White Out

A Flour That’s Not So Pretty

Have you ever wondered if that piece of fluffy white bread, slice of moist cake, or sample of flaky piecrust affects your skin? Why would you? After all, these are just baked goods. The concern with many of these foods is they are prepared with white flour. White flour can cause many skin conditions, including premature aging and acne.


Your Body’s Natural Healer

Your body can heal itself from skin and digestive disorders, as well as a host of other maladies, if you just give it a chance. What does it take?

According to Scott Ohlgren, holistic health practitioner and proponent of nutritional cellular cleansing, it’s as easy as changing what goes from hand to mouth. What’s difficult, he says, is living with the diseased state your diet has created and the rounds of pharmaceuticals that never quite cure what ails you.