Fight Melanoma!

News Notes

By Jenny Good

Originally published in Massage & Bodywork magazine, June/July 2006.

Fight Melanoma!

The International Medical Spa Association, in conjunction with the Melanoma Research Foundation and Skin Inc. magazine, has developed a poster to publicize the importance of early detection of skin cancer. Massage professionals are in a unique position to aid their clients, as they may notice unusual marks or moles a client hasn’t detected or isn’t able to see. Designed to illustrate skin cancer’s traits, The ABCDs of Melanoma poster identifies the asymmetry, border irregularity, color variation, and diameter that indicate this serious disease, which if caught early is easily treatable. Promoting the slogan “If you don’t recognize it, refer it,” the poster emphasizes the need to direct clients with signs of melanoma to a qualified physician or dermatologist.

Proceeds from the sale of this lifesaving tool go to support the Melanoma Research Foundation. To order the poster, visit