Scleroderma: The Slowly Contracting Skin of Steel

Pathology Perspectives

The first documented account of scleroderma was in 1754 by Dr. Carlo Curzio of Naples, Italy, who described his 17-year-old patient with the following condition: “Her complaint was an excessive tension and hardness of her skin over all her body, by which she found herself so bound and straightened she could hardly move her limbs. Nor could she fully close her eyelids or open her mouth, due to the firmness of the skin and membrane.”

Working with Challenging Skin

Using Tender Touch in Geriatric Clients

The nature of massage therapy means practitioners are constantly in contact with the client’s skin, the largest and heaviest organ of the body. Accounting for 16 percent of our total body weight, it is invaluable as it protects everything underneath it from disease, chemicals, bacteria, injury and the elements.