CPR Anytime

News Notes

By Jenny Good

Originally published in Massage & Bodywork magazine, April/May 2006.

Would you know what to do if a client, family member, or friend suddenly went into cardiac arrest? Aside from calling 911 and waiting for professional assistance, you can double a victim’s chances of survival by properly performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to maintain blood flow to the heart and brain. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans don’t know how to provide this valuable, lifesaving support.

The American Heart Association (AHA) understands time and money are often deterrents keeping people from enrolling in a training course. For that reason, the organization recently unveiled a self-directed CPR kit, including an inflatable manikin, 22-minute DVD, and resource booklet, priced at $29.95, plus shipping and handling.

More than 335,000 people die each year from cardiovascular disease and sudden cardiac arrest before they reach a hospital. More surprising, 80 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home and are witnessed by a family member. By introducing this quick and cost-effective kit for the public, the AHA hopes to increase the number of rescuers across the country.

For information, call 877/242-4277 or visit www.cpranytime.org.