Oni Malachowski Onne

Oni Malachowski Onne

Oni Malachowski Onne


David has a balanced style that can be modified to fit the needs of many different people. David has been professionally practicing massage since 2009 and uses therapeutic deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, sports, and orthopedic massage.

For David Onne, massage is in his blood. Massage is not only his career, but his primary form of preventative healthcare. His father has been a Certified Massage Therapist and Somatic Healer since 1986, and has enveloped David in the world of massage since he was a baby.

Previously having been a technical writer and computer technician, he has first hand experience of the chronic pains of being a desk jockey. His active lifestyle has also given him insight into recovering from athletic injury and repetitive muscular overuse. Having dislocated his shoulder over 30 times, he has extensive experience in recovering from and rehabilitating his own shoulder injuries.

David has officially received over 1,270 hours of combined training from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and his father, and has taken additional continuing education courses. He has worked with athletic teams at Colorado University at Denver and Boulder. He also volunteered community service massage for the Ronald McDonald House, as well as the Colorado Center for Resource Conservation.

David's Philosophy

David's mission is to create a safe environment in order to work in conjunction with clients to learn and grow together to maintain or increase the wellness of ourselves and loved ones through massage and mastery of self-care. We do this by being true to my natural self and by listening to and heeding the needs of holistic state of being (body, mind, soul). This is a peer-peer model of health care, as opposed to the top-down model of expert > patient, or customer > service provider.

The human body is a living, breathing, feeling organism that requires attention and care, not simply a machine to be used and fixed when it breaks down. Massage is merely the beginning of one path of a journey towards maintaining well being. We believe health care always starts with self care, so we love teaching clients how to keep up their well being beyond their session.

Join David on the path towards discovering balanced holistic health.

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Oni Malachowski Onne

Sacramento, CA