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ABMP Member Benefits
  • Credibility — As members of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, practitioners express to consumers their adherence to a Code of Ethics governing their client relationships, professionalism and scope of practice; use of appropriate techniques; and advertising standards.
  • Low membership fees for valuable benefits — no increases in the base Professional Membership fee since 1987. Several levels of membership are offered while spurring members to reach for our top Certified designation.
  • The award-winning Massage & Bodywork magazine, published nationally six times annually, is widely regarded as the most helpful professional journal in the field, offering the latest research, historical perspectives, massage techniques, business information, professional trends and a variety of regularly featured columns. It also features supplemental sections and publications addressing key topics.
  • In August 2008, a digital version of Massage & Bodywork magazine was launched at no charge to members. It is the first to be offered by a major massage membership association.
  • Body Sense magazine (member support piece geared to a practitioner's massage customers) twice a year.
  • Numerous additional publications supporting members in establishing and operating their practices.

More Than "Just Insurance"
  • Occurrence-form coverage, which ABMP pioneered in 1993 as a member benefit protects members from late-filed claims.
  • Ours are the highest aggregate coverages available — $2 million per incident, $6 million total per policy year. As an ABMP member, these are YOUR limits—not shared with other practitioners, unlike members of some other associations do.
  • Legal defense coverage, $100,000 premises fire-damage coverage for renters and no charge for obtaining an additional insured endorsement if requested by a member employer or landlord. All this is covered by our basic membership fee.
  • A courteous, expedient, well-trained professional staff when members count on ABMP most— when a claim has been made.
  • Optional insurance programs — low-cost optional business personal property insurance can insure massage tables and other office possessions.

Other Benefits
  • An aggressive massage-school relations program that in 10 years has resulted in ABMP staff visits to more than 1,800 schools, creation of newsletters for students and school directors and an annual School Issues Forum meeting for school owners and directors.
  • Regularly conduct consumer and member surveys to educate the public and meet consumer and member needs.
  • A member-friendly 800 number for questions and requests.
  • No mandatory state chapter meetings or fees — just networking, resources and formation of local affiliated groups, when requested.
  • Regulatory and networking support to members. ABMP members are kept up to date on legislative issues affecting their right to practice. We work with legislatures and municipalities to secure a level playing field for all legitimate, professionally trained massage practitioners.
  • Efficient service and a streamlined organization through our central headquarters.
  • Exclusive member discounts — including a low-cost credit card program to make a practice credit-card friendly, tax services, office supplies, computer supplies, wireless services and products, travel/lodging and car rental, professional subscriptions and resources, a legal support program, health programs, a members-only credit card and more.
Also a promising sign — 57 percent of respondents answered "ABMP" when asked, "Which association best serves the interests of its membership and the profession?" (The second-place association received only 15 percent of the votes — June 2001 poll conducted by Massage Today.) Though more recent independent polls have not been taken, it's a reasonable presumption ABMP's more rapid membership growth than AMTA's in the subsequent years reflects a continuing perceived difference.

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