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Re-examining the Role of Lactic Acid

Sometimes a “truth” is not what it seems. Take lactic acid. For years, many massage therapists have been taught that lactic acid can and should be flushed from the muscles of athletes after intense activity. This truism has been passed on to clients who have also accepted it as fact. Both therapist and client thus have established and perpetuated a mutual belief system that purging of lactic acid is not only necessary, but also efficiently accomplished with the assistance of massage. Some beliefs die hard.

Achieving Peak Performance

Massage Helps Women’s U.S. Soccer Team Score Big

When Brandi Chastain ripped a penalty kick past China’s goalkeeper to win the World Cup for the United States, more than 90,000 spectators in the Rose Bowl exploded in joy. Another 40 million watching on television celebrated. It was perhaps the greatest moment in the history of women’s sports in America. It was the type of moment where years from now, people will remember where they were when the 1–0 championship game was finally decided in a shootout. Many more than the 90,000 or so on hand will claim to have been witnesses to history.