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By Lara Bracciante

Originally published in Body Sense, Spring/Summer 2009.

What exactly is shiatsu? Reiki? Structural integration? How do I find a qualified massage therapist for my mother who lives in another state? Which bodywork modality may be beneficial for arthritis? Would a massage be appropriate for my teenager? Am I supposed to tip my practitioner?

When it comes to questions regarding bodywork, Massagetherapy.com has the answers. A public education website published by Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), Massagetherapy.com is a comprehensive resource for consumers seeking detailed research on the health benefits of bodywork. Organized for easy access, the website’s navigation will guide you directly to the information you seek.

Learn More About Massage

You’ll find an introduction to massage therapy, a list of its benefits, a link to the bodywork glossary, and what someone new to massage can expect at their first massage appointment.

Bodywork Referrals

A great tool for when you’re traveling or wanting to help a loved one find a massage therapist, Massagetherapy.com’s online referral program does the legwork for you. Simply type in the kind of massage or bodywork you’re seeking and the zip code of the desired location to generate a list of qualified massage therapists meeting your criteria. The program searches ABMP’s database of members—practitioners whose training and state credentials have been verified as a condition of membership.

Searchable Article Database

Looking for information on a specific topic as it relates to bodywork? Simply type in your keywords to search more than 1,000 articles from past issues of ABMP publications, including Massage & Bodywork magazine.

Monthly Free Newsletter

Sign up for a monthly e-newsletter to keep up on the latest information featured on Massagetherapy.com. On the first day of each month, you’ll receive an e-mail giving you the scoop. Take it as gentle reminder to book your massage appointment and invest in your health.

Massage Therapy Careers

If you’re considering a career in massage therapy, this section will give you a solid overview of the profession and a comprehensive list of state-approved schools.

Bodywork Glossary

A single source for more than 250 bodywork terms, Massagetherapy.com’s bodywork glossary allows you to view definitions, compare modalities, and identify the type of bodywork that’s ideal for you.