A Life of Music

A Profile of Peter Kater

You may not recognize his name from your appointment book, but Peter Kater has likely been in your therapy room many times. His calm, distinct presence is often found in the melodic banter used to soothe clients into a relaxing, therapeutic state.

Music = Heart Health

News Note

Listening to music may enhance heart health, according to a recent study conducted at Italy’s University of Pavia. Researchers followed the heart rates, breathing, and blood pressures of 24 participants as they listened to random selections of music for 20 minutes while lying at rest. Selections varied from Indian music and classical to techno and rap. Interestingly enough, personal taste didn’t seem to affect the results. Rather, tempo became the prime determinant in affecting measurements.

Healing With Sound, Part II

The Power to Create, The Power to Heal

Sound has the power of creation. In the Bible, the world is created by way of sound: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” and, further, “And the Lord said, Let there be light: And there was light.” According to Hopi myth, the Spider Woman sang the song of creation over all the inanimate forms and brought them to life. In the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, Athens, and Rome, sound was understood to be the fundamental creative force of the universe.

Subtle Therapies With Big Impact

A Doctor’s Perspective

We all have natural energetic healing abilities. My earliest recollection of this came from my mother Margaret. Whenever my brother or I had a “booboo,” she would rub it with her hands, and if it was really serious, kiss it. Somehow it always made us feel better. Of course neither she nor I understood about energetic techniques, but I learned from these experiences that touch could make people feel better.