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Pain in the App

Some Smartphone habits not so smart

Technology can make our life easier, provide us with amazing gadgets, and open us to a world of information and connection. But how does it impact the human body? Being a bodyworker who specializes in repetitive strain injuries, body mechanics, and ergonomics, I am particularly interested in the interplay of man and machine.

I purchased an iPhone recently, finally giving up my 8-year-old dinosaur of a cell phone. Yes, I wanted a smartphone and imagined all the possibilities: apps, email, video calling, the World Wide Web at my fingertips. I anxiously awaited its arrival.

Massage. What’s in it for You? Everything.

It could be that ache in your back, or that pain in your hip. It could be what the doctor prescribes for your postsurgical recovery. It could be because your 10 work deadlines, five appointments, and three kids’ soccer games have just about put you over the edge this week.

There are many reasons you might seek out massage, and each session might find you on the massage table for different objectives. Here are just a few of the reasons you should call your massage therapist today.

15 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know

1. I am not a masseuse, and, no matter how cool you think that word sounds, your massage therapist probably doesn’t like it. Massage parlor is rather outdated as well. In years past, some “massage parlors” were really fronts for sex shops and I did not take out student loans and complete more than 850 hours of training to be associated with prostitution. Trust me—I’m pretty serious about it. Jokes about “happy endings” are outdated as well.

Massage in the Classroom

Bullying, aggression diminish with student-to-student interaction

In the quiet of a school-day afternoon, Johnny gives his classmate a “bear walk,” with a “cat grip” thrown in for good measure. It’s not a game, it’s massage, and it’s working to prevent bullying and decrease aggression in school-age children.

Soothing Salve

Science has shown us that touch is an important part of every child’s development. Its importance, however, doesn’t stop at infancy, but continues throughout life in creating happy, healthy, stress-free individuals.

The Many Faces of Botox

Consider this scenario: You are having a well-deserved spa day,
and part of your indulgence is a series of Botox injections.
Next on your list: a massage. What kind of adjustments does your massage therapist need to make to accommodate for your treatment?

Fibromyalgia’s Mysteries

How to Ease Symptoms with Informed Massage

Fibromyalgia has been described as a deep and superficial, soft tissue aching pain of at least three months’ duration, characterized by specific tender points in 11 of 18 locations. This is a perfect definition for this painful condition, which can be profoundly affected by intelligent and thoughtful massage therapy.

Understanding the Healing Process

How the Body Repairs Damaged Tissue

Many people arrive at my office injured, afraid, frustrated, bewildered, and in pain. Occasionally, they view their bodies as enemies that have betrayed them. My job is to act as a liaison between my clients and their bodies. One of the most valuable services I offer is helping clients understand the healing process, in a meaningful way, and empowering them to get involved.

Bull Riding & Bodywork

Rodeo Pros Cowboy Up to the Massage Table

Cody Nance first climbed aboard a bull when he was 14 years old. He was so energized by the experience he wound up riding three bulls that night, and by the end of the evening he’d decided to abandon his other sport—football—to concentrate on rodeo. The 23-year-old has been climbing onto bulls ever since. He eventually turned pro and was the 2009 Rookie of the Year on the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) circuit, bringing in more than $160,000 in winnings that year.

The Feldenkrais Method

How can a movement practice be linked with other life changes? Moshe Feldenkrais taught that changing physical habits could have far-reaching effects; that since the body and mind are one, addressing one directly affects the other.

The Feldenkrais Method is simple and yet complex at the same time. In fact, says Feldenkrais practitioner Al Wadleigh of Longmont, Colorado, explaining what Feldenkrais is in 30 seconds “is one of the hardest questions for me to answer.

Fragrance of the Gods

Rose Heaven For Skin and Soul

For thousands of years, roses have been symbols of love, beauty, and spirit. They have also been used as universal healers in oil, water, and tea, as well as a flavoring and food. Once considered the “fragrance of the gods” in ancient Egypt, roses have a history that can be traced to Persia, Babylon, and China. In ancient Rome, roses were used for blessings, as garlands, to decorate war ships, and to float in wine as a tribute to Venus, the goddess of love.