Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

By Jed Heneberry

This article is from the Spring 2013 issue of Body Sense magazine.

Here’s a chance to use the body-mind connection to your advantage when trying to shed a few pounds in time for summer. Using insight gained from recent research, these small shifts in behavior can help you cut calories without even knowing it!

Stay Straight, Get Narrow
According to researchers at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, people drinking from a curved glass consumed 60 percent more beer and soda than if they drank from a straight glass.

Set the Mood, Eat Less Food
A team at Cornell University found that eating under soft lighting made diners eat an average of 175 calories less compared to consuming a meal under bright lights.

See No Evil, Eat No Evil
Brain scans conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California found that seeing pictures of high-calorie foods while drinking a sweetened beverage stimulates your brain in areas that control hunger and results in a stronger desire for food.