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Tell us about a specific person who has influenced your bodywork career and why.

When I was 9 years old, my grandmother passed away. She and my grandfather had been married for 50 years, and he took her passing really hard. For a week, he could not sleep or eat. My aunt, who at the time was a practicing massage therapist, gave him a one-hour massage. That was when his body relaxed enough for him to start sleeping. From that point on, I realized what the power of touch can do to help someone heal. That is what made me want to be a massage therapist.

Massage and Bodywork

Seasonal Self-Care

If you look at the natural world around you, you’ll be surprised by what it can teach you about your own self-care. We can attune to the cycle of the seasons, letting that awareness bring a healthy balance of self-care measures into our lives. Spring, for example, is the season of new growth and is associated with movement, physical exercise, and activity. Summer is the time of abundance and warmth, naturally associated with nourishing food. It is also a time for connection with others through social interaction, community activities, and travel.

Massage in the Media

News Notes

Massage in the Media

Two recent issues of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing favorably mention massage therapy and bodywork. The first addresses complementary approaches for weight loss. While Weil et al. emphasize that eating less and exercising more are still the primary factors in shedding pounds and keeping them off, there are several integrative therapies that can help reduce stress levels and control emotional healing. Weil addresses acupuncture, cognitive-behavioral therapy, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and, of course, bodywork.

The Power of Touch

Understanding the Body-Brain Connection

I can’t tell you how glad I was to see your name in my calendar this week,” said Elaine as she rushed into my treatment room. “I’ve been really stressed at work — the timing’s perfect for a

“Any specific areas you want me to check today?” I asked.

“I guess mainly my neck and shoulders, whatever you find,” she said.

She lay down on the table, and we both took a deep breath as I gently contacted her neck with an open palm. Before long, she was breathing deeply, relaxed and calm, on the verge of sleep.

Body Image

Learning to Love Who We Are

I look at my 3-year-old daughter and worry, have I unknowingly skewed her view of the world and her place in it? Despite my best efforts, have I already “tainted” her with my own lapses in self-esteem?