Which List Do You Live By?

By By Kathy Gruver

I believe what we say to and about ourselves, becomes ourselves. Here is a depiction of that concept. Which list sounds most like you?

Stay Healthy

Associate with positive, supportive people.
Take personal responsibility.
Know that others have bad times, too.
Live in the present. Don’t dwell on the past or fatalize about the future.
Take risks to grow and evolve.
Tell people of your successes and accomplishments. They can learn from you.
Don’t make excuses. The time is now.
Know that what you think has profound influence on your body.
Find a way to remove yourself from bad situations, like jobs or partners. Or, at least, change your attitude.
Don’t blame or resent people from your past. Healing comes from orgiveness and moving forward.
Speak only positively about yourself.
Eat slowly, in a calm environment.
Don’t use words like “never” and “always.”
Stretch, eat right, drink enough water, have healthy bowels, and have bodywork done.

Test Fate

Find other negative people and make them your best friends.
Blame luck for everything.
Say “Why me?” a lot.
Live in the past.
Tell everyone you meet how horrible your life is. Make it an identity instead of an anecdote.
Don’t relax. After all, you’re very busy.
Make excuses in life: “After the kids leave home,” “When I’m older,” “I’m too young.”
Believe that what you think has no effect on your body.
Stay in a job you don’t like or with a spouse you can’t stand.
Hold on to your anger and emotions.
Put yourself down at every turn.
Eat too fast, and when you are stressed and upset.
Envy everyone else for what you don’t have.
Try to live up to what others think you should be, ignoring your own goals and desires.
Let fear guide you and keep you stuck.
Try to fix everyone else. They’re broken.