Energy Work

Healing With Sound, Part II

The Power to Create, The Power to Heal

Sound has the power of creation. In the Bible, the world is created by way of sound: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” and, further, “And the Lord said, Let there be light: And there was light.” According to Hopi myth, the Spider Woman sang the song of creation over all the inanimate forms and brought them to life. In the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, Athens, and Rome, sound was understood to be the fundamental creative force of the universe.

Down the Rabbit Hole

A Look at Energy Work

Like a first kiss, I will never forget my first experience with energy work. I had only been exposed to the massage and bodywork profession for one month before attending a polarity conference, in Colorado. I had done my homework, chosen the courses I wanted to attend, made myself familiar with the players and their work, and prepared myself for whatever I might be exposed to — or so I thought.

Energy Medicine: A Field of Potential

A Look at This Enigmatic Modality

The “unknowns” of energy medicine are the aspects that make it seem unusual, unique, and — unquantifiable. The very things that make the work profound are also the things that have kept much of the medical establishment at arm’s length on this side of the world. Now, as science is slowly proving out what energy practitioners have always known about their work, traditional medicine is gingerly extending its hand. Will it be welcomed?


Element Energy Tune-Up

Quick Tips to Balance the Body and Mind

Unseen energy flows throughout our bodies. These energy flows are the basis for China’s acupuncture and India’s ayurvedic medical systems. Randolph Stone, an osteopathic physician, explored these energy systems in the early 20th century, ultimately developing his own understanding of human energy in health and illness. Called polarity therapy, this system identifies five major energy elements. Balancing them can lead to healing the cause of disease in the body and mind. Based on the five element theory, here is a quick guide to tuning up your element energy.

The Energy of Weight

Managing Obesity

National obesity figures are at an all-time high — and growing. Weight is no longer just a personal problem; it’s a national problem requiring immediate attention. In California alone, obesity is costing the state $22 billion per year.1 That’s in California — a state we all imagine being populated with the healthiest people in the country.

The Mind-Body Spa Experience

Spa Élan

While the U.S. spa industry has consistently struggled with the definition of “spa,” the market continues to expand, explore, and test the boundaries of consumer expectations and demands. Although “mind, body, and soul” is the mantra many spas have used throughout the last decade, the “mind” aspect of the spa movement was rarely a priority until energetic services began to attract clients’ intrigue and dollars.