Innate Health

A New Way to Look at Life and Avoid Burnout

Massage therapy and prevention research are both professions assisting others to higher health. Fortunately for us, insights from prevention research—a field that attempts to identify the best ways to prevent negative outcomes related to social, physical, mental health, and safety issues—may also prove extremely beneficial to massage therapy. Its approach to innate health provides a fresh perspective for massage therapists that will profoundly enhance their professional and personal lives.

Reiki, Simple and Profound

A Balancing Practice for Client and Therapist

What is reiki, how does it work, and how can it benefit bodywork practitioners, both personally and professionally? The concept for this article began with a newly published book, written by reiki master Pamela Miles, simply titled Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide. I had collaborated with Miles a few years back when reporting on a reiki study for Massage & Bodywork’s Somatic Research column. Despite Miles’ best efforts to guide my understanding of this spiritual healing practice, my mind remained in a muddle.

Breathing for Life

Are We Suffocating Ourselves?

I didn’t breathe during most of my 20s — or at least I didn’t breathe fully.

I had no idea my chronically tight shoulders, constricted intestines, insomnia and unyielding jaw tension were so closely related to my limited breath. To regain my health, I had to relearn how to breathe. And, though I still have to remind myself to do this from time to time, I understand how healthy breathing supports the body’s ability to heal itself.