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Massage Soothes Sore Muscles

Exercise makes muscles sore, but research suggests that massage can help ease that pain, while also helping muscles heal faster. After research subjects performed a session of difficult exercise, they received Swedish massage on only one leg. Researchers biopsied muscles in each leg and found that massage activated genes that decrease inflammation and promote energy generation within cells, resulting in muscles that hurt less and grow quicker. The study was published in February in Science Translational Medicine.

I’m a Massage Convert

From First-Timer to Repeat Client

After I receive my paycheck for teaching in a rural community, I pay my rent, then spend the rest on extras, though sometimes even toilet paper can be considered an extra on my salary. Luxuries are often put off to the side by people like me, who live a hair above the poverty line.

Strengthen Your Posture

Sit Stronger to Control Back Pain

If you have back pain, you probably know your posture isn't good. If you sit for much of your waking day, you're training your body to be slumped over into folded, or "weak," posture. However, even though you may never be perfectly straight, there are ways to relieve your pain by strengthening your posture.

Stand Up for Your Life

A recent trend has office employees ditching their desk chairs and taking to their feet: stand-working. Turns out that sitting all day, every day, can be downright dangerous. Sitting weakens the body’s muscles and increases one’s risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, as well as metabolic symptoms.

Get the Most from Your Massage

5 Keys to Increasing Bodywork’s Effectiveness

If you are like most people who enjoy massages, you probably leave the outcome of the session in the hands of the therapist. Usually, we arrive at a practitioner’s office or spa expecting to feel relaxed or to have particular kinks worked out. But have you considered that some actions on your part can help improve the session? Following are some proactive ways you can increase the effectiveness of your next massage.

9 Tips for the New Year

Live Authentically in 2013

Authenticity. It’s one of those words that gets tossed around quite a bit these days. Sure, we all think we’re authentic in our words and actions, but what does that actually mean? More to the point, what does an authentic life really look like? Following are nine tips for getting real in various areas of your life.

Know What Really Matters
Maybe you’re OK with a smaller income and more free time. Never apologize for your decisions. The minute you find yourself worrying about how others perceive you is the minute you abandon authenticity.

“How, Exactly, Does Massage Therapy Work?”

The Anatomy of Happiness

As I greeted Craig in the waiting room, the radiant smile on his face told me we were making good progress on his shoulder pain.

“My shoulder is so much better,” he remarked as he entered my treatment room. “I hardly think about it anymore—not when I am exercising, not during sleep, not at work, nothing. I am thrilled.” As a massage therapist who specializes in dealing with specific muscular issues, this is exactly what I hope to hear from the people I serve.