Massage as a Wellness Strategy

Partnering with Your Therapist Key to Best Results

Every now and then we all need a special treat. Here are some of my favorite indulgences, and I'll go out on a limb to suggest that I'm probably not alone on some of these:

--A big piece of cake (dark chocolate, with raspberry preserves oozing
between the layers).
--An evening with a silly movie or two--as mind-numbing as possible, please.
--Shoe shopping--OK, any shopping. I'm not picky.
--A massage.

In the words of the old song, "One of these things is not like the others ..."

The Future Of Massage

Indeed, it is not possible to predict an absolute course

Someone once said, “Predictions are frequently inaccurate—especially those about the future.” It is likely that fifty years ago few in the profession could have guessed massage would grow in the ways and to the extent it has. Indeed, it is not possible to predict an absolute course for the future of massage therapy. Nevertheless, it is valuable to review the general trends in the profession to gauge its growth patterns and future possibilities.

Healthcare In Poor Shape

News Note

Two out of three American adults now believe healthcare coverage should be a “guarantee,” as it is in other countries such as Canada and Britain, and three out of four agree that healthcare is as necessary as water, gas, and electricity. These were just some of the findings released by Results for America, a project of the nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute based in Newton, Mass. Other findings include:

• 50 percent of adults have seen their healthcare coverage cut or costs go up.