Financial Planning

Saving Money

Business Side

Okay, here’s your choice. You could buy that pair of fashionable shoes for $200, or put the money into savings. Which seems more attractive? Well, the shoes are right there. They’re beautiful, you tried them on, and they’re comfortable as heck. All your friends would notice them and compliment you. Or you could save the money.

Saving money is one of the hardest things to do in our consumer lifestyle. By definition, it means putting things off until later. Delayed gratification. When is it right to treat yourself and when should you be disciplined and put the money in savings?

The Energy of Money

A Healer’s Guide

Our relationship with money can reveal powerful energetic insights into ourselves. Quite simply, our money patterns are typically consistent with other aspects of our lives. Adjectives that describe our energy, such as tight, controlling, adventurous, systematic or flamboyant, also pinpoint our money energy. Understanding the energy of money can enhance the healing process, show us how to strengthen our personal finances.