Mental Health

Tears and Time: Being Mindful of Your Emotional Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Woman with her back to the camera looking out the window with a cup of tea

Sometimes the feeling quietly creeps up on you. Sometimes it hits you square on the jaw.

No matter how stoic, optimistic, or hopeful we might be in the face of this global pandemic, we are all subject to the onslaught of emotions it brings: Overwhelming sadness. Crisis exhaustion. Unrecognized grief. My moment came two weeks ago when the tears seemed to flow all day.

Deep Relief

How Massage Helps You Dance

Massage. The word evokes visions of serenity and relaxation. But for dancers who work long days, massage is also a basic requirement for maintaining physical and mental health.

Mental Health

10 Ways to Keep Your Brain in Top Shape

1. If you’re over 60, take supplementary vitamin B12. One in five people over 60 and two in five over 80 can’t absorb B12 properly from food. Since the vitamin is necessary for proper neurologic operation, including the functioning of neurons in the brain needed for memory, it’s best to play it safe. Even people who can’t absorb B12 from food can absorb it from