The Energy of Money

A Healer’s Guide

By Vivien Schapera

Originally published in Massage & Bodywork magazine, February/March 2004.

Our relationship with money can reveal powerful energetic insights into ourselves. Quite simply, our money patterns are typically consistent with other aspects of our lives. Adjectives that describe our energy, such as tight, controlling, adventurous, systematic or flamboyant, also pinpoint our money energy. Understanding the energy of money can enhance the healing process, show us how to strengthen our personal finances.

How Money Energy Manifests in the Aura

Money relates to the third chakra, the solar plexus. The color (yellow) and the name (solar plexus) relate this chakra to the sun, the original source of all our energy. This is also the chakra of will and courage. The “money spot” in the aura, that is, the spot that relates directly to the ability to acquire money, should be above the physical solar plexus, in the third layer of the aura.

To assess your money spot, look for one of three energetic states. The first state would be that of a healthy money spot. It will be correctly placed in the aura, and will be open and receptive to energy input. Working this spot is intended to yield the acquisition of money.

An underactive money spot is shrunken or displaced in the aura. Realignment and repeated work of the spot will be needed to yield the acquisition of money.

An overactive money spot can eclipse other aspects of the solar plexus, as well as the second chakra (emotional) and heart (love and generosity). If this is the state of the money spot, realignment and energizing of other chakras will be needed to bring aspects of life and self-expression into balance.

Many of us are developing our understanding of the human energy field and the concept that we have an energetic body. We all understand the physical plane and that we have a physical body. Our energetic (or etheric) body exists on the etheric plane. Etheric webbing is the “connective tissue” of the energetic body, forming a scaffolding of energetic structures in our aura. A network of etheric webbing also links the energetic/etheric and physical planes to each other, forming a bridge between these two worlds.

Some of this scaffolding and webbing is determined by genetics and the astrological influences present at birth, explaining why some people can do no wrong when it comes to money, and others can do no right — these two categories of people have powerful etheric structures supporting or undermining their relationship with money.

Our current relationship with money also reflects our current relationship with our parents. For example, if we are still having an angry reaction toward parents who were very cautious with money, we might be caught in a pattern of recklessness. Or, if a father told his son “you will never amount to anything,” that son might grow up pushing himself relentlessly to earn millions of dollars at the expense of his health and family life just to prove the father wrong.

Value used to be measured in gold bullion, but today’s human work energy is measured and embodied in paper and coins. Money is not neutral, but is, by nature, a highly-charged symbol in our civilization. On the physical plane, money has buying power; on the etheric plane, money is the “keeper of human output energy.”

Take a moment to think about how pervasive the reach of money is; it’s a reflection of the etheric money web’s size. Just as blood travels along the network of veins and arteries in our bodies, energy travels along the etheric web. Consequently, the more numerous and developed the etheric structures that emanate from ourselves and intersect with the etheric money web, the more money can flow our way.

Working with Money Energy

We can use systematic methods for building and developing the etheric structures pertaining to money. Obviously, we don’t need to know about energy principles to do this, or only people in the know would have money. Rather, we need to pay attention to all the standard ways in which our society generates money and remember that all physical actions and structures are replicated in the etheric world.

To find ideas on how to build energetic money structures, consider these options:
• Read books about money.
• Hire a financial planner.
• Make some wise investments.

Then, in addition, stimulate the process by using energy techniques to enhance the flow of money in your life. Working on both the physical and etheric plane has powerful results.

Applying Money Energy to Your Practice

First, keep the physical structures pertaining to money within your practice in good order. Accounting, taxes, invoicing and filing should be up to date, accessible and contained. Explain your payment procedures and have a written policy on payment and cancellation procedures. Don’t let your “money story” (personal agenda) color your interactions with clients.

Convey a comfortable energy around money. Do so by speaking easily about money and avoiding aggression or tension when asking for money. Enjoy accepting payment in the same way the client has enjoyed the input of energy from you. Set clear boundaries, but also demonstrate flexibility. For example, if, in your business, you require clients to pay before you provide a service, but one client (who usually does so without fail) forgets his checkbook, make accommodations to be paid at a later date.

Payment for Services

For those of us in the healing profession (although the same principles apply in any line of work), asking for and accepting money for our services is challenging. We have to address our feelings of self-worth every time we tell a new client our rate, and worse, we have to revisit these intense issues whenever we want to give ourselves a raise. Energetically, it is clear that if money were our major motivator, we would not choose this (or any other service) profession. As nurturers, we wonder if it is fair to charge for our services. Even though our work has many other rewards, energetically we need to expect and receive fair pay. In fact, the way we handle this is an integral part of the healing process, because money issues prevail in our society and are part of the energy we seek to rebalance.

At the simplest level, we give the energy of our healing services, and in return, we receive energy in the form of money. If the amount of money received is equivalent to the level of skill and value of the service, the transaction is balanced and complete.

What happens when we provide our services for free? The energy moves in only one direction — from the healer to the client. The most significant consequence of this is the client becomes in energetic debt to the healer. Healer and client have established an etheric cord along which energy continues to flow until the debt is closed. The sense of “owing” and “being owed” can lead to:
• Feelings of anger and resentment for both parties.
• Parent transference with the healer, because children don’t pay their parents for taking care of them.
• A drive on the part of the client to resolve the debt by continually trying to serve the healer in various ways.
• Confusion for the healer who was “generous” and now finds herself the target of a bad feeling.

Obviously these energetic consequences are counterproductive to healing.

What happens if services are exchanged instead? Energetically, we are inclined to barter, because in our collective unconscious, bartering precedes money. A fair exchange is deeply satisfying. Instead of going through the third party — money — we exchange energy directly with each other, establishing a direct energetic bond. We all seek human connection, so this can give us a high. However, we no longer have the protection and boundary of the money convention and have entered a more intimate relationship. Because our society is no longer using a barter standard, there are unforeseen pitfalls. Both unfair and fair exchanges set up a need for the relationship to survive the trade.

In practice, equal exchange is seldom experienced. For example, the practitioner might provide a one-hour healing session, but the client has to work for two days, say, painting the house. As a healer, it might be more wise to ascertain whether there is an underlying issue with the action of paying money. Some people are continually bartering services all over town. Allowing them to avoid the standard transaction of paying money for a service is not conducive to their healing process.

Another problem with trading services is the assumption that the client possesses the skill set for supplying the service exchanged. For example, a client who offers to do office work in exchange for healing, but does not know how to use your computer, is going to be more of a burden. Another pitfall is accepting services we don’t really want or need, resulting in an energetic tangle where both parties walk away drained.

The solution? Follow the rules of the IRS — assign services a monetary value and invoice each other for services rendered. Only accept services that are truly required and that you would have had to pay for anyway. An exchange that follows these guidelines can have its own healing component.

Pay it Forward

Sometimes it does suit us to provide our services at a free or reduced rate. For example, if you have a client who professionally contributes to the community, such as a nun, you can become a participant of a much greater etheric web by providing free service to this client. You will not directly receive more income, but because you have accessed more webbing along which energy can flow to you, you will probably manifest an increased number of clients. In a similar vein, when it is appropriate to give or donate money, then it can also be appropriate to give or donate your services.

Other times we want to offer our skills to friends or family members who are in need, in the same way as friends might offer to help us move to a new home. It doesn’t seem much use to us to have these touch abilities if we can’t give them to the people we love. Therein lies the boundary — there should be a clear distinction between how we behave toward our clients and how we behave toward our friends and family.

We need money to live — it is an essential part of our physical incarnation. Use these techniques to systematically construct a sound etheric and physical money structure for your practice. In the same way as honoring the laws of nature results in harmony and growth, honoring the rules of money yields financial health.