Going into a Massage Session with Stinky Feet?

Ask A Therapist

By Bobbie Martin

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Spring/Summer 2007.

Q “I worry about going into my massage session with stinky feet. What should I do?”

A. Resonance repatterner, bodyworker, and intuitive counselor Bobbie Martin lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri. She explains the focus during a bodywork session: “What we’re doing is working with your body, and everything it does is information for us. Your body is just talking to us, so smelly feet are really nothing to be concerned about.

“I have two thoughts about this. First, I’m going to work with some essential oils on your body and on your feet to clear bacteria. This will clear the smell and enhance both of our experiences.

“Two, you might want to consider looking at what you’re eating or detoxing. I might refer you to a naturopath, if you’re interested, because stinky feet are a sign of toxicity in the body. There may be an underlying process that needs to be addressed.”

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your foot odor as you enter your session, consider one of these pre-massage fixes: Carry a travel-size container of hand wipes and give yourself a little cleanup before your session begins. Or, rub some hand sanitizing gel on your feet while you prepare for your massage, putting a new air on things. If neither of these are workable options for you, simply tell your therapist your problem and see if she can bring you a damp towel for a foot rubdown.

Regardless, know that your therapist won’t judge you on some stinky toes. She just wants you to enjoy your massage to its fullest.