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Wellness Getaways

Taking Time Off in Spas

If your last vacation left you fatigued, bloated, or vowing to disown your relatives, it may be time to revisit the purpose of getting away from it all. While there's some value in simply changing your routine and surroundings, there is such a thing as vacation hangover from eating and drinking like a Roman, going on blister-generating sightseeing excursions, and weighing a bit too heavily on a branch of the family tree. If your vacation pictures make you cringe, it might be time to rethink your leisure time.

Best Face Forward

How to Help Your Esthetician Help You

It’s hardly news anymore that an esthetician is an invaluable partner in the quest for healthy skin, but to get the most from that relationship, you need to do more than just make the appointment.

The Days Before

So you’ve found an esthetician and have an appointment scheduled. What now? Kirsten Peterson, esthetician at Aura Spa at the Metropole in Logan Circle, Washington, D.C., recommends writing down your skin’s issues. “Sometimes clients become so comfortable on the facial bed that they fail to voice the concerns that prompted them to schedule the appointment.”

Massage Multiplied

Benefits of Massage Improve with Frequency

What kind of massage client are you? Do you make an appointment after someone has given you a massage gift certificate? Do you try to get in every now and then for a stress-relieving tune-up? Or do you see your therapist religiously—once a week, every three weeks, once a month?

While getting a massage—regardless of how often—is incredibly beneficial to your mind and body, getting frequent massage treatments is even more powerful as a healthcare ally.

More Than A Luxury

The Lifelong Value of Massage Therapy
Massage therapist giving a client a foot massage

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding massage therapy is if it’s worth the expense? Massage is not just a simple back rub, nor is it just a “luxury” or occasional “treat.” Research tells us that massage therapy is a valuable component of a well-rounded healthcare regimen, combating everything from chronic pain to the negative effects of stress.

Soothe Skin’s Winter Ailments

A Guide Through This Challenging Season

Winter and all its drying effects are upon us. While your esthetician can help guide the way through this challenging season, these at-home cures can also help.


Put away your foam and soap and stock up on cream cleansers. Cleansing creams, lotions, and milks are very effective cleansers and they do not contain the typical surfactant or detergent ingredients that most cleansing gels do, which can be too harsh on your skin.

Straight Talk

What Your Massage Therapist Needs To Know

One of the benefits of regular massage is the sense of camaraderie and familiarity you develop with your therapist. You know your way around the office and your therapist knows that certain spot that holds your tension, so you may not have to complete the customary intake procedure most first-timers go through. However, sometimes it is best to pause from your typical routine, take a minute to talk with your therapist, and revisit the intake process.

The Body Knows

Best-Selling Author Endorses Massage

One best-selling author isn’t shy about touting the benefits of massage. Mary Pipher, psychotherapist and author, makes it a point in her latest book to spell out just how massage and yoga helped her get through a difficult bout with depression.

The Power of Touch

In A High-Tech World, It Pays to Reach Out

Physician and holistic health pioneer Rachel Naomi Remen once confessed that as a pediatric intern she was an unrepentant baby kisser, often smooching her little patients as she made her rounds at the hospital. She did this when no one was looking because she sensed her colleagues would frown on her behavior, even though she couldn’t think of a single reason not to do it.

Close to Home

A staycation is creative leisure

If you are resolving to take better care of yourself in the coming year but find the prospect of a full-blown vacation too expensive, consider taking the “bloom-where-you-are-planted” approach and stay home.

In the Raw

Natural ingredients in skin care

American consumers are increasingly seeking out healthier lifestyles, and this national trend has fueled the growth in natural cosmetics. While some pundits argue the value of natural or organic formulations in skin care, others offer caveats and advise professional skin care practitioners to be cautious when treating individuals with from-the-kitchen-cupboard ingredients. Nevertheless, botanical, edible, natural ingredients have found their way into the esthetics market via the self-employed, single-room esthetician, day spas, and multimillion-dollar global skin care manufacturers.