OR Marsha Easterday :: Tigard, OR
Marsha McArthur :: Fairview, OR Marta Cuboni :: Eugene, OR Marta Molloy :: Beaverton, OR
Marta Molloy :: Portland, OR Martha G. Hyatt :: Beaverton, OR Martha Lange :: Portland, OR
Martha Meg Blanchet :: Eugene, OR Marti Darcangelo :: Warrenton, OR Martin Black :: Albany, OR
Martin Mohr :: Albany, OR Martin Villegas :: Beaverton, OR Marty A. Dawson :: Portland, OR
Marvin S. Finger, Jr. :: Eugene, OR Mary Alyse Conley :: Jacksonville, OR Mary Ann Hawkins :: Bandon, OR
Mary Ann Ray :: Portland, OR Mary Barrett :: Cove, OR Mary Elizabeth Lunsford :: Hermiston, OR
Mary Elizabeth Tindall :: Milwaukie, OR Mary Ellen Terlikowski :: Portland, OR Mary Everitt :: Portland, OR
Mary F. Boyd :: Beaverton, OR Mary F. Najera :: Portland, OR Mary Frances Taunton :: Portland, OR
Mary Gallinger :: Portland, OR Mary Kibbe :: Portland, OR Mary Kirkpatrick :: Eugene, OR
Mary L. Haines :: Eugene, OR Mary M. McClain :: Portland, OR Mary Pfotzer-Greenwood :: Salem, OR
Mary Purdy :: Silverton, OR Mary Ransome :: West Linn, OR Marybeth Howell :: Ashland, OR
MaryJane Remer-Veatch :: Portland, OR Masami Nielsen :: Eugene, OR Mason Moore :: Portland, OR
Mathew Schwar :: Portland, OR Matthew Adams :: Clackamas, OR Matthew Gray :: Corvallis, OR
Matthew J. Adair :: Eugene, OR Matthew Kerrigan :: Portland, OR Matthew McCurdy :: Sisters, OR
Matthew Myers :: Astoria, OR Matthew Robinson :: Central Point, OR Matthew Schulman :: Portland, OR
Maureen Barteling :: Bend, OR Maureen Boksa :: Ashland, OR Maureen Elaine Quinn :: Baker City, OR
Maureen Patricia Herman :: Portland, OR Maxx Newberry :: Eugene, OR Maya Gillam :: Portland, OR
Maya Humphries :: Damascus, OR Mckensy Alyce Lounsbury :: Silverton, OR Mckenzie Wilcox :: Sisters, OR
Meadow Goldman :: Portland, OR Meagan Anne Freed :: Portland, OR Meagen Alm :: Portland, OR
Meaghan Bull :: Bend, OR Megan Kieres :: West Linn, OR Megan Lynn Cochran :: Coburg, OR
Megan Monte :: Grants Pass, OR Megan Pardee :: Portland, OR Megan Porter :: Portland, OR
Megan R. Romero :: La Pine, OR Megan Suter :: Portland, OR Megan Vandehey :: Portland, OR
Meghan Jenkins :: Portland, OR Meghan Quinn :: Eugene, OR Melanie Ann Foster :: Salem, OR
Melanie Bissonnette :: Portland, OR Melanie Finnipot :: Portland, OR Melea Poffenberger :: Eugene, OR
Melinda Apodaca :: West Linn, OR Melinda Kelly :: Happy Valley, OR Melinda Ray :: Beaverton, OR
Melisa Parker :: Newberg, OR Melissa A. Murphy :: Albany, OR Melissa Abraham :: Portland, OR
Melissa Bailey :: Grants Pass, OR Melissa Boyd :: Wilsonville, OR Melissa Candy :: Medford, OR
Melissa Carlson :: Eagle Point, OR Melissa Casey :: Portland, OR Melissa Colleen Swails :: Gresham, OR
Melissa Foutch :: Portland, OR Melissa Joy Allred :: Portland, OR Melissa Ketrenos :: Portland, OR
Melissa Kieffer :: Portland, OR Melissa Luna :: Manzanita, OR Melissa Wilson :: Central Point, OR
Melodie Balmer :: Salem, OR Melodie N. Chouard :: Ashland, OR Melody M. Morton Gandy :: Eugene, OR
Melody Pace :: Portland, OR Merrill Moore :: Eugene, OR Michael Arthur :: Portland, OR
Michael Carrick :: Eugene, OR Michael Donawa :: Eugene, OR Michael Giles :: Philomath, OR
Michael Grunwald :: Wilsonville, OR Michael Habetz :: Portland, OR Michael Jon Cline :: Salem, OR
Michael Kistler :: Portland, OR Michael L Winn :: Eugene, OR Michael McMahon :: Portland, OR
Michael P. Collins :: Portland, OR Michael Pooler :: Eugene, OR Michael Robert Denning :: Albany, OR
Michael Sexton :: Portland, OR Michael Snyder :: John Day, OR Michael Tre Cline :: Salem, OR
Michael Valenti :: Portland, OR Michele Garcia :: Beaverton, OR Michele Laurel :: Seal Rock, OR
Michele Ross Rockwell :: Bend, OR Michele Stokes :: Portland, OR Michele Wren :: Portland, OR
Michell Arellano :: Portland, OR Michelle Angilletta :: Florence, OR Michelle Arlene Thorstrom :: Bend, OR
Michelle Jean Meadows :: Portland, OR Michelle Johnson :: Sherwood, OR Michelle Joyce :: Eugene, OR
Michelle L. Blake :: Salem, OR Michelle Ness :: Salem, OR Michelle R. Friedman :: Portland, OR
Michelle Read :: Portland, OR Michelle Renae Walker :: Damascus, OR Michelle Thioub :: Portland, OR
Michelle Torrez :: Rogue River, OR Michelle Whipps :: Medford, OR Michi Okuda :: Eugene, OR
Miel E. Nelson :: Portland, OR Miho Purcell :: Portland, OR Mika Myers :: Salem, OR
Mikayla Boyd :: Beaverton, OR Millie Thomas :: Eugene, OR Mimoza Ismaili :: Portland, OR
Mindy Todd :: Portland, OR Minny Purinton :: Bend, OR Miranda LaRaut :: Portland, OR
Miranda Rae Flores :: Roseburg, OR Misty Dawn Gibbs :: Springfield, OR Molly Arvin :: Bend, OR
Molly Guidette :: Eugene, OR Molly McKee Nickson :: Hood River, OR Molly Pearl Peters :: Portland, OR
Molly Routson :: The Dalles, OR Mona Green :: Redmond, OR Monica Geissler :: Portland, OR
Monica Jean Kuntz :: Bend, OR Monica Welty-Walker :: Portland, OR Monika Piatt :: Bend, OR
Montana Creekmore :: Medford, OR Morgan Amburn :: Sandy, OR Morgan Reichert :: Portland, OR
Moriah Rose Gingerich :: Sweet Home, OR Mrs. Heather Thompson :: Astoria, OR Ms. Lahya Monier Bahador :: Portland, OR
Nadya Cam :: Silverton, OR Nadya Kielhorn :: Milwaukie, OR Nanci J. Doherty :: Oregon City, OR
Nancie Hines :: Portland, OR Nancy Dake :: La Grande, OR Nancy E. Zi :: Gold Beach, OR
Nancy Jackson :: Seaside, OR Nancy Joy Joeckel :: Rogue River, OR Nancy Larson :: Bend, OR
Nancy Martin :: Silverton, OR Nancy Naranjo :: West Linn, OR Natalie Burke :: Portland, OR
Natalie Davis :: Yamhill, OR Natalie Hockett :: Eugene, OR Natalie Petersen :: Portland, OR
Natasha Daugherty :: Springfield, OR Natasha Rae Liedkie :: Salem, OR Nathan Furumasu :: Salem, OR
Nathan Markovich :: Ashland, OR Nava Demaris :: Oregon City, OR Neissan Saber :: Lake Oswego, OR
Nelly Sanchez :: Coos Bay, OR Nicholas Bradshaw :: Portland, OR Nicholas Conklin Barto :: Hillsboro, OR
Nicholas Forsberg :: Salem, OR Nick d'Alonzo :: Milwaukie, OR Nicola Stackhouse :: Portland, OR
Nicole Baker :: Portland, OR Nicole Ekika Yaeko Wilhelm-Wilson :: Forest Grove, OR Nicole Hale :: Dallas, OR
Nicole L Mitchell :: Portland, OR Nicole Michelle Hand :: North Bend, OR Nicole Michelle Sanders :: Wilsonville, OR
Nicole Nesser :: Portland, OR Nicole Oakland :: Portland, OR Nicole R. Sulick :: Oakridge, OR
Nicole Strasser :: Portland, OR Nicole Taber :: Winston, OR Nicole Young :: Beaverton, OR
Nicolette Marie Wood :: Portland, OR Nikki Weaver :: Portland, OR Nina Sullivan :: Springfield, OR
Nora Richards :: Corvallis, OR Norma Ashley :: Newberg, OR Nye Walker :: Portland, OR
Nyeema Maria LaMare :: Portland, OR Ocatilla Seiber :: Portland, OR Olivia Ann Freeman :: Oakridge, OR
Olivia Camenga :: Portland, OR Olivia F. Dell :: Portland, OR Olivia Kellar :: Portland, OR
Orion J. Johnson :: Hillsboro, OR Pablo Cohen :: Portland, OR Pacita R. Hawk :: Lincoln City, OR
Paige Jones :: Portland, OR Pam Richards :: Hillsboro, OR Pam Worthington :: Portland, OR
Pamela Alexander :: Portland, OR Pamela B. Boyatt :: Eugene, OR Pamela Hampton :: Salem, OR
Pamela Lundsten :: Silverton, OR Pamela R. Rice :: Neotsu, OR Pamela Sundin-Hart :: Beaverton, OR
Pamela Werner :: Corvallis, OR Pamela Wittenburg :: Carlton, OR Patra Conley :: Portland, OR
Patrice Finn :: Milwaukie, OR Patrice J. Morency :: Manzanita, OR Patrice Tilka :: Portland, OR
Patricia Ann Bravante Alvarez :: Bend, OR Patricia Ann Stevens :: Portland, OR Patricia E. Collins :: Portland, OR
Patricia Morgan Devos-Rosemarin :: Eugene, OR Patrick Chambers :: Tualatin, OR Patti Brown :: Tualatin, OR
Pattie Lo :: Portland, OR Patty Louisiana :: Albany, OR Paul Haygood :: Williams, OR
Paul Stoaks :: Portland, OR Paul William Schlesinger :: Portland, OR Paula Maybee :: West Linn, OR
Paula Pilcher :: Portland, OR Paula Sandberg Craven :: Grand Ronde, OR Paula Schulz :: Cannon Beach, OR
Paulette Thomas :: Salem, OR Peggy Damewood :: Eugene, OR Penne Phifer :: Culver, OR
Penny Harrison :: Beaverton, OR Penny L. Hill :: Portland, OR Peter Frank :: Saint Helens, OR
Peter Hartman :: Corvallis, OR Peter Julian Johnson :: Eugene, OR Philip Whitmore :: Ashland, OR
Phoebe MacRae :: Portland, OR Phoenix Liu :: Portland, OR Phyllis F. Nasta :: Portland, OR
Polonca Marx :: Portland, OR Quimby Lombardozzi :: Portland, OR Rachael Cone :: McMinnville, OR
Rachael Nordquist :: Portland, OR Rachel Bouton :: Portland, OR Rachel Brigid Coleman Lesire :: Silverton, OR
Rachel Craig :: Bend, OR Rachel Eden Gene :: Portland, OR Rachel Larsen :: Gresham, OR
Rachel Lee Young :: Bandon, OR Rachel Marie Mohr :: Milwaukie, OR Rachel N. Smith :: Ashland, OR
Rachel Owen :: Portland, OR Rachel Sheard :: Oregon City, OR Rachel Wolfe :: Eugene, OR
Rachell White :: White City, OR Rachel-Lyn Rogers :: Salem, OR Raelynn Keron :: Hood River, OR
Rainey Taylor :: Detroit, OR Raini Spring McPhate :: Portland, OR Ralph Sawyer :: Gresham, OR
Ramilton Franco :: Beaverton, OR Randal Watson :: Ashland, OR Randi Michelle Doolaege :: O Brien, OR
Ranee Forrette :: Wilsonville, OR Ranie Baker :: Medford, OR Raven Borgilt :: Talent, OR
Reanna Meisner :: Days Creek, OR Reathel Earl Geary :: Eugene, OR Rebecca Bamberg :: Hillsboro, OR
Rebecca Bjornson :: Ashland, OR Rebecca Chandler :: Ashland, OR Rebecca Clare Ryder-Naber :: Portland, OR
Rebecca Fernaine :: Wilsonville, OR Rebecca Harrison :: Portland, OR Rebecca McCall :: Scappoose, OR
Rebecca McMackin :: Molalla, OR Rebecca Minifie :: Dundee, OR Rebecca O'Brien :: Bend, OR
Rebecca Schwartzenberger :: Portland, OR Rebecca Shapiro :: Portland, OR Rebecca Snuggs :: Beaverton, OR
Rebecca Sue Cunningham :: Burns, OR Rebekah V L Durham :: Medford, OR Rebekka Cole :: Portland, OR
Regina Fagrey :: Corvallis, OR Regina M. Callahan :: Bend, OR Regina Perez :: Salem, OR
Regina S. Roland :: Beaverton, OR Renee Goodson :: Corvallis, OR Renee Rocheleau :: Corvallis, OR
Reneé Sorseth :: Eugene, OR Reva Whitson :: Myrtle Creek, OR Rhonda (Lia) Hilliard :: Mount Vernon, OR
Rhonda Hockett :: Lebanon, OR Richard Bailey :: Springfield, OR Richard Blatt :: Portland, OR
Richard Curtis :: Gresham, OR Richard Dowling :: Eagle Point, OR Richard Freitag :: Portland, OR
Richard Seltzer :: Klamath Falls, OR Rinda Clark :: Estacada, OR Risa Hearn :: Bend, OR
Rita B Hebbeler :: Portland, OR Riva Johnson :: Bend, OR Robbin Hemsley Durkee :: Phoenix, OR
Robert Bike :: Eugene, OR Robert Davison :: Roseburg, OR Robert Harrold :: Portland, OR
Robert Heider :: Beaverton, OR Robert John Nelson :: Portland, OR Robert Sirch :: Portland, OR
Robert White :: Corvallis, OR Robert Wilson :: Lincoln City, OR Roberta L. Peterson :: Medford, OR
Robin Cyphers :: West Linn, OR Robin M. Alexander :: Walterville, OR Robin Moralli :: Brookings, OR
Robin Nash Martin :: Salem, OR Robin Nicole Sproed :: Roseburg, OR Robin Sampson :: Beaverton, OR
Robin Ward :: Lake Oswego, OR Rochelle Bradley :: Hillsboro, OR Rollin Kuhn :: Portland, OR
Ronald J. Patt :: Beaverton, OR Ronda L. McMurtry :: Central Point, OR Rosalyn Light :: Ashland, OR
Rose Jade :: Newport, OR Rose Marie Leonardi :: Salem, OR Rose Sharma :: Portland, OR
Roseanna Colabella :: Portland, OR RoseAnne Lawrence :: Portland, OR Roxann L. Weger :: Corvallis, OR
Roxanne Faye O'Hara :: Eugene, OR Roxanne Young :: Milwaukie, OR Roxy Ann Lyon :: Portland, OR
Roy Yeong Lee :: Happy Valley, OR Royce Bivens :: Medford, OR Rubi Sullivan :: Portland, OR
Ruby Buchanan :: Corvallis, OR Runa Kahan :: Portland, OR Ruth Danielson :: Eugene, OR
Ruth Sayers :: Bend, OR Ryan Cole :: Glide, OR Ryan Daniel Conner :: Phoenix, OR
Ryan Kaufman :: Portland, OR Ryan Limbaugh :: Beaverton, OR Sabina Pariser :: Portland, OR
Sabrina Merritt :: Terrebonne, OR Sabrina Rose Alvarez :: Newberg, OR Saliha Robin Abrams :: Portland, OR
Sally Miller :: Oregon City, OR Sally Wiley :: Eugene, OR Samantha Curtis :: Beaverton, OR
Samantha Giblin :: Dallas, OR Samantha Holtey :: Central Point, OR Samantha Paquette :: Portland, OR
Samantha Suter :: Beaverton, OR Samanthea Grace :: Ashland, OR Samuel Hobbs :: Cornelius, OR
Sande Mullany :: Portland, OR Sandra Norris Wheeler :: Ashland, OR Sandra Pullella :: Portland, OR
Sanna Lee Solem :: Portland, OR Sara A Carlstrom :: Newberg, OR Sara Agbayani :: Beaverton, OR
Sara Andrea Arguello-Martin :: Hillsboro, OR Sara Champion :: Medford, OR Sara Coxen :: Newport, OR
Sara E Greenhouse :: Portland, OR Sara Haase :: Portland, OR Sara Johnstone :: Gresham, OR
Sara Lebeck :: Portland, OR Sara Marie Sabandal :: Portland, OR Sara McRae :: Eugene, OR
Sara Melissa Lister :: Albany, OR Sara Sherman :: Eugene, OR Sarah Ann Rajnus :: Bend, OR
Sarah Baker :: Klamath Falls, OR Sarah Basko :: Portland, OR Sarah Beal :: Eugene, OR
Sarah Bottomly :: Gold Hill, OR Sarah Carter :: Ashland, OR Sarah Cooper :: Springfield, OR
Sarah Doberneck :: Portland, OR Sarah E. Colarchik :: West Linn, OR Sarah EJ Hall :: Portland, OR
Sarah Elise Plude :: Portland, OR Sarah Elizabeth Pagen :: Eugene, OR Sarah Gramm Wolf :: Beaverton, OR
Sarah Jeanne Grumbling :: Portland, OR Sarah Jo Reinking :: Newberg, OR Sarah La Rosa :: Jacksonville, OR
Sarah McElroy :: Central Point, OR Sarah McLaughlin :: Portland, OR Sarah Moses :: Central Point, OR
Sarah Peters :: Coburg, OR Sarah Rennick :: Medford, OR Sarah Retzer :: Portland, OR
Sarah Rose Morgan :: Portland, OR Sarah Schlamp :: Oregon City, OR Sarah Stanze :: Portland, OR
Sarah Steller :: Portland, OR Sarah Taylor :: Gresham, OR Sarah Watson :: Portland, OR
Sarah Zimmerman :: Eugene, OR Sasha Varma Arora :: Hood River, OR Satya Lee :: Eugene, OR
Savanna Schaan :: The Dalles, OR Savannah Hanson :: Talent, OR Savannah Roberson :: Portland, OR
Scott D. Michaels :: Gresham, OR Scott Kendall Hills :: Beaverton, OR Scott MacLowry :: Bend, OR
Sea Cummins :: Portland, OR Sean Dunn :: Otis, OR Sean Vierra :: Eugene, OR
Secilia Gonzalez-Andrade :: Central Point, OR Sefana Wilde :: Portland, OR Selené Dobson :: Burns, OR
Serah Mills :: Portland, OR Serena Christian :: Eugene, OR Serena Scaglione :: Portland, OR
Shakti Gae Harding :: Cottage Grove, OR Shana Christensen :: Silverton, OR Shana Scull :: Gresham, OR
Shanell Swick :: Springfield, OR Shaney Rockefeller :: Vale, OR Shannon Adams :: Beaverton, OR
Shannon Brooke Northroup :: Mount Hood Parkdale, OR Shannon I. Gaul :: Lake Oswego, OR Shannon O'Brien :: Portland, OR
Shannon Tinder :: Ashland, OR Shanta Prescott :: Portland, OR Shara Elaine Franks :: Stanfield, OR
Sharlene Reed :: Redmond, OR Sharon Lea Steiner :: Eugene, OR Sharon Marie Henry :: Bend, OR
Sharon Sweet :: Florence, OR Shasta Green :: Wilsonville, OR Shasta Williams :: Milwaukie, OR
Shaun Cooper :: Klamath Falls, OR Shaun Wilcox :: Corvallis, OR Shauna Dale Sonoda :: Beaverton, OR
Shawn Lavallee :: Silver Lake, OR Shawna Hartley :: Salem, OR Shawna Millar :: Bend, OR
Shawna Ray :: Sheridan, OR Shay Law :: Oregon City, OR Shayna Swan :: Beaverton, OR
Sheila C Quintero :: Jordan Valley, OR Sheila Harper Beveridge :: Astoria, OR Sheila L Johnson :: Bandon, OR
Sheila Resari :: Portland, OR Shelda Carlock :: Pleasant Hill, OR Shelly Henderson :: Tualatin, OR
Shelly Stephenson :: Portland, OR Sheri Gaston-Mihacsi :: Hood River, OR Sheri Hickey :: Hermiston, OR
Sheri M. Ferrigno :: Canby, OR Sheridan Kepler Long :: Portland, OR Sherri Clark :: Salem, OR
Sherri Endres :: Portland, OR Sherrie Guilmette :: Lake Oswego, OR Sherrie Guilmette :: Tualatin, OR
Sherrie Sims :: Dexter, OR Sherry Tran :: Bend, OR Sheryl A. Fendall :: Newberg, OR
Shipra Trika :: Portland, OR Shyla Colovos :: Prineville, OR Sidney Leigh :: Salem, OR
Sierra Valarida :: Keizer, OR Signy Erickson :: Bend, OR Sinthea Hunt :: Albany, OR
Sita Devi-Dasi :: Ashland, OR Skylar Joel Harris-Stoddard :: Portland, OR Skyler Arnoux :: Keizer, OR
Solse Mara Sheran :: Bend, OR Sonja Mellquist :: Portland, OR Sonja Yamin :: Tigard, OR
Sonya King :: Portland, OR Soo Gyung Son :: Portland, OR Spencer Leek :: Portland, OR
Stacey Hankins :: Beaverton, OR Stacia N. Criswell :: Brookings, OR Stacy E. Sellers :: Eugene, OR
Stacy Graves :: Eugene, OR Stacy Walberg :: Sweet Home, OR Stefanie Fleck :: Medford, OR
Stefanie Marie Chew :: Springfield, OR Stefany A Beall :: Bend, OR Stephanie Booker :: Medford, OR
Stephanie Lavon Trotter :: Portland, OR Stephanie Marie Renfro :: Dallas, OR Stephanie Myers :: Grants Pass, OR
Stephanie O'Donnell-Peters :: Portland, OR Stephanie Pelca :: Banks, OR Stephanie Pinder Paris :: West Linn, OR
Stephanie Poirier :: Bend, OR Stephanie Shrum :: Ashland, OR Stephanie Shrum :: Klamath Falls, OR
Stephanie Temple :: Pendleton, OR Stephanie Watkins :: Beaverton, OR Stephen Allario :: Ashland, OR
Stephen Grogg :: Portland, OR Stephen J. Raff :: West Linn, OR Stephen P. Levy :: Portland, OR
Stephen Weis :: Portland, OR Steve J. Davis :: Lake Oswego, OR Steve J. Davis :: Portland, OR
Steven Brodsky :: Eugene, OR Steven Dominguez :: Ashland, OR Steven Glaser :: Ashland, OR
Steven Slayton :: Clackamas, OR Stuart Raub-Gregg :: Medford, OR Sue Johanna Bouman :: Ashland, OR
Sue Mclellan Kelley :: Newport, OR Summer Sunshine Bock :: Salem, OR Susan Bahn :: Grants Pass, OR
Susan Clarke :: Wilsonville, OR Susan Ferreira :: Portland, OR Susan Hall :: Bend, OR
Susan Herr :: Silverton, OR Susan Hones :: Beaverton, OR Susan Hope Chapman :: Portland, OR
Susan Jean Miller :: Eugene, OR Susan Koharski :: Bandon, OR Susan LaVerne Catto :: Brookings, OR
Susan M Shell :: Portland, OR Susan M. Carlson :: Portland, OR Susan Marie Holzem :: Portland, OR
Susan Wallace :: Ashland, OR Susannah Graven :: Medford, OR Suskia Vuong :: Milwaukie, OR
Sussanne Maleki :: Corvallis, OR Suzanne Kelley :: Bend, OR Suzanne Speer :: Beaverton, OR
Suzanne Vorachek :: Salem, OR Suzi Maresh :: Albany, OR Suzie Wagner :: Grants Pass, OR
Sylvia Allred :: Portland, OR Tabbitha Wolfe :: Portland, OR Tabitha Patterson :: Corbett, OR
Tabitha Renee Thurston :: Lake Oswego, OR Tabitha Sandu :: Bend, OR Tahnee Freitas :: Grants Pass, OR
Talah Alem :: Talent, OR Talece Romano Osorio :: Eugene, OR Talley K. Dunn :: Central Point, OR
Tamara Campbell :: Eugene, OR Tamara Jean Hughes :: Eugene, OR Tamara Starodubtseva :: Eugene, OR
Tamas Bessenyei :: Bend, OR Tammy J. Holder :: Portland, OR Tammy Kjar :: Springfield, OR
Tammy Lea Wise :: Eugene, OR Tammy McGill :: Beaverton, OR Tamra Bokal :: Ashland, OR
Tanya Jo Ward :: Beaverton, OR Tanya K Tannenbaum :: Portland, OR Tanya McClinton :: Eugene, OR
Tanya P. Randall :: Bend, OR Tanya Woods :: Portland, OR Tara Ellan Kemnitz :: Gresham, OR
Tara Gatz :: Hood River, OR Tara M. Szalewski :: Reedsport, OR Tasha McDaniels :: Milwaukie, OR
Tawnya Grogan :: Silverton, OR Taya Louise Newton :: Sisters, OR Tayler Brady Waddell :: Medford, OR
Taylor J. Mohr :: Portland, OR Teresa Fugit :: Newberg, OR Teresa Furukawa :: Salem, OR
Teresa Jenne :: Willamina, OR Teresa Lundy :: Portland, OR Teresa Vazquez :: Corvallis, OR
Terese Jaeger :: Beaverton, OR Teri Myers :: Cheshire, OR Terry L. Jordan :: Lake Oswego, OR
Terry L. Simmons :: Salem, OR Terry Tupes :: Dexter, OR Tessa Rose Miller :: Dayton, OR
Theresa Braunstein :: Portland, OR Theresa Elaine Day :: Milwaukie, OR Theresa Long :: Lincoln City, OR
Theresa Renee Seifer :: Silverton, OR Therese Bauer :: Eugene, OR Therese Schroeder-Sheker :: Mount Angel, OR
Thomas A. Westran :: Hillsboro, OR Tiffany Ann Clarkin :: Merlin, OR Tiffany Fraser :: Albany, OR
Tiffany Pitts :: Junction City, OR Tiffany Slottke :: Portland, OR Timothy Brian Bisby :: Bend, OR
Timothy L. Seaton :: Portland, OR Timothy R. Monaco :: Bend, OR Timothy Reinhardt :: Portland, OR
Timothy Serafin :: Albany, OR Tina Clothier :: Dallas, OR Tina N Thomas :: Portland, OR
Tina Winpigler :: Dallas, OR Tine Lemmens :: Portland, OR Tisha Lawrence :: Oregon City, OR
Todd R. Pennington :: Portland, OR Todd Timothy Bjornson :: Ashland, OR Toni Jolovich :: Bend, OR
Tonia Johnson :: Springfield, OR Tonia Rose Smith :: Albany, OR Tonia Zabloudil :: Eugene, OR
Tonnie White :: Forest Grove, OR Torria Lee :: Portland, OR Tracey Jane Koehler :: La Grande, OR
Tracey Rhodes :: Eagle Point, OR Tracie Manso :: Eugene, OR Tracy Burkholder :: Portland, OR
Tracy Byle :: White City, OR Tracy Deal :: Medford, OR Tracy Mattner :: Portland, OR
Tracy Snyder :: Salem, OR Travis Whalen :: Medford, OR Tresa Beaver :: Eugene, OR
Tricia Weber :: Oregon City, OR Trista Wynne :: Beaverton, OR Trista Wynne :: Gresham, OR
Tristan Soderberg :: Eugene, OR Tristan Stein :: The Dalles, OR Trout America :: Ashland, OR
Troy Cypress Broadnax :: Eugene, OR Tyler Eldin Kragerud :: Bend, OR Ulyana Seryankina :: Lake Oswego, OR
Vaia N-H Potter :: Ashland, OR Val Schlaht :: Grants Pass, OR Valencia Martina Arciniega :: Forest Grove, OR
Valerie Fitzgerald :: Newberg, OR Valerie Leggett :: Bend, OR Valerie Ozgenc :: Springfield, OR
Valynn Mohorich :: Forest Grove, OR Vanessa Hartman :: Corvallis, OR Vanessa Linnea Shumate :: Portland, OR
Vanessa Peterson :: Cottage Grove, OR Vanessa Purcell :: Beaverton, OR Venecia Battaglia :: Portland, OR
Venessa Johnson :: Talent, OR Vicki Dove :: Jacksonville, OR Vicki Rounds :: Beaverton, OR
Vickie Lou Rader Belknap :: Central Point, OR Victor Barreda-Pazos :: Portland, OR Victoria Devore :: Medford, OR
Victoria Diane Huston :: Portland, OR Victoria Konradson :: Redmond, OR Victoria McLean :: Salem, OR
Viktorija Elkins :: Salem, OR Virginia Karr :: Wilsonville, OR Virginia Noyes :: Dallas, OR
Walter Carell, III :: Eugene, OR Wendi Albro :: Portland, OR Wendi Westbrook :: Oregon City, OR
Wendy Ann Martin Maris :: Eugene, OR Wendy B. Loren :: Eugene, OR Wendy Cornell :: Grants Pass, OR
Wendy Doran :: Eugene, OR Wendy J. Bertolino :: Grants Pass, OR Wendy Jessup :: Redmond, OR
Wendy L. Marshall :: Albany, OR Wendy McKee :: Portland, OR Wendy Rundel :: Ashland, OR
Wendy Ryder :: Salem, OR Whitney Elizabeth Howe :: Eugene, OR Whitney Lowe :: Sisters, OR
Will Samuelson :: Eugene, OR Willa Hopkins :: Murphy, OR Willa Thomas :: Hillsboro, OR
William Hallett :: Portland, OR William Mayes :: Aloha, OR William Ritter :: Tigard, OR
William Robert Terrall :: Bend, OR William W. Turner :: Sisters, OR Willoughby Francis Cooke :: Portland, OR
Willow Ryan :: Scappoose, OR Wynter Leigh Byrnes :: Portland, OR Yaffa Rosenthal :: Talent, OR
Yelena Goldashkin :: Woodburn, OR Yenling Pan :: Portland, OR Yuki Lepore :: Lake Oswego, OR
Yvonne Donisi Sassone :: Eugene, OR Yvonne Vleer :: Portland, OR Zachary Sabbah :: Portland, OR
Zakarie Sanches Aguirre :: Beaverton, OR Zena L. Palmer :: Medford, OR Zeora Sage :: Yachats, OR
Ziestus Lanuza :: Beaverton, OR Zorina Angel :: Portland, OR  
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