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Dolphin Dance

A magical and lasting experience

Some years ago, I was conducting a “Wisdom of the Dolphins” workshop in Hawaii, where we swam with wild dolphins off the Kona coast each day.

Personal Space

Science supports your need for it

You’ve met the type. They take a step toward you in conversation and you take a step back. They advance in your direction and you inch away. The dance continues until you remember a sudden appointment and run for the door, wondering if you are developing claustrophobia. The answer lies in something social scientists call proxemics. It boils down to someone invading our personal space. When this happens, we are often uneasy without even knowing why.

Stepping Up

Skin care professional advocates for underserved teen girls

Beth Bialko never doubted for a moment her life would unfold in a successful arc. The child of middle-class professionals, she knew when she was in high school she would attend college. And after she graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in communication, she figured it was just a matter of time until she owned her own company. She’s always been blessed with an ample supply of self-confidence and been surrounded by people who supported her in her pursuits.

The Total Package

Bundling services for better profits

American consumers are preconditioned to goods and services that arrive packaged. From fast-food combo deals to phone, cable, and computer bundles, and from special gifts-with-purchase to two-for-one specials at the supermarket—we’re a nation of more is more. So when it comes to skin care services and spa treatments, many U.S. consumers naturally look for the convenient package buy. According to most experts, every skin care and spa business should have at least a couple of these. But before adding anything to a menu, there are a few things to consider.

Life as a Game

Five rules for coming out ahead

We frequently refer to life as a game. As with any game, rules prevail. Yet in life, we’re not given a rule book. Each of us plays with our own unwritten game book, made up of our own rules, as well as those that have been imparted to us by our parents, friends, and peers. But the rules are not standardized; not everyone plays the same way and conflicts occur. The key is to be intentional and develop a clear game plan for our own lives. No other person can get you to awaken to the present moment in your life but you.

Sweet Deal

Sugaring for hair removal offers many advantages

Sugaring is an ancient and natural method to achieve clean, hairless, smooth skin, and it’s replacing waxing in some spas, salons, and estheticians’ offices. Knowing about this option means you can decide whether to learn the technique and offer it yourself or, if nothing else, to know what your competition might be up to.

Wraps and Scrubs

There’s one for every occasion

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue has been the good luck wedding custom for years. Now it looks like the good luck is rubbing off on spas, since the wedding tradition increasingly includes pre-wedding spa events, complete with body wraps and scrubs for the bridal party.

Serendipity in Every Day


We all know that person. The man or woman with the seemingly perfect life, all in control, with everything seeming to always break his or her way. “They’re just so lucky,” is a familiar refrain. And so it would seem. I would argue, though, that luck has little to do with good fortune.

Advice on Advice

What to heed and what to ignore

One need look no further than a newspaper’s advice column to better understand the human condition. Amazingly, the questions don’t change all that much over time; neither does the advice. Do we ever learn?

Few of us actually write letters to columnists, but nearly all of us seek the advice of friends or family at some point in our lives. In a recent online survey I conducted, respondents were asked to share some of the best and worst advice they ever received.

Financing Your Vision

Securing a Loan During a Credit Crunch

Credit is the oil that lubricates the machinery of most businesses and professional practices. Whether it’s a loan to buy inventory or supplies, support renovation or expansion, a capital purchase, or as a means to meet operating expenses, almost every business depends on credit at some point.