Massage Therapists in South Dakota
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Legislative Information for South Dakota Massage Therapy Board
PO Box 1062
Sioux Falls, SD 57101
Tel: 605-271-7103
Fax: 605-331-2043

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Title: Licensed Massage Therapist
Requirement: 500 hours, NCETMB or MBLEx and CPR
Renewal: 8 hrs/2 yrs

Adam Hosch :: Sturgis, SD Amanda Harvey :: Rapid City, SD Amanda Leigh Barfoth :: Rapid City, SD
Amanda Navarro :: Rapid City, SD Amber Comes :: Rapid City, SD Amber Seifert :: Yankton, SD
Angela A. Polly :: Brookings, SD Angie L. Jones :: Trail City, SD Anna Hatle :: Spearfish, SD
Anna Mae Rud :: Brookings, SD Anne M. Mueller :: Rapid City, SD Annie Yakusan Loyd :: Rapid City, SD
April Johnson :: Spearfish, SD Ashley Cleveland :: Sisseton, SD Ashley E Fluth :: Sioux Falls, SD
Ashley Marie Kowalski :: Sioux Falls, SD Barbara Clements :: Mitchell, SD Barbara Hageman :: Madison, SD
Barbara S. Ballensky :: Vermillion, SD Barbara Trevett :: Sioux Falls, SD Becky E. Jensen :: Burbank, SD
Becky Pfitzer :: Mobridge, SD Bobbi Jo Buchholz :: Rapid City, SD Bobbi Poindexter :: Pierre, SD
Bonae G. Vonheeder :: Hot Springs, SD Brandee Henwood-Long :: Pierre, SD Bridget Zuvela :: Rapid City, SD
Brittany N. Harwood :: Black Hawk, SD Brooke Knoeppel :: Sioux Falls, SD Bryan Broussard :: Rapid City, SD
Candice Larsen :: Rapid City, SD Carly Evans :: Aberdeen, SD Carrie Palmlund :: Sioux Falls, SD
Cassi Aulner :: Rapid City, SD Cathleen Moulton-Posey :: Bruce, SD Chantelle Emond Williamson :: Rapid City, SD
Christel Vizecky :: Sioux Falls, SD Christel Vizecky :: Sioux Falls, SD Cindy Bechard :: Pierre, SD
Cindy Davis :: Belle Fourche, SD Cindy Wilson :: Harrisburg, SD Colleen Lee Connell :: Gann Valley, SD
Courtney Ahlgren :: Spearfish, SD Crystal A. Domeyer :: Monroe, SD Crystal M. Tounsley :: Madison, SD
Cynthia Koppatschek :: Toronto, SD Daisy Ann Gebel :: Sioux Falls, SD Daniel Carson :: Mc Laughlin, SD
Daniel Jensen :: Sioux Falls, SD Danielle Lindholm :: Colton, SD Danielle Rivera :: Sioux Falls, SD
Danielle Sargent :: Rapid City, SD Dawn Day :: Pierre, SD Dayna Vosberg :: Sioux Falls, SD
Debbie Embree :: Black Hawk, SD Deborah Helen Yoder :: Sioux Falls, SD Debra Rae Nevill :: Sioux Falls, SD
Debra Sue Foltz :: Rosholt, SD Denise Steele :: Rapid City, SD Derik Hai :: Sioux Falls, SD
Diane Percevich :: Deadwood, SD Dina Marie Fulton :: Sioux Falls, SD Domonique Thompson :: Sioux Falls, SD
Doris Ann Brunsen :: Mitchell, SD Dorothy Louise Schwab :: Andover, SD Dusty Brown :: Sioux Falls, SD
Eileen Meyer :: Watertown, SD Elaine Keats Noyes :: Rapid City, SD Emily Jerde :: Reva, SD
Emily Strnad :: Rapid City, SD Emily Torgerson :: Big Stone City, SD Erika Cobb :: Mitchell, SD
Erin Leach :: Sioux Falls, SD Esmeralda Moonchild :: Rapid City, SD Ethelyn Schaeffer :: Sioux Falls, SD
Eugenia M. Vagnino :: Ramona, SD Gina Buchanan :: Brandon, SD Glenda Dempsey :: Sisseton, SD
Gloria Brooks Nichol :: Sioux Falls, SD Gwendolyn Young :: Spearfish, SD Haley Baye :: Box Elder, SD
Hannah Gengler :: Beresford, SD Hannah Lorenz :: Onida, SD Heather D. Payden :: Tea, SD
Heather Gross-Thrash :: Black Hawk, SD Heather Jenner :: Hermosa, SD Heather Lensegrav :: Rapid City, SD
Hisayo Kilde :: Big Stone City, SD Holly Ehresmann :: Rapid City, SD Holly Link :: Sioux Falls, SD
J.D. Anderson :: Faulkton, SD James Mathis :: Mount Vernon, SD James Robert Benney :: Sioux Falls, SD
Janae Christine Fitzpatrick :: Box Elder, SD Janeen Canfield :: Spearfish, SD Janelle M. Modlin :: Elk Point, SD
Janene K Papendick :: Aberdeen, SD Janet D. Kosar :: Aberdeen, SD Jason Daniel Garza :: Garretson, SD
Jeanna Richards :: Rapid City, SD Jeanne A. Butler :: Rapid City, SD Jeanne Lee Backhaus :: Belle Fourche, SD
Jenna Catalano :: Mitchell, SD Jenna Duarte :: Brandon, SD Jennifer Buckley :: Keystone, SD
Jennifer Caesar :: Rapid City, SD Jennifer Dunn :: Watertown, SD Jennifer Freeman :: Rapid City, SD
Jennifer Jadari :: Belle Fourche, SD Jennifer Pederson :: Summerset, SD Jessica Hunt :: Faith, SD
Jessica Louise Kling :: Lemmon, SD Jessica Rutkowski :: Rapid City, SD Jill Brotherton :: Rapid City, SD
Joan O'Dell :: Sioux Falls, SD Joann Wallace :: Spearfish, SD Joanna Holland :: Rapid City, SD
Jonna Grupe :: Miller, SD Julie Peggy Pommer :: Sioux Falls, SD Julie Sandness :: Groton, SD
Kaeli Alexandria Biteler :: Sioux Falls, SD Kaitlin Friskey :: Sioux Falls, SD Kaitlin Spiekermeier :: Belle Fourche, SD
Kamara Meier :: Box Elder, SD Kameron Ross Milne :: Whitewood, SD Kami Bartels :: Brookings, SD
Kara Hagen :: Hot Springs, SD Kara Whalen :: Spearfish, SD Karen Jelsma :: Sioux Falls, SD
Karen Jelsma :: Tyndall, SD Karissa Ortman Loewen :: Rapid City, SD Karol Madill :: Elkton, SD
Karyn K. Steffen :: Yankton, SD Katherine Hadd :: Rapid City, SD Katherine Stavig :: Watertown, SD
Kathryn J. Bogner :: Belle Fourche, SD Katrina Jean Weeks :: Rapid City, SD Keith Jon Anderson :: Sioux Falls, SD
Kelli Selbach :: Black Hawk, SD Kelly Jackson :: Rapid City, SD Kelly Ness :: Brookings, SD
Kelsey Voller :: Aberdeen, SD Kerri Hartley :: Lead, SD Kim Nordsiden :: Winner, SD
Kimberly Rae Landsman :: Rapid City, SD Koni Lou Sims :: Sioux Falls, SD Kristen Pederson :: Yankton, SD
Kristina Busse :: Sioux Falls, SD Kurt J. Smit :: Sioux Falls, SD Lana Kamps :: Yankton, SD
Lana L. Sternhagen :: Belle Fourche, SD Lana Mae Hilliard :: Bryant, SD Laura Burden :: Custer, SD
Laura Hauck :: Canton, SD Laurie Eudy :: Pringle, SD Laurie Lynn Ketel :: Rapid City, SD
LaVonne Preheim :: Freeman, SD Leah Ludwig-Dill :: Summerset, SD Leslie R. Nuckles :: Custer, SD
Leticia L. Gilmore :: Pierre, SD Lindsey Tommeraasen :: Brandon, SD Lindsy R. B. Pepper :: Bonesteel, SD
Lisa Weber :: Bridgewater, SD Loretta A. Soulek :: Wagner, SD Lori A Redden :: Fort Pierre, SD
Lynette Boehmer :: Parkston, SD Lyutsiya Anderson :: Sioux Falls, SD Marcia Mentele :: Sioux Falls, SD
Marguerite Karina Kaleda :: Rapid City, SD Mariah Beck :: Pierre, SD Marie Bickett :: Madison, SD
Marlene McMillan :: Wall, SD Marty Syrstad :: Brookings, SD Marvin Kelsey :: Rapid City, SD
Mary Catherine Coffee :: Rapid City , SD Mary Fuxa :: North Sioux City, SD Mary Nedved :: Sioux Falls, SD
May A. Wichers :: Hot Springs, SD McKayla Harrington :: Spearfish, SD Megan Kaup :: Sioux Falls, SD
Megan Landis :: Sioux Falls, SD Melania Barnes :: Sioux Falls, SD Melissa Ammons :: Rapid City, SD
Melissa Benson :: Sioux Falls, SD Melissa Haberman :: Sioux Falls, SD Melody Francis :: Rapid City, SD
Michaela Bradshaw :: Rapid City, SD Michele Rubino Ramakrishnan :: Burbank, SD Michelelin Kuuipo Shelburg :: Sioux Falls, SD
Michelle Leo :: Sioux Falls, SD Molly McGuire :: Sioux Falls, SD Nancy Thornburg :: Hill City, SD
Natalie Marsh :: Rapid City, SD Nichole Robinson :: Box Elder, SD Nick Kamps :: Tea, SD
Nicole Leisinger :: Trent, SD Olawa Rae-Bruhjell :: Mitchell, SD Patricia Louise Helgeland :: Brookings, SD
Paula Efta :: Rapid City, SD Peggy Flynn Settle-Kenefick :: Brookings, SD Peggy Maliske :: Whitewood, SD
Penny Fedje :: Grenville, SD Rachel Smidt :: Arlington, SD Rebecca Herrmann :: Tea, SD
Rebecca J.M. Walker :: Sturgis, SD Rebecca L Halbkram :: Sioux Falls, SD Richard Albrecht :: Sioux Falls, SD
Robert Darren Simpson :: Vermillion, SD Rochelle Jeanette Hunter :: Watertown, SD Ryan Lee Peskey :: Hartford, SD
Sandra Allen :: Rapid City, SD Sara Coady :: Rapid City, SD Sara Deonne Mossefin :: Sioux Falls, SD
Sarah Nickels :: Cavour, SD Sarah Sturges :: Sioux Falls, SD Sarah Trask :: Rapid City, SD
Shannah Loeffen :: Rapid City, SD Shannon Locati :: Spearfish, SD Sharilyn Martin :: Hermosa, SD
Shauna Allmon :: Brandon, SD Sherrie Allum :: Colome, SD Sherry R. Underberg :: Sioux Falls, SD
Shirrise Linn :: Wasta, SD Staci Bryant :: Sioux Falls, SD Sue Benjamin :: Yankton, SD
Susan A. Scott :: Alcester, SD T. Crawford :: Sioux Falls, SD Tanya Hahn :: Summerset, SD
Tasha Arroyo :: Rapid City, SD Taylor Mechaley :: Rapid City, SD Tenaya Gibson :: Hermosa, SD
Teresa Gueffroy :: Spearfish, SD Teresa Klug :: Mitchell, SD Teri Leuning :: Mitchell, SD
Tessa Allen :: Deadwood, SD Thor Rudolph Thonvold :: Watertown, SD Tiffany C Stewart :: Geddes, SD
Tiffany Kay Bloomquist :: Harrisburg, SD Traci Schaubert :: Sioux Falls, SD Tracy Cunningham :: Bruce, SD
Tracy Hoogshagen :: Spearfish, SD Valerie K Kruse :: Interior, SD Victoria Holter :: Rapid City, SD
William Hittner :: Sioux Falls, SD Zechariah Stake :: Sioux Falls, SD  
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