Releasing Energy Through Self-Expression

Fingertips for the Client

By Donna Thomson

Originally published in Massage & Bodywork magazine, June/July 2006.

This practice is simple. Whatever you have always wanted to do to express yourself, do it, and do it often. Sing, dance, play, draw, talk to people, embrace people, go for a walk and sit under a tree, climb a mountain, tell a story, knit a sweater, paint a picture, laugh, cry, write a poem (or an article or a novel) take a trip, buy a new dress, paint your living room, make love in a different way at a different time, go on a meditation retreat, study astrology (or computers or high finance) build a house, make a sculpture, work with wood, learn a language, or create a ritual.

From the dawn of human history, people have sung, danced, told stories, and sat together in circles around fires below the vast night sky. They have cried and laughed. The life force longs for expression. To be fully here, in this human body, is to allow that life force to flow—to move, to speak, to sing. Do it alone, with other people, or in a class, anywhere, anyhow. Your energy will thrive and grow. The more you express your creative energy, the more you will have.

Don’t wait. Today, begin to do a little of what you have always wanted to do. Don’t think you don’t have time. Sing on your way to work. Dance while you make dinner. Write for five minutes before you go to bed. There are no excuses. Life has room for life, even in today’s stressful world. If some physical limitation keeps you from doing something you used to love to do, find something else.
And once you’ve begun to do a little of something you’ve always wanted to do, try doing something you never thought you’d do.