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Bodywork contributes to health and well-being, both physically (pain relief, sports enhancement, migraine reprieve) and emotionally (stress management, nurturing touch, relaxation). What has massage done for you? Share your bodywork success story, either by writing your story or by pasting your YouTube video code (e.g. into the comments box.

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  1. Janice Barclay says:

    I would just like to thank Jackie Powell for giving me back my life. I was in an accident and was told that my back would be messed up for life. I suffer from diabetes,hypertension and arthritis. The doctors put me on pain killers (Vicadin and soma)and the pain was unbearable. I found Jackie in 2009 and have been with her since. I no longer am on pain killers and the shots that I was receiving is no longer needed. GOD sent her to me and I know him when I see him. Sometimes I need a massage and other times, I just like the way I feel after her touch. I was also overweight but since she started the intergration massage I have lost 36 pounds in 3 months. Try it you will like it. Much Love

  2. T J says:

    Massage introduced me to my feelings when I went through my initial massage training. My degree is in Physical Education with cycling being my main sport. Professional cyclists use massage regularly and after graduation (and getting tired of working in the retail world), I had the opportunity to get certified in massage therapy.

    I’ve always felt that \something else was going on, but no one was talking about it\. Even after going through sports education, no one ever discussed our own personal experiences of our bodies–until I got into Massage. During Deep Tissue class (specifically, pelvic work), I was working with a fellow student who also happened to be a family therapist (someone who knew how to stay grounded and perceptive to someone else’s feelings). That’s when I first touched the shame of my existence–having been raised in both a Catholic and military home (both based on self-sacrificing values). It’s been a long, tough road to recover from, but having massage has been my foundation to heal.

  3. Carole Ann says:

    I have chronic neck and back problems from bulging disks, and I have to have massages – its a necessity – not a luxury. Sometimes I can hardly walk when I go in to see my massage therapist, LaShelle. She I the best massage therapist I have ever been to, and I have been to many. She seems to have this intuition to go to the right pain spots, and she works on those spots until the pain subsides. I could not do without LaShelle! I also have muscle spasms that are severe and she finds the knots and works them out. I love my LaShelle!! Carole in Oklahoma City

  4. Adam Fluke says:

    I have had reoccuring shoulder and neck pain for as long as I can remember, and massage is the only thing that lasts for me. So much so, I became one! Now I bring that passion through my massage practice, but still save time to get regular massage. I think of it like changing the oil of a car makes the gas millage go up, so I get massage to get more millage out of my life.

  5. Stephanie Cleary says:

    I have tried a couple other massage therapy sessions before coming to Holistic Bodywork last week. The other sessions were okay and fairly relaxing, but my Swedish massage with Shana was fantastic. The atmosphere was scented, but not overpowering. The dim lights and nature music was perfect for relaxation.

    Shana was the best massage therapist I’ve ever been treated by and within the first 10 minutes, it was apparent that she was an expert. She spent just the right amount of time on each portion of my body. I really enjoyed the scalp and hand massage, which aren’t always included.

    I highly recommend scheduling a massage with Shana at the Maple Rd. location for the best, most relaxing massage you’ll get!

  6. Dorie S. says:

    I’ve had a chronic lower back problem for years, but recently the pain became excruciating. I began to have muscle spasms so severe I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I had to give up pilates, which I truly enjoyed.

    I had never had a Swedish massage, but I was will to try anything before starting a regime of pain medications. Connie, you are amazing. Thank you for taking the pain away. I’m practicing my healthy stretches even before getting out of bed in the morning, and it’s done wonders for me. So again, many thanks.

    I’ll see you soon for a facial.

    Dorie S.

  7. Nancy Motto says:

    I used to think having a massage was an indulgence but I now realize they can be a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. I have been going to Peggy Burke at the Wellness Center of Northwest Jersey in Randolph for sometime now. Her expertize and gentle touch have really helped. I always schedule massages when I return from traveling and Peggy’s massage always gets me back on the road to feeling great.

  8. Toni says:

    I’ve had diabetes type 2 for over 8 years now. My blood levels were really out of whack! After almost a year of massage school training my numbers ‘normalized’ and were even better than ANY I’d had before!!! ALL my numbers were within normal limits or lower. I had a massage every week & I credit that to this fantastic result. Now that I am licensed I don’t have the time to go weekly but do receive massage as much as I can & average at least twice a month. I do trades with classmates & other therapists in town in addition to getting my monthly session with my mentor & personal therapist.

    Toni Campbell Shaw, Orange County, NC

  9. Tracy says:

    I have been going to a chiropractor for my neck pain for years, and I just recently started going to one to get a massage too. I found out that a lot of chiropractors offer massage. I the one I goto is in Longview, WA Massage is recently added. Now i can get my massages in the same place as the chiropractic adjustments. I thought I would share this because I really get awesome massages, it fits in my budget, and well its just great.

  10. Sharon says:

    Massage has helped me with the pain in neck, shoulders, and back. It has also helped lower my blood pressure and eased my panic and anxiety attacks. Those are my reasons for going into the field of massage therapy. To relieve others of these painful problems. Much better and less expensive than going to a medical doctor who would fill my body with prescriptions that do not work. Human touch is the most healing and comforting of all.

  11. I practice the Sliding & Controlled Sliding Deep Tissue Massage for chronic pain relief. Mrs Loida F, has chronic pain which started when she is 20 yrs old. Her problem TV of the bones. She’s been to a lot of different doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical therapist, massage therapist & others.I was introduce to her by my clients

    I’m a practitioner of Sliding Deep Tissue Massage for 24 yrs now. I specialized in Chronic pain management and relief. One of my Client chronic pain problem started when she is 20 yrs old. Now she just turn 70 last October. So for 50 yrs she suffer from chronic pain after she was diagnose with TV of the bones. She’s been with different doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist, physical therapist, massage therapist & others. Still in Pain. She was referred to me by a client. I started working with her late last year.I work on her every week and she is doing ok now. Her problem are tight, lumpy, and stiff muscles from shoulder area to her foot. At first she is complaining of pain now she, ask if I really doing it deep tissue massage. She is only one of a clients I work for almost 19 yrs here in USA. All my clients are in the Bay Area. My forte is Pain Management and Relief. I have lots of clients as my proof. You can find their Names & Numbers at my Websites (facebook & twitter )

  12. I am a 32 year old working professional that has lived with chronic back pain for the past 16 or so years. I have dealt with back pain and tight muscles for the entirety of my adult life. Throughout these past 16 years I have visited numerous massage therapists, chiropractic procedures, physical therapy sessions, electro-stimulant therapy, medication and muscle relaxants, but it never fully helped. Further, I have received massages across the United States and the world to include in Jordan, England, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.
    In all my travels, I have never enjoyed the benefits and in depth expertise which your massage therapist Ms. Joanne Mirabella possesses.
    She is a master of her trade, and her ability to work with the customer, walk them through the benefits of her hands-on massage session, and also highlight the physiological benefits of various massage and stretching techniques is worthy of praise. In the 25 or so massages which I have received in my life, none, repeat none, have been as good as Ms. Mirabella. She is absolutely, hands down, the best and her achievements and in-depth knowledge are worthy of mention.

    Thank you.

    Vahid Amirghassemi

  13. Christina Barnes says:

    I was 21 years old and had entered to race in my first motocross race. I rode the trails ok, but I failed to realize that racing was a whole other world. I had come off a table top jump and ended up panick-revving and twisted my throttle all the way back causing me to wheelie over. I was fine and was picking up my dirtbike off the track when another racer came off the same jump and ran me over. The frame of my dirtbike had hit my legs so hard that both quadriceps were severed in half. It was a long haul in physical therapy but could not be more thankful for the massage therapist who worked on my legs as it saved me from having surgery by breaking up the contusions in my legs and stretching my muscles so that they could grow back together. I still have some skeletal issues in the pelvis but my quadriceps are 100% back to normal thanks to my massage therapist!

  14. Gail says:

    Massage helps alleviate my back, neck, shoulder, hip and leg pain. It gives me a sense of well-being. I cannot live without it.

  15. Susan Luebke says:

    Along with salvation and marrying my husband, massage changed my life.
    I was blessed to be working on a cancer survivor at a pamper event. She said that as a result of the chemo treatments she had been diagnosed with neuropathy and hadn’t felt her feet for years. By the end of the treatment she could feel her feet. She was so overjoyed, she danced barefoot around the room. This was a blessing to me in that it taught me to appreciate the little things in life.
    As a surviver of childhood sexual abuse, both the giving and receiving of massage has reinforced the reality that there is wonderful and healing touch available.
    Through classes in massage therapy and personal experience I have learned that the benefits to massage are virtually endless. Massage is not limited to relaxation alone. Massage has positive affects physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.
    I encourage massage every chance I get. I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful profession!

  16. Patricia Lovrien says:

    Hit by a pick up truck in my early teens, proved to be a long hall growing up. Spasm ruled my life. Therapy, Chiropractic’s pills, (pain,musscle relaxers) Nothing worked. Then one day at bible study, I found that my teacher, also knew massage. His wife insisted I try it for my back. That was 34 years ago. I said anything that can make me walk I’m going to learn. And so I did! I coud go on for ever about the atributes of massage, NOT only what it does for me, but what it does for my clients! From headaches to feet problems! It just makes life better!!! At 62 I’m still going strong, have NO intentions of stoping. Talk about loving what you do! :0)

  17. Jacqueline George-Algaier says:

    I worked with a woman who had chronic neck and shoulder pain, despite regular visits to the chiropractor, and now to me for massage. After several visits to my office, I quit trying to work out the tension and decided to do energy work instead. The client revealed that she felt that the pain was related to family issues. I encouraged her to see a professional to work through them. She left my office and I didn’t see her for several months. I figured the session was threatening and that I \scared\ her away. She contacted me last month to tell me she went to therapy and ended up resolving issues with her family. Her demeanor was different, she had good eye contact and seemed more relaxed in her own skin. I was amazed at her transformation and glad to have stayed within my scope of practice. Being a former counselor some times makes it difficult to not want to give advice. She now comes for regular relaxation and does not require deep tissue like she did in the past.

  18. Fadi.K says:

    Massage Therapy has changed my life and gave it a great purpose. The results my clients experience from massage therapy is amazing on all levels, pain relief, stress reduction, relaxation, wellness, pain management, hospice client, etc..

    Even though with the great benefits massage therapy has to offer to clients and the great results client receive from massage therapy , our profession is always misrepresented and struggle to be respected as health care provider.

    I always liked to help people and massage therapy is my way of helping, the result clients get from professional massage therapy speaks for itself and a lot of research support that.

    That’s why as a massage therapist, I take pride in the profession, and I always educate clients and people on the benefits of our noble profession. Hoping one day the bad image and stereotype many people/media associate massage therapy with will change forever.

    That what Massage therapy has done for me, and I’m blessed to be in this great profession.

    Indianapolis, IN

    • Missy Jacobs says:

      I so agree with you massage therapists do not get the same respect as other health care professionals. I believe we do such great work and it is a very noble profession. I believe people who benefit from massage realize this. Its others loss if they do not realize this.

      Missy Straub Jacobs

  19. Melissa Ryan,LMT says:

    On e of my most fulfilling moments in my life, up there next to marrying my husband and raising my children, was when I was working in a spa and an unfortunate woman came in for a massage. She was battling cancer and in the midst of undergoing chemotherapy. Due to her illness the other therapists in the spa had declined to work on her. After talking with her I agreed to do the massage. I did a very relaxing and gentle massage which she loved. At the end of the massage she hugged me tightly, crying and telling me that for the first time in a year that I was the first person, including her husband (who was afraid he would hurt her) that had touch her with love, and not with the sole purpose of “treating her condition”. It was in that single moment that I knew I had made the absolute right choice to become a massage therapist. That was 4 years ago and I have since opened my own office specializing in therapeutic massage and Hospice massage. I tell everyone that I LOVE MY JOB!!

    • Lisa Avramis says:

      I appreciated your message very much and would like to know more about Hospice massage. I have been interested in that and yet it only seems to be on a voluntary basis-which of course is a good thing, but I don’t have the luxury of doing that at this time.

      • Michelle says:

        Hi Lisa,
        We can donate @ least a couple of hours a month don’t you think? I believe if you give without expecting in return it will come back to you more than you can imagine. Melissa has inspired me to actually take action toward calling Hospice since I have been talking about it for a while but have done nothing about it. I would also like to volunteer for the family of the Hospice patients. Thanks Melissa, you touched my heart. :)

        • Susan Barber says:

          In an attempt to attract more massage therapists to our hospice volunteer program, I came across this site, and reading through found these comments about hospice massage. I was particularly touched by the comments above from the therapist whose patient broke into tears after her massage. Our hospice patients LOVE the massages offered by our massage volunteers. For many it is, like the woman described above, the first time in ages they’ve been touched with love. Most of our patients are aged 65 or older, so it’s often been many, many years since they’ve been touched with kindness and love. IF you have an hour or two a week and can go see someone in their home, or a facility, and can adapt your massage to the needs of the terminally ill, I can tell you right now that the comfort and support you can offer through touch is incredibly needed.
          Our office is in San Mateo, and we serve all of San Mateo Count… my email is barbers at and our volunteer training includes everything that you’d ever need to know about working as a hospice volunteer…so even if this resonates a little bit, please be in touch ~ someone in your community is waiting for your touch!
          And for more training on massage at end of life, please check out Irene Smith’s website at: – she has been training folks to work with the dying since the mid 80s…and is amazing!

  20. Charlene Hunsaker says:

    Massage has helped me maintain better health through improving my range of motion abilities, and decreasing pain. It has given me repreve from a stressful life.

  21. Jodi Yarnell says:

    hello… my name is jodi. i am 25 and a mother of 3. a few years ago i was diagnosed with crohns disease and as part of my treatment, i started seeing a massage therapist. i must say, it did miracles for my pain and digestive problems i was having. since… i have decided to become a licensed massage therapist myself. =) i am so happy i found massage therapy and i can not wait to share this miracle with others.

  22. Danae Miley says:

    Here is a quote from a thank you letter from a client:
    ‘Jeremy wants me to thank the lady with the magic hands! All in all, he did very well (after his canine massage). His next couple of days even romping with the dogs on “play dates”! The trip up north went well too. He is negotiating the steps into the camp okay, too! The funniest thing, when he sees the massage bottle (with the mix you gave me), he parks himself in a seated position so I get equal access to both hips! DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? It is wonderful to meet someone who has really found their calling!”
    -Nancy (human companion) and Jeremy (Senior Rottweiler w/ severe hip dyspalsia)

    This is a human testimonial:
    “Due to a compromised immune system after receiving a life-saving kidney transplant, my body needs all the support it can get in fending off impurities and illnesses. A massage stimulates the lymph flow in my body, releasing toxins to be flushed out of my system.
    Danae’s personal experience from supporting kidney transplant recipients complements her training in targeting those less-productive zones of my body for a re-awakening.
    I allocate massages into my monthly budget for it truly is an investment in my present and future health!”
    Carmen- Jefferson County, TN

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