The Holistic Pet

Raising Your Dog or Cat Naturally

Pets are part of the family. Raising them to be healthy and happy is not only important, it’s the responsibility pet owners accept when they bring companion animals into their homes.

To this end, holistic pet health provides a wellness plan for our companions, so owners can enjoy their company for as long as possible. Following are tips for raising your pet healthfully and naturally.

The Power of Pets

Facilitating Healing on All Levels

Whether it’s a wet lick on the face or a gentle brush to the leg, our pets are unabashedly open in displaying their love and affection for human owners. They could care less about our physical appearance or success in life. They are the ultimate love agents of nature — always loyal, compassionate and unconditional in their attachment.

Subtle Therapies With Big Impact

A Doctor’s Perspective

We all have natural energetic healing abilities. My earliest recollection of this came from my mother Margaret. Whenever my brother or I had a “booboo,” she would rub it with her hands, and if it was really serious, kiss it. Somehow it always made us feel better. Of course neither she nor I understood about energetic techniques, but I learned from these experiences that touch could make people feel better.