Skin Care

Turning Back Time

Someone once said, “Time may be a great healer, but it’s a lousy beautician.” The signs of aging are obvious—wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, age spots, enlarged pores, hormonal imbalances. Yet, we live in an age where skin care is at its most advanced, allowing us to prevent and treat the signs of aging like never before. First, let’s take a look at how the aging process affects our skin, and then hear from the experts about how to combat those effects.

Shea Butter

From Tropical to Topical

Shea butter comes from the nut of the shea tree (pronounced shay) found in the tropics of Africa, primarily West Africa. It offers many benefits as a topical moisturizer for skin and hair, and improves other skin problems and appearance.

As well as providing relief from minor dermatological conditions like eczema, lesser burns, and acne, shea butter can be used as a natural sunscreen and for stretch-mark prevention during pregnancy. Other benefits include the evening out of skin tone, reducing blemishes, and restoring skin elasticity.


Not Such a Sweet Story

Most people have no idea just how much sugar is in the foods Americans consume. However, this sweet culprit may be behind many health issues, including skin problems. Here’s why.

Coenzyme Q10

The Wrinkle Cure

Air pollutants, toxins, cigarette smoke, cell metabolism, exposure to the sun, and other environmental factors initiate free radicals, which can cause dangerous reactions that destroy cells and damage DNA, proteins, and fats. Free radicals also interfere with collagen production and integrity, resulting in loss of elasticity and, ultimately, aging skin. Although this is a natural and unavoidable by-product of metabolism, an overabundance of free radical damage can cause premature aging and wrinkles. Fortunately, there’s a nutritional way to fight the elements.

Antiaging Techniques for the Neck and Chest

Ask a Therapist

Q. Sometimes I feel the years are catching up to my skin. Can you give me some guidance on how to keep the area under my chin and around my neck looking as young as possible?

A. Absolutely, says Melanie Vasseur, California cosmetic chemist and esthetician. That area is your décolleté (day-kol-tay) — an often-overlooked, but most age-revealing part of the body. Vasseur offers these tips to keep your décolleté looking as young as your face.

Face of Grace

Alleviate Facial Tension, Ease Aging and TMJ

Facial tension is a primary cause of premature facial aging. And exacerbated conditions often end up being seen in a chiropractor’s or dentist’s office. Let’s first outline the various types of facial tension and how to alleviate them. The process should be a team approach in which the patient is proactive in her treatment, along with the other professionals on her team, including massage therapists, estheticians and/or movement therapists.

An Eclectic Recipe to Fight Fibromyalgia

Documenting A Journey Past Pain

Fibromyalgia management is controversial today in both traditional and complementary medicine circles. Researchers and health care practitioners are seeing mixed results from a variety of cutting-edge protocols. Following are the details of one success story involving a combination of methods, and a summary of the resources which helped make it happen.

Saving Face

Yoga to Tone the Lips and Cheeks

Yoga for your face may sound a little far-fetched by those who practice it say it’s no farce. In fact, StarFace, a multi-layered workout program that can be done at home, can improve your look, as well as lessen the intensity of several severe medical problems, according to face-yoga enthusiasts. When applied properly and practiced regularly, the exercises are therapeutic, rejuvenating and they put the power of treatment into your own hands.

Neglected Hands of Time

Anti-Aging Techniques for the Hands

The other day, one of my patients said to me, “Now that you have erased the wrinkles on my face, what are you going to do about these hands. They look as though they should belong to someone else, the person who used to have my face.”