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5 Herbs for Health

Herbs and plants are known to enhance mood, improve health, and provide a valuable connection with nature. Here are some of my favorite herbs or plants to grow; they are either valuable for their health benefits, easy to grow, or both, and can be used in teas and added to your favorite recipes. Hopefully you'll see a familiar friend on this list, or be intrigued by a new potential favorite.

The Body Remembers

Address and Relieve Traumatic Stress Through Massage

We benefit from massage and bodywork in so many ways. We may seek the help of massage to address pain and discomfort, or to relax from the stress of daily life. But bodywork can be just as effective in addressing traumatic stress, whether recent or long past.

Create the Perfect Session

A Checklist for Massage and Bodywork Nirvana

Crafting the perfect massage or bodywork session requires transparency between you and your therapist. Of top priority: communication. Without some back and forth conversation between you and your therapist, you may not get what you’re looking for, you or may be unsatisfied with the direction your practitioner takes.

Following is a checklist to help ensure you maximize your experience.

Arrive on time
Being there 10–15 minutes before the session keeps you from feeling rushed.

Best Face Forward

Pathway to Your Healthiest Skin Yet

You might be surprised at what can speed up your skin’s aging process. Following are several ways to ensure you continue to put your best face forward.

Avoid drinking
through straws
I’m sure many of you drink dark sodas, tea, and coffee through a straw to prevent staining your pearly whites or avoid putting your mouth on a can or bottle, right? It’s causing fine lines around your mouth, a sign of premature aging.

“How, Exactly, Does Massage Therapy Work?”

The Anatomy of Happiness

As I greeted Craig in the waiting room, the radiant smile on his face told me we were making good progress on his shoulder pain.

“My shoulder is so much better,” he remarked as he entered my treatment room. “I hardly think about it anymore—not when I am exercising, not during sleep, not at work, nothing. I am thrilled.” As a massage therapist who specializes in dealing with specific muscular issues, this is exactly what I hope to hear from the people I serve.

9 Tips for the New Year

Live Authentically in 2013

Authenticity. It’s one of those words that gets tossed around quite a bit these days. Sure, we all think we’re authentic in our words and actions, but what does that actually mean? More to the point, what does an authentic life really look like? Following are nine tips for getting real in various areas of your life.

Know What Really Matters
Maybe you’re OK with a smaller income and more free time. Never apologize for your decisions. The minute you find yourself worrying about how others perceive you is the minute you abandon authenticity.

Get the Most from Your Massage

5 Keys to Increasing Bodywork’s Effectiveness

If you are like most people who enjoy massages, you probably leave the outcome of the session in the hands of the therapist. Usually, we arrive at a practitioner’s office or spa expecting to feel relaxed or to have particular kinks worked out. But have you considered that some actions on your part can help improve the session? Following are some proactive ways you can increase the effectiveness of your next massage.