Dance of Energy

By Donna Thomson

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Autumn/Winter 2006.

Light streams through the window. In that ray of light, the dust in the air, ordinarily invisible, dances. There is a dance going on around us constantly—a dance of energy. The leaves on the trees dance in the wind. Our thoughts dance in our mind.

Imagine for a moment that nothing in this world is solid. It is all a big field of dancing golden particles of light, like the dust in the sunlight. You are surrounded by energy in motion even as you think you walk on solid ground.

Close your eyes and imagine this dance of energy. The more you think this way, the lighter you become and the more energy you feel. You begin to discover you can dance with things, events, and relationships. The dance is a perfect metaphor for human relationship and for life.

In different situations, ask yourself, “How can I dance with this?” This difficult person, your car breaking down, waking up tired in the morning. Hold out your arms to your partner of the moment, whatever or whoever it may be. Follow the rhythm of the moment, the music of the day.

Remember that all forms of intentional movement can increase your energy level dramatically. Walking, dancing, yoga, tai chi, tennis, rowing—it’s your choice; each is an opportunity to increase your energy. Life is motion; it never stands still. Even when you are sitting in meditation, your body is in constant motion.

It’s a great practice to sit in meditation, feeling the energy pulse within you, being with it until that very energy lifts you up. You may find yourself dancing, spontaneously moving into a yoga posture you have been doing for years, or dropping the ball into the basket with unexpected precision, but now it’s coming from deep inside. Also try the reverse: dance your heart out, and then sit down and feel the silence reverberate around you. Notice how you settle into meditation more easily; feel the tingle and rush of energy throughout your body. Movement and meditation go together; they enhance and support each other.

Sometimes people ask, “What can I do with my anger? My fear? My grief?” Dance it. Truly, literally, dance it. It’s what people have always done. Put on some music and move, by yourself, in your room, in your garden. Dance your anger, your fear, your love, your longing. As you dance, you become one with the primal dance energy—the energy dance.