Cerebral Palsy

Gentle Persuasion

Releasing Developmental Restrictions with Light Touch Craniosacral Therapy

The spectrum of disease, trauma, and dysfunction that can affect the physiological development and health of the youngest client populations is widespread, and seems to be increasing every day. So how do we as bodyworkers step in to affect meaningful change in the face of such prevalent challenges as learning disabilities, autism, seizure disorder, digestive problems, colic, allergies, birth trauma, and other severe pediatric disorders?

New Possibilities

A revolutionary approach for transforming the lives of children with special needs

A child is born. It is a miracle. For the first few weeks, the little one sleeps a lot, nurses, occasionally cries, and needs to be held and rocked. Her arms and legs move, and her body twitches—all involuntary movements. Soon her family notices she is doing things she was unable to do before. When she is picked up, she holds her head up by herself. She reaches out to touch her mother’s face. She clings to a parent’s finger or a small toy. She rolls over.

Synergy of Minds

Dolphin-Assisted Craniosacral Therapy

For Emily Masterson, aged 10 and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, curvature of the spine, and failure to thrive, the dolphin-assisted craniosacral sessions not only offer physical benefit but also put a big smile on her face.