Massage For Beginners

Tales of a Rookie Massage Client

What to Expect Your First Time

Lord knows I could use a massage. Work finds me chained to a computer, where my best efforts at ergonomics make little dent in the insidious strain that is all too common in the electronic age. My lower back constantly taunts that I have neither the proper posture nor the abdominal strength to prevent its aches.

How To Find a Massage Therapist

According to the Experts

Whether new to massage therapy or long time patron, there eventually comes a time when massage recipients need to seek out a therapist. But how do you go about looking for one? Should you take your chances with the phone book, or ask coworkers or friends to recommend someone? Should you try newspaper ads, the Internet, or maybe a day spa? Considering your experience receiving massage, do you know what to look for in a massage therapist, and, for that matter, are you even aware of your needs during a massage session?