Treating Wrist Tendonitis with Trigger Point & Red Light Therapy

A hand on a mouse next to a computer with glowing red light on the wrist showing wrist pain

Tendonitis (or tendinopathy) is a common injury that can be caused by sports, accidents, or repetitive use of a body part. It is marked by pain and soreness in the connective tissue and it is often a persistent injury that sometimes doesn’t go away with the usual protocol of rest and ice. For an athlete or a computer programmer who uses their wrist on a daily basis, wrist tendonitis can be devastating—even disabling.

5 Self-Massage Foot Rubs

Between massage therapy sessions, practice self-massage on one of the most sensitive areas of the body—your feet. A brisk foot massage in the morning can stimulate energy for the tasks ahead. In the evening, slow massage on the feet can help soothe the day’s stress. Follow the entire sequence in order, or try each separately.

Back, Neck and Shoulders: Under Pressure

Quick Massage Pick-Me-Ups while Sitting at a Desk

When you sit at a desk, hunched over papers or a computer, your body tends to form a C shape. This slumped posture creates pressure on your back, neck and shoulders and can cause pinched muscles, fatigue and, if you’ve been reading a lot, eye strain. The following pick-me-ups will help break this tension cycle. They don’t need to be performed in any particular order. However, if you do only one technique, be sure to repeat it to get the best results. In some cases, you do not need to actually massage the muscle, because the movement itself creates the massage effect.